2008 Jan 06 | New Year's

This tree has pushed the sidewalk up about a foot; I just about tripped on it because it was pretty dark. I'm surprised the city hasn't fixed it yet.

AvantGarden is a neat little club that was converted from a house. There's lots of balconies and outdoor areas.

This is about the only kind of Christmas light I saw down here. A few houses had colored ones, but not many.

Must remember to never eat here on Tuesdays.

I like having lots of options.; you can go wherever you want.

If you happen to wander in to a thrift store when they're having a sale on clothes, be prepared to spent a long time in line.

Oh come on; if I would have done anything in the past hour a little faster to save 1 minute I would have saved $2 in parking fees.

I was going to go out and do something, but since one of the staff carts is parked behind me, I guess I'll stay at home for a while.

Friday night we went to the Laff Stop to see John Mulaney. He was pretty funny. The waitresses took a long time to get drinks, though, and then they couldn't remember who ordered what. I ended up just going straight to the bar to order. The bartender mixed everything very well, though.

I parked here and started to walk in. The valet said that was VIP parking, so I asked how much valet parking was. He said $10, so I gave him the money and my car keys. I figured he would repark my car somewhere else. When I came out, though, I noticed he had only changed it from face-in to face-out. It doesn't really fit in with the VIP cars.

I stopped to have a burger and noticed there was glass on the ground outside. I wondered what would have broken the window...

... until I saw this bullet mark in the next window. It seemed like a pretty nice neighborhood, so it was pretty unexpected.

I was looking around in the men's clothing section and noticed a gay guy (not flaming, but still obvious) kind of following me around. I figured it might just be random that we were following the same path until he whispered, "Nice body." I said, "Thanks, but I'm not gay." It was kind of creepy when he was just following me, though. I think the only difference between creepy people like this and normal people is confidence. If he was a little more self-assured, he'd just walk up and start a conversation rather than be weird and just follow people around for a bit. Although, since this is Texas, he probably has to be a little more discreet.

If I hire a sign-holder, I'm hiring this guy. Most people just stand there, but he was dancing around and waving at cars that passed by.

Go ahead, park right on the edge. I'm willing to bet you're not going to risk damaging your car or paint by denting mine, especially considering the cost of yours. And if you do, well, it's just one more dent to go along with the others.