2015 Feb 07 | LA Art Show, Clifton's Cafeteria

Watching a playoffs game.

Ugly accident.

The super-strong winds knocked some trees down.

At the LA Art Show.



A topless woman moving around on a scene.

A 3D painting.

It moves when you move.

Not cheap.

Woman's face made out of people.

Porcelain dolls.

Nice contrast in colors.

A few statues.

Two faces with a rose between.

Female form.

This was really cool; it had actual fabric on the bottom.


And another.


Ogii by a woman with a baby goat.

Live music.

Live painters.

This was huge.

A cardboard entrance.

Kind of scary with the cardboard worked in.


Revolution for $50,000.


More live painters.

Star Wars.

A lot of people missed the sexuality until they were at the right angle.

Statue with numbers.

X-ray of a motorcycle.

Man Chasing His Ego by Ted Gall for $40,000.


This was really cool selective coloring.

Women flying.

And in boxes.

I really liked this.

Star Wars chess board.

Electric-looking painting.

Carved skull.

A very popular Frida Kahlo head.

Pretty realistic.


Many tiny reflective circles.

A live show of a woman killing another woman or something.


Cool; it kind of looks like buildings.

A Plinko-like game.

There's a little movie in here and every once in a while it switches to a view of you watching it via a mini camera hidden in it.

3D across multiple plastic sheets.

You can rotate around it.

Very neat.

From the side.

A giant metal container you can walk in.

VIP sitting area.

I really liked this one.

Female figure.

Wooden castle entrance.

Rows of houses.

Skull thingy.

And another.


... that have different colors and you walk by them.

Rock filled with metal chunks.

A woman thing.

Fang cake.

Giant bird head.

Box of a person with nails for hair.


Neat face out of multiple pieces of fabric.

Clear bookshelf.

Kind of creepy.

Statue of a long violinist.

Metal stripped horse.

A picture...

... composed of multiple globs of glass.

A nun Barbie...

... that turns into a sexy outfit.

More 3D art.

Neat painting of bookcases.

Nice portraits.

American flag...

... out of glasses frames.

Don't wear high heels on an edge.

Asian writing using tires.

Actual 3D art.

A scene inside a scene.


A video of some of the 3D art.

Afterwards we went to Clifton's Cafeteria.

Neat entrance.

The line was a bit confusing.

Big chunks of meat.

Old items.

We got a prime table.

We sat right next to this.

Animals on one side...

...and the other.


Player piano.

Wooden table.

A little stairwell.

Leads to this door.

With this view inside.

Another cool table.

Coat rack.

Horned seat.

And another.

A wooden one.

A giant tree in the middle with a view of the bar on the second floor.

Cute owl.

Giant buffalo.

Tables on multiple levels.

A little stream.

Old candy.


Toys for kids.

Lots of desserts.

Snake-shaped bread.

We moved the chairs into the bedroom with a light for reading. It's also been cold, so Ogii got me some blankets.

Checking out our internet usage in case we switch providers.

This would be nice; it's super-fast.

But not available in most of LA yet.

This guy said to change some modem settings; maybe we can try that.

A pipe that just opens up into the garage right by where someone parks their truck.

What's the name of this place?

Oggi's, so close.

We replaced the kitchen's low-flow sprayer with this new one, and it's so powerful it blasts a mist of water over half of the kitchen if turned on all the way. It reminds me of when Kramer bought the elephant showerhead in Seinfeld.

That guy has a lot of mattresses.

Birds on wires.

Accident on the highway.

Train below.

A dog wandering around.

Another accident that evening.

And another train.

Another accident.

And another one. You could smell this one burning; it really stank.

The UPS guy is dropping off some rather-expensive stuff but I have to get going, Ogii is out shopping, and he's not in the truck so I can't just run up and grab it.

He just left it outside our door and thankfully nobody stole it. The UPS driver is kind of like Santa Claus; he leaves lots of boxes.

This person pulled out right in front of me. I understand how they got that dent in the back of their car.

A guy on a bicycle during rush hour. On one hand, he's on a major street taking up an entire lane; on the other, he's peddling fast enough to basically keep up with traffic.

The automobile museum looks cool at night.

This guy turned from the side street on the left into what he thought was my lane. However, there was a divider with a tree in the middle of the road that he drove into instead. Thankfully he hit mostly branches and was able to back out of it without any major damage.

The other office has these Wild Eyes samples. The case seems weird, though.

Ah, it's an old VHS container. If it works, use it.

Really tall palm trees.

I read this was about some sort of secret about this date, but it's the equinox, when a meteor passed close to earth, a supposed end of times, and who knows what else.

And another accident.

We've had a ton of hummingbirds lately. There were ten of them on two feeders this evening.

A video of them. Their chirping and diving can be pretty loud.

It's getting nice and warm again.

When I had a suspicious activity on my credit card, they used to call me, and I could just let it go through if it was authorized. Now they text and email me, but even if I answer it right away, the transaction still gets cancelled and I have to put it in again, which is a pain. I liked the old way better.