2015 Jan 17 | Cirque du Soleil Kurios, cider tasting party, Travis in LA

My new work shoes are getting a bit scuffed up and I think the cracks on the lower side edges are from driving a lot.

Senor One Dollar Store, interesting name.

One sweet pea.

Aw, all my taco shells got broken on the drive to work. Oh well, they still make useable taco plates.

The sun rays just hitting the top of the mountain.

We wanted to watch Labyrinth but this is the first movie that popped up on Amazon.

Then this TV series.

This should obviously be the first option.

Coworkers at the office: "We won't be here next week." Me: "Is there some kind of holiday?" Them: "No, we're just going to win the lottery." Me: "Well you better put me in for a ticket because I'm not going to see all of these patients alone if you guys are already on your yachts by then."

The new Cirque du Soleil show, Kurios. It has a steampunk vibe.


Inside the tent.

A photobooth with some fun props.

The stage.

VIP ticket holders got to walk across on the bridge above the stage.

The US Bank Tower was lit up blue and yellow for the Rams returning to LA.

This guy was trying to squeeze in from the side after going around a bunch of other cars.

It's been pretty foggy out.

Looking south.

Ooh, chocolate chip cookies from a patient.

Oh, wait, those aren't chocolate chips. Still good.

This guy in the red truck was way out across the crosswalk.

Bad internet connection and the movie won't even play without interruptions.

A bunch of different ciders for our tasting party.

Ogii bought German sausages and apple strudel from Old World in Long Beach as well.

Kat and Kendra brought a cake from Porto's.

The group playing Cards Against Humanity.

Travis Krueger from USD was in town so we went down to Venice to hang out with him for a bit. We ate lunch at this nice Thai place.

Roast duck.

Neat wood carvings.

Now 20% tip is normal?

Trees with yarn around them.

A big ultimate frisbee tournament on Santa Monica beach.

A street magician near the pier.

Watching people feed the birds.

Grabbing a beer and watching the game at Barney's Beanery.

The finals of the ultimate frisbee tournament.

Travis and me.

The Georgian hotel with palm trees.

A Tesla with a license plate that says "no tanks."

Up to Hollywood to check that out for a few minutes. Some of the women who take pictures with tourists.

This woman was eating food with chopsticks while driving.

Hitting up In-N-Out.

This guy bought a lot of shakes.

Animal style 3x3 burger for Travis.

One classmate opening a new business.

And another.

A lot of Walmart stores in the area are closing.

Trying another chess tournament.

Everyone is ranked higher than me.

Other than new people, who are all ranked 1200, but who knows what their actual rating is.

And it's a bad connection.

So I run out of time. So frustrating.

Oh well, I probably would have lost most of the games anyway.