2016 Mar 13 | west LA VB, magic and wine, Playa VB for my birthday

As per usual, someone is in my spot at the Beverly Hills office.

This is kind of cool; it converts curvature from diopters to radians.

Just by tilting it back and forth. Nowadays you'd just look it up on your phone, but still neat.

This light was out, and most people know to treat it like a four-way stop, but one woman just sat in her car and didn't go at all.

I gave a little lecture on how eyes change as people age to a senior center in Koreatown.

A big cloud.

Kendra rented a Tesla for Kat for her birthday.

It has a huge screen. Very fast acceleration, too.

We went for dinner at Crustacean.

They have an aquarium under the walking path.

Lots of origami cranes.

The knives sit upright.

You can tilt them over pretty far and they'll right themselves.

Nice meal.

Quick and clean.

Snow-covered mountains.

And green ones with clouds.

I wonder how this machines detects exactly what phone you have?

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in Walmart was covered with a panel.

I guess that's one way to still make money selling it without getting yelled at by parents.

Us and Gus?

Yahweh loves you.

Watching Ex Machina and got to the part where Caleb cuts himself to see if he's human. "I can't watch, but you have to so I know if he bleeds." "No, I can't watch, you watch." "If you don't look we won't know because I'm not looking." "Then I guess we won't know because I'm not looking."

Someone in the office across the hall was selling these. Since the stores closed down, that's the only way I can get them, so I ran over there and brought the box back to our office. Before I could grab all of the almond ones someone else took a few of them. I guess I'll have to try some others, too.

These birds seem to space themselves pretty evenly.

I can't buy this shampoo in stores or even on Amazon any more.

Thankfully eBay still has it.

Doing the same aging eyes presentation at another senior center.

Ogii took me out to dinner at the Four Seasons.

Wine and bread.

The two of us.

There's a steak under all of that.

And dessert.

This woman is watching a hired handyman install a basketball hoop. I guess I could see it being worth it to you to pay someone else to install it, especially if you don't have the tools or are worried about doing it correctly, but it can't be worth her time to just stand there and watch him do it.

Again, someone in my parking spot.

I like the name of this tuxedo store.

A Mercedes sitting in a lane where there is no parking right now because it's rush hour. Everyone has to squeeze into this lane to get around her, and she could have gone twenty more feet around the block and stopped on a small road rather than block a major thoroughfare.

Aw, this person's garage sale sign is getting beaten up in the rain.

Broken down bus.

This is annoying. I want to transfer files from my phone to my computer but it just stopped working all of the sudden.

So I have to use the photo transfer option instead.

But then I can't get non-picture files off the phone. It's not too big of a deal because I currently don't do that much, but I have in the past and might have to again. Dumb program.

I think it's time to give up on these running shoes. I think I've had them since nearly high school and I love them because they're the lightest shoes I've ever had.

Even though the lettering has faded, I think I can make out Nike Zoom Air.

And USA 9 for the size.

The problem is there are now hundreds of subtypes of Nike Zoom Airs out there, and I can't even find the original. If I was looking for a subtype, that'd be easy, because I could just search for, say, Pegasus, but since this was the first one, it brings up everything.

Idiot cutting across two lanes of traffic to make a turn.

Homeless living in tents have started to build up along this bridge.

There are quite a few of them here now.

Lots of construction going on downtown.

The sun setting over an industrial area.

Cool helicopter.

We went to eat at this Italian restaurant for Dagii's birthday. The food was really good.

Then we watched Sarnai so they could go out to a movie.

Ogii asleep with her.

Six cop cars for one guy; I wonder what he did.

I had Saturday off so we went to a volleyball lesson with Jason.

And then played a bit afterwards.

Having fun.

Me hitting the ball.

Ogii serving.

This woman's hair was flying all over the place.

Ogii bumping.

Celebrating a win.

When you drive, you should always plan ahead. Like here; if something happens in our lane, we should definitely swerve to the left because it's cheaper to crash into an Audi than a Maserati.

And a bigger discrepancy; a homeless person living in their car on the left and a Maserati on the right.

Saturday night Ogii took us to a magic and wine show at Avalon. We went in the wrong door, I think, and ended up behind where we needed to go.

The nightclub.

Nice seats.

We eventually got around to a back door and got to where we were supposed to be. We had appetizers and four flights of wine.

And chocolate.

Then in to see the magic show. It was a close-up performance, which is my favorite.

Us with the magician afterwards. His asssistant mentioned she likes to go to the Wi Spa, so maybe we'll see here there some time.

That's a cool idea; you sleep on the bus on the ride there and back.

It's not too expensive.

That sounds perfect, a co-ed fun soccer group, but who can play on weekday mornings at 9am?

An ad for a seminar on my Facebook feed. I bet it's a scam.

Someone's review of it; yep, it's basically just an ad for their services at the end.

I've given up trying to have the woman return the modem to me and am now just going to go and pick it up from her. Good thing she doesn't live in Florida.

The Google Navigation update gets a little overzealous about making sure you see the name of the street you're turning onto.

Watching fourth match of the the human vs computer playing Go.

The computer won the first three but the human won the fourth. I like how one idea is that it purposely lost so we don't worry it will overtake the world soon.

It's interesting the computer didn't realize a rather large mistake it made until 8 moves later, whereas most of the good human commentators noticed immediately.

Sunday we went to the beach to play volleyball again. Marie Grace and Dmitry had set up a table.

And Ogii brought a cake, chili, and other snacks.

The top of the cake.

A shark kite.

Time for some volleyball.

Me setting.

Me hitting.

Jack hitting.

And spiking.

Making sure it's out.

Me setting.

Jack with a perfect platform.

And blocking.

Although this time the ball came down on top of him, haha.


And serving from the other side.

Watch out for the guy coming in for the hit.

Opening presents on Sunday evening.

This watch case was really cool.

The Meetup website must be under a DDoS attack; they had this page pop up for a few seconds.

A funky checkmate.

And another one.

And another.

If I run out of time but he only has his king, it's a draw. Here I'm black and I was just about to take his last pawn but my time ran out before I could, so he won. So close.

Same here; one move away from mate, in fact I had already clicked my rook, but my time ran out first.

Ooh, that's nasty. My bishop is pinned by his queen, so he gets my rook.