2008 Jan 13 | Byzantio, Casino Night

The only cheescake mix in the grocery store was this Jell-O one which came with crust mix. However, the plain aluminum pie tins were $2.00 and the ones with the crust already in them were $2.20, so I wonder how many people decide to save 20 cents and make the crust themselves. I sure didn't want to get my hands all messy over 20 cents.

Of all the messages you could fill your back windshield with, he chose this one. Why not something a little more important such as "eradicate diseases which kill millions" or "feed starving children"? Honestly, holiday travel is the biggest idea that concerns you?

Walgreen's had labels a size bigger and a size smaller than the one I wanted. I was surprised because I needed what I thought would be the most popular.

Ever get a big scratch on your face and have absolutely no idea where it came from? It's rather scary.

They filled in this pot hole at the university, but they did a horrible job and there's still a giant dip in the middle of it, so everybody swerves over into the other lane to avoid it.

Thursday nights at Byzantio there are belly dancers. They also have some really good food (especially the kebabs), but since the dancers don't start until around 10pm, you have to either come early or eat a really late dinner.

That's my kind of warning about wet cement; a big ol' shopping cart with a traffic cone on top. Good luck not noticing that.

The optometry school had a casino night on Friday. People were supposed to dress up in black in white, but most people just came in regular clothing. It was really cold outside, though, so some people actually grabbed blankets they had in their cars and wrapped them around themselves. I was a blackjack dealer for the last few hours, and it was a lot of fun.

For one of the raffles I won a ticket for two to Laff Stop, a comedy club in Houston, but since I usually go with a Meetup group that gets free tickets, I gave it to Carol.

When we were tearing down a possum came by to check us out.