2015 Jan 24 | PhotoLA

It's been rainy and overcast lately.

Everyone slowed way down on the highway due to low visibility.

Dumb internet site not working.

That guys consults for a ton of companies. One, I wonder how much he makes from all of that, and two, I wonder how unbiased he really is.

Similar to this woman, although she's actually a stockholder in one company, too.

I was excited for this CE as it's about kids and binocular vision, but it was a bunch of the math we learned in school instead of real-world applications.

Aw, parking went up from $8 to $10 here.

Mini traffic jam in the parking garage.

It's nice that you can renew your driver's license online, except it says the shopping cart is empty even though I had my driver's license renewal in there. After a few minutes it showed up and worked, though.

They changed our bathroom sink to a low-flow faucet. It's crap. It can't even knock the toothpaste off of my toothbrush after I'm done brushing my teeth.

They also changed the showerhead, which is really weak now.

And even the kitchen sink, but it doesn't spray out, only straight down, which is crap.

I'll just buy some other ones online, though. I like how they'll send someone to install it for you. If you can't screw on a showerhead, you're in trouble in life.

Somebody tracked white stuff all over in the elevator and didn't bother to clean it up.

Bought a few new four-player Playstation games for our videogame parties. Really cheap used on Amazon.

The info on the updates is worthless; they should say what they actually do.

I wonder if there's a difference between any of these; I don't want to be classified incorrectly on taxes.

I'm uploading all of my files to Amazon Cloud. It looks like it's going to take quite a while.

That's a lot of writing.

I took my dress shoes in to this shoe repair to see if he could work on the scuffs on the front because he got really good reviews on Yelp, but he said there was nothing he could do. On one hand, I'm disappointed, but on the other, I'm glad he was honest instead of taking my money and not really doing much.

My favorite meal in LA, Pampas Grill at the Farmer's Market.

Pretty lanterns.

Buy three entire stores, get a fourth entire store free?

The coolest looking gas station in LA at Olympic and Robertson, and still really cheap because it's an Arco.

It's had nearly 24 hours to upload and it got through around 1,000 files. At this rate it'll take around 30 days of constant uploading to get them all; that's quite a while.

It doesn't help that our internet connection seems to stop working at random, and I'm not sure if it comes on again on its own or just stays off. I also have no idea how long it takes to go off or if I can do anything to stop it.

That guy has a lot of scrap metal in his pickup.

Dumb cop parked in a no-parking red-curb area and blocking an entire lane of traffic during rush hour.

If he would have pulled just a few feet ahead he'd be in a normal parking zone where the road widens up and not be blocking traffic. What a jerk.

Interesting clouds.

One thing I don't like about my new laptop is the function keys are different. The lower sound one is on F7 whereas on my old laptop it was F4. It's much harder to hit FN+F7 with a single hand; I have to twist my hand all around, which is a pain when sound comes out way too loud. Plus, the space bar is really stiff and sometimes it won't put a space in.

They had a photo show called photoLA at The Reef.

A giant chair in the parking lot.

There were a lot of exhibitors.

All scattered around on this floor.

These were kind of neat.

He sliced up the pictures and then wove them back together.

They also had various other events going on throughout the month.

And lots of other stores.

Like upscale furniture.

And rugs. Although nobody was there shopping, so I wonder how they make any money.

My credit card got stuck in the reader.

They had to come and open it up.

Artwork made of tin cans on the street.

A guy stuck way out blocking cross traffic.

Sun beams and palm trees.

Tech guy.

Lane closure due to all of the trucks for a movie shooting.

I didn't even know the Prius had heated seats.

This parking lot is horribly congested, which isn't helped by this guy wandering through the middle of it.

A view of the Hollywood sign through the trees and fog.

Poker at Aelred's.

Always good food there. I also got first place in the tournament.

Two days later, although not straight 48 hours of uploading, and another 1,000 files uploaded.

We're naturally getting closer to a single payer system for medicine as all of the insurance companies combine.

I was reading about this cataract surgeon who does cheap, fast cataract surgeries in the third world.

Pretty neat, although they say it's small incision surgery to avoid needing stitches but they don't use folding lenses, which seem incompatible.

And then they do refractions afterwards. Good follow-up.

If you want to know where white people live, search for Trader Joe's.

This isn't good. Normally you get your king and rook forked like this, but since my king can't even move out of check, I have to take it with and then lose my queen.

A nice little plan. If he takes my rook and then even my bishop with his rook and king...

... he's too far away to stop my pawn from queening.

Then I didn't really have enough time to checkmate him, but if I eat up all of his pawns before my time runs out, it's only a draw instead of a loss for me.

A cool checkmate for him.

Dumb premoving doesn't work very well sometimes, so I ran out of time even though it shouldn't use any of my time at all.

Running out of battery in the middle of a game is never good.

I have a revealed check...

... that lets me fork his rooks.

Another nice plan. I'll push my pawn up. If he takes it, I get at least a free pawn...

...but even better is if he moves it up like this, because then I can pin his queen to his king with my bishop.

Uh oh, he forked my rook and king, and I can't even take his knight afterwards.

After a few moves we got here, where he should have taken my rook with his rook.

However, he didn't, so I got his rook for free.

Then he tried to block with his bishop, but then I got that plus his other rook for free, so he went from +3 to -10 in just a few moves.

This is fun; he has a ton of big pieces coming down on my king and I have a ton of big guys protecting.

I was only trying to fork his king and rook, but it turns out this is mate, even better.

I was up a pawn, but I just gave away my queen for free.

But in these 60-second games, it's often worth still playing to see if you can get your opponent to make a horrible mistake or run out of time.

So I ran around eating up his pawns and even took his knight. I was in trouble because he was just about to get another queen, but he ran out of time.

This guy is easy to remember because he has a big red flower for his avatar. He plays extremely fast and always crushes me.

Another funky checkmate due to the double check with the rook and bishop.

I just about got a queen here, which would have been mate, but he was able to bring his rook over and take my pawn.

He has two rooks and a queen versus my king; this doesn't look good.

He messed up here; I can take his rook on f7.

He was close to mating me but couldn't quite pull it off and ran out of time instead.

Another weird mate.

Here he gets my bishop for free, and next he'll get my rook for his knight.

The he ate up all of my pawns on one side of the board. He got a little greedy here, though, because I got his rook with my knight after he took a pawn.

And then I got his other rook with a fork.

And managed to mate him on the side of the board.