2015 Nov 22 | Cozy Inn, The Edison, Stough Canyon hike

Had bought these chairs for the office a few years ago, but they don't match and I need a few more, so I sold them all on Craigslist and bought 15 others that all match, also on Craigslist. The nice thing about this was a pastor came by to pick them up, and we also gave him four wooden chairs we don't use much and which were basically just taking up space. He said they had a new table at the church that would work perfectly with them.

I have a Rush Limbaugh tie that everyone really likes. I looked online and saw there was a collection of them, although I didn't like most of them. I liked this one, but there was a little too much red in it.

There was a very similar one that was green, though; perfect.

Big lottery drawing tonight; better get a ticket. However, I forgot to ask to pick the numbers myself, so I got a quick pick instead.

So I ran into a 7-Eleven just a few minutes before they closed the drawing and picked my own numbers.

Well, it looks like the quick pick one was better; I matched two numbers and the power ball for $5.

Gift cards are getting pretty crazy nowadays.

We went to the Cozy Inn, a bar in Culver City, for Marie Grace's birthday.

Always nice to save a little.

Funny sign on the wall.

They had a couple of pool tables.

Marie Grace shooting.

They also had table shuffleboard.

Fun game.

Me shooting.

David with a long shot.

Ogii poked the guy in the butt with her cue.


Ogii leaning.

Someone walked through the newly-placed pavement and left black shoe prints on the white sidewalk.

KFC's $5 dinner boxes are great.

Ogii saw a giant dead roach outside. I wanted to glue it onto a stick so I could chase her around with it, I thought that would be a great new toy for me, but she didn't like the idea.

We went for a hike up Stough Canyon.

The parking lot and nature center.

Starting up the side of the hill.

Two different paths to take with a little bench if you need a rest.

You had to be careful in a few spots so you didn't twist your ankle.

Almost at the top.

Below is Bob Hope airport in Burbank.

With downtown LA to the south.

There were a few other people up there as well.

Me getting a picture of the sunset.

It was cold and windy; good thing we had hoodies.

I told Ogii she had to do just one pull-up; she grabbed a chair.

I wasn't sure why I had these extra hangers. Now I think I remember it's because I took a couple of shirts and pants to the Goodwill, so I must have put them onto the same hanger. Still a weird feeling; did I lose a shirt?

I used touch-up paint to cover the scratch in the Prius. I'm not sure that it looks any better.

A new Stephen King book, just in time for the flight to South Dakota.

I bought Ogii a big box of chocolates.

We were all-in preflop and I figured I was pretty much dead. Crazy flop, though.

I ordered that tie on eBay and the seller included a hand-written thank-you note. Nice, but no way you can do that when you start getting a lot of volume selling.

Good one.

"You're supposed to touch your knees; otherwise you might be just lying there and cheating."

I went to play poker at the Burbank Moose lodge on Thursday night. I had a free entry because I had the high hand last time. Even though I busted out fairly early, I felt like I was playing very well, betting when I was ahead, folding even big hands when I felt like someone had an even bigger one, and bluffing in good spots.

Bernie Sanders mural.

The new parking signs.

Which are supposed to be easier to figure out than these old ones.

We went to The Edison for Juanita's birthday. The food was really good.

And the chocolate chip cookies were perhaps the best cookies I've ever had.

Especially when they were hot out of the oven and gooey.

The place has an old-school, industrial vibe.

Big machines.

Ogii by the door of a private room.

Which has an organ inside.

The bar.

Cool stairs to get down.

Old lights.

Our group eating, drinking, and talking.

They showed old movies on different screens around the place.

And also had performers, including an aerialist...

...and these dancers.

Bathroom entrance.

We won a Loot Crate from the Extra Life gaming marathon. It included a cute Arthus figurine...

... a vault boy from the Fallout series...

... cute stickers...

... and a few other items. Ogii liked the TMNT shredder helmet sunglasses.

A fun painted car.

I think once the lights turn on you'd figure it out.

This entrance ramp to the highway has been closed for a few weeks now. Even if they only work on it on weekends or nights it shouldn't take that long.

Four big helicopters.

Oops, forgot my corn for lunch, thankfully Ogii can just throw it down to me off the balcony.

Ogii got some pictures of hummingbirds. Two guys sizing each other up.

Keeping an eye on each other.

Their necks are so pretty.

Along with their backs.

Very shiny.

Normally one will sit at the top of the bars to dive bomb any other males who come close.

This guy found a slightly-higher spot on top of the surfboard.

His feet are at a 90-degree angle from each other.

Fluffing up.

Sticking his tongue out.

Rush hour on Figueroa Street, a major road in downtown. 26 minutes to go a couple of blocks. However, if you take a side street, it actually cuts the time in half because no other cars are on that street.

You just have to be careful because sometimes Google Navigation will send you onto a road you can't make an easy turn off or that doesn't have a street light at a certain intersection and you get stuck there for a few minutes.

Ogii got second place in the poker tournament at our place. That's two second-place finishes in a row for her!

Last hand of the night in cash. Flopped flush versus bigger flopped flush versus top pair that turned into two pair that turned into a full house.

Dumb USPS. They're supposed to be here in 5-7 business days and it's now been 8 business days.

Neat checkmate on me.

I'm up 4 points. All I have to do is not make a huge mistake and I win.

And I made a huge mistake.

We were both cool about it.

Neat checkmate by me.

We're both attacking each other's queen...

... but I can take his with a check...

... and save mine to win.

I have an extra knight to his extra pawn. I think I should win this.

Oops, so much for that. Can't stop him from queening now. I guess instead of trying to eat up a few of his pawns I should have stopped this one.

Another close game except he has a passed pawn. I think I'm holding it off OK so far.

Because if this happens I get his queen with my knight...

...and then if his pawn queens I can take that, too.

Except that then he can take my knight with his rook with check, and then he gets mate after I block. Whoops.

He's really attacking my king here.

I might have an esape, though, because after check with my rook...

...I can fork his king and rook with my bishop.

It was still a close game except he took this pawn with his rook, and then I get his rook for free and win easily.