2015 Jan 31 | Night on Broadway, 2020 logos

I'm filling in at this office in Beverly Hills a few half-days a week while the doctor is out for a few weeks.

Pretty inside.

The exams forms are pretty old-school, though, just a blank piece of paper, so I actually have to remember all of the pieces of an eye exam.

Also, he uses a spot-beam retinoscope, which we were never even trained on; newer optometrists all use slit-beam ones like mine on the right. Thankfully the first day I kind of figured out how to use his, although I'm bringing my own from now on.

I also park right next to a Tesla in very small parking spaces; have to be careful getting out.

So we have an ace of spades; I bet the other card we get will also be an ace.

Oh, so instead of a starting hand they gave us a finished one. Either way, my assumption was right; we have a royal flush. I don't think too many people will be exctied to come in and look at cars if they end up with middle pair, bad kicker or something.

A lot of 8s in the mileage.

Pretty mountains.

There's construction on this road, though, so here they cut down to two lanes instead of four and we slow down from 60 to 20.

Also no fun when you get stuck behind a semi slowly passing another semi.

Cool rocks.

A train that winds between the hills.

Ogii cooking meat wrapped inside of meat.

Ooh, just the reflection of the sunrise looks pretty.

Yep, very nice.

Which Which from a drug rep at work.

I've always been horrible at crosswords; they just don't click in my brain. I saw a patient working on one and decided to see if I was any better, but nope, I still can't get any of them. I had to fill out a children's one to feel a bit better about myself.

You can pick up Amazon items from local 7-Elevens if you want your package a little faster.

I couldn't find a trial frame at the new office, so I bought a new one; they're cheap on Amazon. It was good timing, too, because the next day there were two patients with prism I had to have walk around a bit to see exactly what prescription they needed.

I don't get this billboard.

Moving a tree.

This guy is merging across a double white line sooner than he's supposed to. Pretty ballsy considering there are multiple cops right there.

Neat trees.

They changed this intersection so the middle lane is now a turn only; it to be turn or straight. It's been a few months and people still haven't figured it out, even though there are signs above and solid white lines below.

Sun beams.

Downtown and a palm tree.

We were stuck in rush-hour traffic and this bus driver was eating his dinner. Normally I'd say that's dangerous but since we went like only a quarter of a block each green light at 3mph, it's probably fine.

A lot of buses on the right trying to get over to the left; hard to do.

They're trying.

Saturday evening was Night On Broadway, where a bunch of theaters had free shows, along with events in the street. Looks like chess boxing will be here.

Free haircuts.


It just started and there already a ton of people.

Love this neon 3D artwork.

Artists in this little mall area.

Black and white.

A hole in the floor. Don't want to drop my cell phone down there.

Cool statue.

Other art.

I wanted to eat at the Grilled Cheese truck, but there was already a line and they weren't even open. Maybe later.

Cool artwork.

The Los Angeles theater had Lucent Dossier, which was the main show I wanted to see. Even for the first show of the night there was already a huge line, but it moved quickly and we all got in.

Fun outfit.

It was kind of like a Cirque du Soleil show.

Only the performers had multiple parts, rather than only specializing in one act.

And it was more simply artistic, rather than big.

Some of the acts were similar.

And some were pretty different. This was my favorite, where they played drums on barrels with flaming sticks, although it reminded me of Blue Man Group doing the same with paint. It had a more primal feel than Cirque du Soleil as well and less of a story.

The ceiling.

Back to chess boxing, now that a match is going on.


And chess.

Although you really couldn't see the board very well.

They had it on the screen, but they left the captured pieces on the side of the board, so it was still a big confusing.

The winner of the first fight.

Ogii with another performer on stilts.

Preparing to set up a hula hoop area.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Josť Huizar introducing the next band in the Tower Theater.

Mac Sabbath, who sing Black Sabbath parodies re-writted with fast food lyrics.

From the back.

Up front.

Next we went to the Palace Theater.

The music group Clouds Below, which was really interesting, like electronic Pure Moods. This was the only one where I a lot of people left in the middle of the show, but I thought it was actually calming and liked it.

There were also Flipz dancers.

Some games set up on the street. Here you rock the horse to make your horse in the game go.

A group of kids moving around on a bench.

A giant Lite Brite made out of I think soda bottles with different colored water inside them.

Even a Ferris Wheel. Although by now the lines were getting really long, so we didn't go on it.

Street art.

Silent disco party, like the one we went to in Santa Monica.

More 3D art.

Some singers.

We gave up on the food trucks because the lines were too long and instead ate at BierBeisl Imbiss, and Austrian restaurant in the little mall area. Their sign was funny.

They were also completely out of bread because of the huge numbers of people, but it was still good.

Bratwurst and schnitzel.

A video of some of the acts we saw.

This has to be the best job in the entire world.

There are a lot of crap movies out there.

We had a contest on 99Designs for a logo for the office. This one is cute but the 0s are a little small.

Cool, but a little hard to figure out the 2s.

Also cute.

Again, a bit hard to understand 2020.

Same problem.

Very cute; if it were a French boutique this would be perfect.

I like the smile.

Very fun but again the 2020 doesn't come across instantly.

I really liked this one. Probably my favorite if the office were a bit more upscale instead of family-oriented. Also, there are a few stores in Koreatown with similar logos.

Really like this one, although it looks like he's smirking instead of smiling.

Very fun, would be good if we were on the beach.

Nice and simplistic, but not 2020.

An eye chart.

Another cute one.

Also fun, but also doesn't convey 2020 quickly.

The same.

They can resubmit new designs based on feedback. This is much better than the smirk before.

I think I actually prefer the top design because it looks more professional, although the double name and address on the bottom really emphasizes the 2020.

Watching online poker; four-way all-in preflop.

And kings holds up.

Compared to the cataract surgeon in Nepal who sees hundreds of patients per day, this plastic surgeon in Miami who Snapchats his surgeries only sees 20 per week. That seems really small for any type of surgeon.

Windows 10 doesn't come with some commonly-used programs that were bundled into the older versions, like Windows Movie Maker. You can download it, but then you also need to download these frameworks to run it.

Nope, I don't need all of those other programs, just Movie Maker.

I just got Amazon Cloud, which I'm trying to back up all my files on, but it's taking forever.

We're supposed to have 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speeds, but it's much slower than that. After 24 straight hours of uploading, it only moved about 500 files. At that rate it's going to take over two months of straight uploading to be done.

Over another 24 hours, and only another 400 files.

This was overnight, so eight hours, and only 73 files, even worse.

Yeah, 1.61/1.73 is pretty far away from 50/5.

This was over eight hours at another office with a much slower connection speed. It got through 262 files, nearly four times more than our supposedly much-faster connection.

This is at the other office. Close to the same upload speed. Which means our internet is also constantly turning off and on, which we've noticed playing chess and watching movies.

Not even through 1000 files after multiple days of almost constant uploading.

Now the download speed is a bit faster but the upload is crap.

Great download, OK upload.

And back to both being crap; this is all within an hour.

Good download, but horrible upload 1 minute later.

One minute after that the download is horrible but upload is OK.

And another minute later it flips again. Really inconsistent.

After going overnight, only 77 files uploaded. This is insane.

I tried resetting the modem, which was one option given on the Time Warner website.

Downloads are still crap, although uploads are better for now; we really have to figure out another option.