2015 Jan 10 | videogame party, poker, online poker tournament

Power went out at the office. We waited a few minutes to see if it'd come back on, but it didn't, and the entire block was out. Thankfully we were almost done and the few remaining patients were fine with rescheduling.

The light-up shot glasses didn't fare too well in the dishwasher. Good thing they were cheap.

The trash chute is full.

But the dumpster below it is empty, so there must be a jam in the chute somewhere. It'd be nice if people would take 30 seconds to bring their trash down here rather than leaving it beside the chute.

It was rainy and foggy on the way to work.

Everyone was going pretty slowly.

An accident.

The fog in the mountains is pretty.

Weird rock formation.

Some trains run along the highway.

The license plates looks like it says, "Forget to."

The new ICD-10 codes are being used now, but it seems like the computers still have a few errors. The code H55.02 is for latent nystagmus, but the assessment says episcleritis.

Clouds, palm trees, and mountains.

This dentist has a giant buffalo on his sign.

Snow up in the mountains.

A house way up on a hill.

The highway splits apart here to go around a hill.

We ate a Chevy's to celebrate my new job. We even got dessert.

Playing Ogii's card game again. It's pretty hard to lose when these are your last three cards.

When I play the lottery, I always pick 13 for the Powerball and only numbers over 31 so there's less chance of splitting it with people playing their birthdays. This one was close, but not quite.

The pipes above my parking spot are dripping.

I know he has to work, but you think this trucker could deliver the beer before rush hour; he's taking up an entire lane.

Good luck competing with $9 frames.

A lot of the private optometry groups are being bought by the corporations and the corporations are even opening their own practices.

Another videogame party.

Twisted Metal.

And Mario Kart.

USPS says there might be a delay due to holidays, even though it's January 10th.

Poker tournament.

Table number two.

Table number 3.

A lucky flop for my tens.

And a lucky runout for my AQ of hearts against tens and AK of spades.

I got third place.

I don't think Google Navigation really needs to show the names of all the little side streets.

This route shows I-10 as yellow...

... while this route shows it as red, even though it's the same thing.

This is how PubMed used to show all articles on your phone and a few articles still. It's zoomed out so you can see the entire abstract easily; a quick glance lets you know the conclusion.

This is the new mobile version. Bigger, but that means you have to scroll or click a lot to get to the conclusion.

Even if you tell it to give you the desktop version it's still only a bit bigger; not as good as the real desktop version.

This site rewrote the words "Super Bowl start time" in a ton of different ways to up their search engine count. Dumb. At least it eventually got to the answer.

Our trash can kind of broke, and a new one is $40.

But these automatic ones are only $7 more, so we might as well get those instead.

Trying a chess tournament.

First it says it's finished.

The when I start the game I'm already down 12 seconds, which is a ton of time when you only have 60 seconds.

Here it looks like I win on time.

But nope, it's just a delay.

Again, it's eating my time, even though as far as I can tell the opponent hasn't moved.

She wins because I time out.

Then I get this warning for not playing.

And then I get this warning the next few times.

We're supposed to get 50 Mbps, and we're getting under 3 right now. Plus, it seems to cut out a lot, although it's more noticeable playing chess than anything else I do.

The player with A6 made a huge overshove preflop that just seemed weird, so even though I only had pocket fours, I called. I'm basically flipping with any two overcards, although I'm slightly ahead, and I ended up winning.

I had 9J giving me two pair on the turn. His river and the river shove felt a bit funny, so I called and he was bluffing with a missed straight draw.

The opponent raised really big preflop here. I reraised, he went all in, I called and won.

Chip leader at the table.

I called his shove on the turn. I guess that might be a bad call; he's probably not doing it with a lower pair or a worse king (KJ, K9, K8 are the only ones I'm beating) and since he's the big blind, he could have any two pair. I should have folded, even with top pair, good kicker.

He shoved on the river and I called. Good thing he didn't have a full house.

This guy raised preflop and got a lot of callers. Then he made a huge overshove on the flop. I was worried he had a J or a better A but Ogii said to call. She was right.

Any ace was hitting a lot in this tournament.

A simple continuation bet will often take down the pot on the flop.

A raised preflop pot with an A and a Q on the flop where I make a set. That's pretty much a dream situation because at least one of them is likely to have an A and lose a lot of money. Player 996 bet on the flop and we both called.

They both checked the turn, I shoved, and they both called.

Yep, AK vs AQ and I get all the money.

I'm now the chip leader. First place is almost $3700, that would be nice, but it's still a long ways to go.

We were all-in preflop and I lost the flop. Thankfully it wasn't too much of my money; about a fifth of my stack.

Although it did knock me way down the ladder.

I called his reraise preflop, called his flop bet, and called his turn shove. Only AK or KQ is beating me and he has a lot of draws he's turning into bluffs.

Up to 7th place.

I'd love to call here but I know I'm behind. The 70k I'd call, but not 150k.

And I would have won. Oh well, right decision at the time.

Another dream flop with a set and an ace, flush draw, and straight draw on the board.

I bet the flop and turn and he called both.

He check folded the river after a long decision.

Back to 2nd place.

Not calling with 44 this time; it's too much money and I'm probably behind at least one opponent and flipping versus the other.

Good decision, at least against the AA.

Another great flop.

Really hoping he has a flush. I bet small on the turn to look weak to induce him to shove and he did.

His flush got there but it didn't help.

This was another tough decision but I called.

A horrible flop with a K. He went all-in but it was a very small percentage of the pot, so I called and expected to lose.

Another tough spot, especially after he check-raised the flop, which is usually a sign of a very strong hand already, so I folded.

I raised preflop and won on the flop just by betting.

I shoved the turn and he folded.

He went all-in preflop, I called, and he hit on the river.

I raised preflop, got three callers, and folded to a shove on this flop. And inside straight draw isn't that good without at least a flush draw or a pair to go with it.

While I hate seeing the K on the flop, I bet it and the opponent folded. If he calls, I'm just done with the hand and assuming he has a K, but it's worth taking a stab.


I shoved and he called. Bad choice by me because he had so little left he was calling with any two cards and a low pair is flipping against any two overcards.

We'll see if I can get everyone to fold, and they did.

Pretty good hand and a lot of money in the pot, although facing a raise and a reraise, maybe this is a bit too ambitious. Nothing worse than my hand other than AK is calling and plenty of opponents can still have QQ, KK, or AA still.

Although if I just call preflop, I'm likely to lose everything on the flop. If he shoves preflop, though, maybe I can find a fold. I should have.

Still in the tourney, but very short stacked; going all-in with QQ and I lost to 66.

The bad thing about tournaments is how little you make for anything other than the very top spots. I got 16th place out of more than 1000 players and still only made $124, versus first place of $3700. That's why you really want to play for a top spot and not just to cash. Still fun and made a little, though.