2016 Mar 20 | Chuck E Cheese, Brass Monkey, Deep Creek Hot Springs

Watching the computer versus human Go matches. The human only won number four out of five matches. The best comment on it I saw was that the machine realized it needed to lose at least one match so humanity wouldn't be scared about it taking over.

On one hand, I like that the computer tells me right here the printer is out of paper. On the other, after I filled it with paper, it kept giving me this error and refusing to print until I restarted it.

Playing Ogii's card game and she lays down five cards on the first hand. I already have to pick all of those up; I don't like this game any more.

The woman who I sold the router to couldn't figure out how to send it back to me so I finally said I'd come and pick it up. Except when I went there at our agreed-upon time, she didn't answer.

She called me and asked if I could come by again that night, so I did. Thankfully she was there this time. She gave me the router and I gave her cash, finally this nightmare is over. Except a few days later she called me up asking if she should pay the $50 Amazon charge, and it took me a few minutes to explain to her that yes she should, because she pays Amazon paid me paid her, and we all end up at $0 in the end.

I'm working Wednesdays at this office instead of Thursdays, and one nice benefit is drug reps come on Wednesdays more than Thursdays, so I get more free lunches.

This package was just sitting on top of the mailboxes, even though I left a note saying to call me. Oh well, at least it got there.

Cleaning up the office and I noticed I never use the top of this coat rack, only the bottom, so I threw it out. It would make a great mace back in Medieval times, though.

Just put up the last magazine article I wrote for a magazine. This used up the last of the frames we had bought, and I'm pretty much out of room in the office now anyway.



Thanks for health fair vision screenings.

Another article.

More health fair thanks and articles.

Health fair thanks and awards.

Meetings with legislators and and award and thanks.

Last two pictures and an award between them.

We have our new logo, so I ordered new grocery bags to give to patients with it. The new one is on the left. It looks better, but it's a bit smaller. Hopefully other people in the grocery store will see it and come in.

There was also a little tear on the exam chair arm. This stuff fixed it pretty well.

FedEx changed around this office but it's horrible now. There are two separate lines, one for printing and one for shipping. But I wanted to shred and the woman in front of me wanted to ship and buy a bottle of water. We both went to the shipping side, me because that's the side with the scales to weigh my shredding material. She paid for her shipping, but then had to go into this line to buy the water. I got my stuff weighed and then had to go to this line to pay. Which is so dumb. I can kind of see mine, and next time I'll just go to this line and have them walk the paper over to weigh it, but why can't she buy the water bottle from the shipping side? Horrible planning by FedEx.

Everyone has to increase their prices at some point.

We were looking for a new mattress on Craigslist, but 98% of the listings are from companies that sell brand new mattresses rather than people selling their used mattresses like Craigslist was when it started.

And the review websites for mattresses are equally crap; they all just say the same thing for all the mattresses.

We found one from a couple in West Hollywood who were having a second child and needed to turn their guest room into a room for that kid. They lived on the penthouse floor and the mattress was barely used because it was in the guest room. Great deal and paid like a fifth of what it would be new. It's also really comfortable.

I went to buy some Nike running shoes at this outlet mall but it was completely insane; people were bunched everywhere. They also didn't have any of the shoes I wanted.

Insanity at the nearby Coach store, too. There was a line outside the store to even let people in and an employee guarding the door.

Friday evening we were planning on going to Rain Karaoke. I had made a reservation for 8pm, but when we got there the door was locked and nobody answered phone calls or knocks, so we just went to Chuck E Cheese's across the street instead. Kat and Kendra on the football game.

Three people throwing footballs.

Ogii giving it a try.

Ogii and Kat.

Shooting aliens.

Guitar Hero.

David and me.

David realizing he can just reach over and drop the ball through the hoop.

The bigger basketball game.

Me from the other side.



Kendra did the best.

Kat and Kendra head to head.

A version of Galaga modified for tickets.

Everyone loves this game.

After that we headed to Brass Monkey, a karaoke bar.

However, instead of private rooms, it's one main stage. It was still fun because the audience sang along with a lot of the popular songs.

Our group.

Having some fun with a face swap app; Charm and Kendra fit the best.

Kendra and David fit well, too.

Ogii and me.

David and me.

Kat and Ogii.

Sunday morning we went hiking to Deep Creek Hot Springs. Kat at the start of the hike.

The gals coming down the hill.

Ogii and me on a rock.

Kat on a rock.

Don't forget to go right on the way back.

Another big rock.

Sliding down a steep spot. This is actually a friend of one of my coworkers who we ran into on the hike; small world.

Our first naked person sighting.

The women are the small dots on the trail on the back left.

Another steep section.

Almost to the bottom.

Crossing the cold river.

And into the hot springs. The other people were pretty friendly.

The four of us.

One of the middle-temperature pools.

From the other side.

A pool below.

A lizard.

Someone had set up a slack line.

A naked couple trying it out.

This guy got almost halfway, which was the farthest out of anybody we saw.

And another guy sitting on it.

A small rapids area.

Some tiny fish.

This was the hottest pool, but on the edge here the water mixed with the cold stream so it was a nice mix.

A guy jumping from some higher rocks into a pool.

Naked people accidentally photobombing my picture of the dog. The dogs that were there were having way more fun than the people; they absolutely loved swimming around.

Up on a rock.

The three of them.


Kendra and Kat.

Time to head back, which starts with the cold walk across the river.

Almost across.

Kendra and Kat.

Ogii and me.

Kendra ready for the hike up.

Here we go.

Kat passes some flowers.

People look pretty small out here.

Taking a break and enjoying the view.

The springs from the trail.

Pretty flowers.

Climbing back up a steep section.

There were a lot of these little cocoons with worms wriggling inside of them.

The sign.

Us at the end.

Pretty view from the top.

All Priuses get dust and water lines at the same places under the door handles; it's weird.

It's crazy that even though Hillary and Bernie were almost tied in a few states, Hillary still got way more votes than Bernie in those.

A plugin for replacing the sky with a different one in a picture. Some photographers don't mind others doing this and some are really against it because it's manipulating the photo too much. I guess it comes down to if you're making art or photojournalism.

This is a really cool kleenex case.

One of the common themes in the lessons on the chess app.

Checking and then picking up a free piece. A problem with these lessons is a lot of them are extremely unlikely to come up in real games.

Ooh, I have mate in one now.

And I run out of time after I picked up the queen but before I put it down. So close.