2015 Feb 14 | Super Bowl, Secret Circus, Valentine's Day

We went to a friend' place to watch the Super Bowl. We had to buy Jell-O to make Jell-O shots. Both teams have blue in their logos and the blue appears to be out; I wonder if everyone else is doing the same thing as us?

Thankfully there are still a few in the back.

A couple of different alcohols.

A good chef always makes sure the ingredients are still fresh before using them.

The finished shots.


The host grilling.

One TV in the living room.

And another in the front room.


Lots of good food.

Starting to fill up.

The girls with Jell-O shots.

The half time show was more popular than the game.


Playing pool. I was hoping the Panthers could win or at least keep it close, but they never quite managed to do it.

I wonder what kind of drawing prompts this has?

Oh, that's retarded. How could I not have a published book if this is all it takes?

I have to do this for Mongolian New Year. Ogii has different directions.

A cute paperclip holder at work. It's amazing those floating things stay upright after all these years.

Now the internet seems pretty good.

Although now it's back to crap.

We upgraded to Time Warner's 300/20 package and got much better speeds. Let's hope it stays good.

Hey, someone at the office pushed the big rock down at the base of this little tree.

I like the little message it has on it.

Valentine's Day dinner at this restaurant has muscovy duck.

I'm pretty sure smoke detectors are the only things that still use 9-volt batteries. After reading a bit, that's because 9-volt batteries are good where you need low current draw (something that just sits there most of the time doing nothing) but high voltage (for the loud noise). They're also good for battery backups of alarms clocks for the same reason.

This booth at the Toyota dealership has about the best view of the Hollywood sign you can get in LA.

I love electronics that come with those little velcro cord wrappers; they're so convenient.

The ATM as at Vermont and 3rd is even more disgusting than usual.

I like the answer to this Amazon question.

The only problem with pasta sauce is it splatters everywhere.

For the Beverly Hills Art Show, we needed a drawn example of what our booth would look like. I think Ogii's drawing is better art than any of my photographs; we should just put that up in the booth.

Wicked fun license plate.

Friday night we went to the Secret Circus. I wasn't sure exactly what it would be but it turned out to be a bunch of small acts for around 10 minutes a piece.

There were some dancers.

A sword swallower.

I love the reaction of the woman who pulled out the sword.

This guy let you staple bills to him.

A band.

And another. There were also strip teases from both genders, poetry, and a few others acts. It was really fun.

What I want is down that isle, though; how am I supposed to get it?

Thankfully there was a worker in the isle who get grab it for me. I like how shims are made from leftover pieces of wood and aren't to any kind of standard; some have really thin edges and some are really thick, but that's actually useful because if one doesn't quite fit what you need you can grab another one. The shoddy quality control results in a variety pack.

A van dropping off flowers for Valentine's Day.

Palm trees over the highway.

I wonder if there's a voice on the phone that says, "Eat less and exercise more, duh!" and then simply hangs up.

Ogii and I bought each other the exact same card. She said she actually really wanted it for herself when she bought it, so that worked out.

Ogii's Valentine's Day dinner for me on the balcony.

There were a ton of hummingbirds while we ate.

This poor guy come into the house and I had to shoo him out.

Why is the pack with one more pen double the price?

The first one says in-store pickup and the second says it's shipped; I wonder if that's the difference.

Nope, because on Amazon, where they're both shipped...

... there's a similar price difference, although not quite as big. In the 4-pack, each pen costs $1.52, and in the 5-pack, each pen costs $1.84. Maybe that dark blue is really nice?

A pot dispensary with a fun outer wall.

Sunset behind us.

We went to Aventine for Valentine's Day dinner. This candle has been going for a while.

Very pretty eating area.


Although this is almost how dark it really was in there. Many people were using the light from their cell phones to read the menu.

Afterwards we went to Boulevard 3 for their Wanderlust party. They had performers in floating balls near the front.

Another one.

And another one.

The dance floor.

Ogii in front of a fireplace.

A bar.

Ogii on a fun bed.

A giant screen with short modern art videos.


Ooh, I get his queen.

Whoops, he can just take my queen. That's the problem with running low on time; you have to premove, and sometimes it doesn't work out.

I was already winning, but that sealed the deal.

Always nice to meet nice players.

Uh oh, discovered attack on my rook from his queen at the same time as a discovered check from his bishop at the same time as an attack on my knight with his pawn. That's quite a good move.

And now he gets at least a rook for a pawn and then my other rook in the corner. Nasty set of attacks.

I guess I'll take his bishop with my king.

And I ended up getting my king chased all the way across the board and mated.

I'll take his knight with my bishop...

Which then lets me fork his queen and his bishop, getting a free piece. Nice little tactic.

My knight later forked his queen and rook. That knight was useful.

I was up a bit, but forking his king and knight to win a free knight seals it.

I'll move my rook up so I can stack them up.

Whoops, he gets my knight for free and then a rook for a bishop. That was a bad move.

He didn't seem to be moving, which means I probably have a connection error, so I premoved, and then it showed my connection in red...

... and that I lost the game. So frustrating, especially because it was a mate in one.

It's nice being able to analyze your games for mistakes.