2015 Jan 03 | New Year's Eve, Rose Bowl floats

Time to take down the Christmas tree. Don't forget to pull the nuts out of the trunk to save them for next year.

Ogii bought these socks for me, what, six months ago? And already some are way more stretched out. Nothing is made with quality any more.

Poker at Curt's. AA vs AA but one made a flush.

We rushed from work so we didn't have time for a normal dinner. Ogii grabbed a few things from home and the rest of our meal is from a Mexican dollar store.

Aw, Curt's cat is sitting on Erno's head.

Another leak in the wall, this time from a pipe going to the sink.

Our couch got paint from the vent all over it. It's fine for us since that faces a wall, but we'll never be able to sell it.

This entire area is wet again.

I appreciate the effort to make them all alternate.

These guys appeared to be walking from a broken-down car, but where are they all going?

I don't like most champagne, but I do like Moscato, so let's get that for New Year's.

I got home from work and everything from the bedroom was in the living room.

Because some workers and Ogii were putting all new carpet in the bedroom. Ogii had moved everything out by herself, pretty impressive.

Checking for mold.

They're so much faster than we would be.

New carpet and a new little board for the edge of the door.

Although they did put a little chip in the floor.

I fixed this window that wasn't opening correctly. They had replaced the original arm connector with this nut and bolt, although it was hard to get into that tiny little space to work.

I had thought about getting tickets to this but it was too expensive. Good thing; they cancelled it about a week before NYE. That's a huge pain because that's pretty late for all of those people to find anything else, especially because tickets are going to be much more expensive now.

Instead Kat and Kendra came over.

Light-up shot glasses.

Presents from us.

Presents to us.

We went to Grand Park for their giant outdoor party. There was a huge line to get in.

So we went around to the other side which had a shorter line.

This area had food vendors.

Yummy but not healthy.

The year out of light-up globes.

The women.

The four of us.

Ogii and me.

The countdown.


I lifted Ogii and Kat up.

Kat lifting me up.

Ogii trying to lift me. I'm not impressed.

Working on it.

She got it!

Kat lifting Kendra.

The laser show was OK.

A DJ and a ton of people dancing.

I'm not sure I'd call that dancing.

A temporary water fountain hooked up to a fire hydrant; neat idea.

Colorful globes.

There were a ton of hot dog vendors and women in tiny dresses trying to stay warm.

Back to our place for cake.

And playing a card game Ogii taught us with our jumbo cards.

The purpose of the game is to get rid of all of your cards; I don't think Ogii is going to win this one.

We were planning on sleeping in but ended up waking up at 8am, so we decided to go see Star Wars again at the IMAX in the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The one at noon was pretty much sold out except for the worse seats...

... but the one at 9am had a few good seats left. Hurry up and get ready fast!

Hollywood is also so dirty and gross, similar to Venice, another big tourist area in LA.

We bought our tickets but the entrance was blocked off by these fences. The ticket taker was off doing other things because the movie had already started, but we flagged him down and got in.

The ceiling of the theater is gorgeous.

There are lots of momentos in the lobby, too.

From various movies.

Marilyn Monroe's dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

So many tourists taking pictures.

Hey, wait a second...

... a theater named after this actress is right above her star.

You could rent Ferraris and this the new BMW for just under $100 and drive them around a bit.

This Tinhorn Flats place is probably pretty bad and is just a tourist trap, but let's check it out anyway.

Cool seating area.

With a decent view.

You can people watch...

... and watch the sporting events.

Us with our meal.

Nice decorations out front.

And scattered around. I was actually pretty impressed with the place; the food was good, the servers were great, and the decorations and seating were cool. Might be a good place to bring visitors.

Clouds over mountains behind a palm tree.

Whispy clouds.

Playing Ogii's card game again. I don't think it's fair that she got both jokers and two aces, one of which is a trump suit.

Taller bike in Silver Lake.

Checking out the Rose Bowl parade floats.

The Millenium Falcon.

A dragon.

From the front.

Lots of roses.

Some of the floats had pretty big objects on them.

A flying guy.


Simple but nice.



The South Dakota one was really impressive.

Everyone liked the animals, so good to put lots of those on.

Us in front.



They kept going for a long ways in this direction, but we turned instead.

A hummingbird.

Exercising hearts.


Pirate parrot.


A cool sun.

Tons of white and pink roses on this one.

Lots of trees.

Another one with lots of animals.

Including owls.

Deer and a raccoon.


An ant eater scientist?

Cute worm.

Cute ladybug.

Cute squirrel holding up a cute snail.

Big peacock.

A castle.

Poker at Lee's. He had a massage chair which Ogii liked.

Looking for tickets on the official site; it looks like they sell every other row to resellers.

It's always hard to decide if more expensive seats are worth it.

I like how this site gives you a 3D view from your seat.

The new ramake of Point Break gets much worse reviews than the old one.

Kendra wanted to see sisters and I wanted to see Krampus. The drive-in theater had both showing, so perfect.

Kat and Kendra in their onesies.

Making drinks.

With cake.