2015 Dec 27 | Christmas, Korean BBQ birthday, Knotts Berry Farm

Korean BBQ for Kendra's birthday.

We'll just go down the line for orders.

Beef and shrimp.

Ogii tending a grill.

Lots of dipping sauces.

More meat cooking.

Cooked shrimp.

Keep it coming.


Dmitry cooking.

A big steak.

Some chicken as well.

Nope, not eating that.

Ogii did, though.

Birthday cake.

Eating cake with chopsticks.


One from us.

The group.

Lots of empty plates.

Rainy morning.

And foggy evening.

Aw, come on, that's pretty horrible parking.

The "O"s look a lot like "0"s.

This guy has been missing since 1961. I think at this point the aged estimation picture can't be too accurate.

A lot of people waiting to get into Walmart right when it opens.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm.

I'm working 7 days a week, so it's hard to get to things like this, but we had a few days off around Christmas. Normally it's really busy around the holidays, but on Christmas Eve it's a little slower, so we wen then.

We got free admission.

I like how you can see the top of the scary roller coaster as you're waiting in line to get in.

Snoopy was here taking pictures but then he left before we could get a picture with him.

Dancing couple.


The wooden coaster.

Aw, it's down for repairs.

Nice bench.

Ogii with some cowboys.

Me with some dancers.

And with an older woman spinning yarn.

Me on a train.

This shop had a lot of guns and knives, something I wasn't expecting at Knott's.

Shells on the wall.

Hat rack.

Glass blowers.

There weren't many people on the water rides because it was a bit cold.

Although there was this dryer by the exit, which was cool, except it wasn't free.

A roller coaster where you ride horses.

Bumper cars.



A slightly larger line.

This was a cool ride; you got a gun to shoot at a videogame screen.

Lots of things to shoot at.

And it said your score at the end.

This guy had all top five spots for the best high scores of all time.

A little easier coaster, even though it's high in the air.

A loopy one.

It was a bit confusing where to go here.

First in line.

A view from way up high to the south.

And to the east.

To the north was this coaster.

I told Ogii if she made a goal in this game she didn't have to go on the coaster.

Sorry, sweetheart, but the goalie blocked everything.

It might be a bit scary, too.

A little wait, but only a single straight line; we didn't have to zigzag back and forth.

There must be really long waits at other times if there are vending machines in the middle of the line.

That's rather expensive, but if you're in line for two hours in 90-degree heat, maybe not so much.

The coaster went around us on both sides.

It was pretty loud.

He must have his little had pinned on really well.

The line to sit in the very first row was really long.

Not so bad for the other carts.

It's hydraulically launched, so it starts off really fast.

I told Ogii if I held up my hands the entire time she'd have to go on another coaster, but after seeing this sign, I was a bit worried they might break if they were up at the launch, so I waited until we got going. I think I would have been fine, though, so Ogii got out of any more coasters because of this sign.

Near the start; I counted down and am yelling, "Go!"

A few more games.

This cup game is nearly impossible. You got 16 balls per payment, and the guy next to me thought the kid running the game said 60, but I don't know if that'd even be enough.

These kids were having more fun with their ducks in this little stream than on the rides.

A view of the wooden coaster from the mine cart ride.

Down to see the miners.

Up on top.

Train decorated for the season.

The saloon had a cutout of Duff beer from the Simpsons.

Me at the bar.

Ogii up on the second floor.

A singer and piano player.

Chainsaw-cut wooden critters.

A woman making one live.

Glass-blown jewelry.

A horse-drawn carriage.

Song and dance by the Peanuts cast.


A few more games. I hit the rim but it bounced off.

Ogii's missed, too.

Ogii was confused by the pick a duck game. "So I just pick one? That's it?"

Two small prizes for us.

Cute, though.

Stone carving of Peanuts characters.

That's a huge pencil.

A couple of coasters went over the top of everyone here.

Those are rather risque for a family park.

Pretty stained glass.

A timeline on placemats. It actually started out with her serving chicken out of their house; the park grew around it as a way to keep customers busy while waiting in line for the restaurant.

Somebody in line earlier told us to share a meal and he wasn't kidding; this is a single meal and even splitting it we couldn't finish it off.

Nice treats.


I don't know about bacon and potato chips in chocolate bars.

This mall has a giant bow.

This was a Christmas tree lot; now it's a firewood lot.

At the Hateful Eight 70mm screening.

With an overture, admission, and a 3-hour run time compared to the 2-hour version coming out later.

A nice little book.

Christmas presents.

Ogii's wrapping is really good.

Cologne from Bijan for me.

Ogii opening one.

Some heated slippers.

We both got footwear; she got me some new hiking shoes.

Mongolian earrings.

Black Hills gold bracelet.

With our Christmas movie t-shirts.

And we're done.

Keep the wrapping paper and reuse it; it's nice.

One more present for me.

It's Ogii!

Watching Home Alone. They have a really big house.

The sand art looks like swans or dolphins this time.

On a hike with downtown LA, the full moon, and a Buddhist temple in front of me, the rising sun behind, and my new hiking shoes below.

Nice house.

Another one. I took a picture of this one earlier but missed the pool.

It almost looks like it says "angry."

Aw, alcohol doesn't count towards fuel points.

Sarnai's birthday party.


Guess the number of animals in the cup.

There were 64 and I guessed 63.

The ragtop.

These black license plates are for classic cars; I'm pretty sure a Prius doesn't fit that.

Not you.

I put these up in the front for patients.

Although I think I'll skip this one; I don't need all the kids looking at pictures of naked people.

Another one.

Yep, definitely not going in the office.

This was a cool-looking bracelet I thought I might be able to pick up for $15 or so. I guess not.