2016 Apr 03 | videogame party, poker

It's a pain driving on the roads that go through skid row because they homeless just cross whenever they want and have no courtesy towards any of the drivers, even when it's completely illegal.

Ralph's is too busy. Some people are just turning around as soon as they get in and going right back out.

I like these new ATMs that let you choose exactly which bills to get.

The rays of the rising sun hitting the tops of the mountains.

The light rays from the sun go all the way across the sky in the bottom left.

A fun name for a windshield repair company.

Hauling a palm tree.

It was actually sleeting a bit north of LA.

There was enough for it to bunch up on the side of the windshield.

You can see it coming down fairly heavily.

Dark clouds afterwards.

An accident on the highway.

The phone screen is a little too sensitive and took a picture when it was just sitting in the holder. It's super clear, though.

Putting cases and screen protectors on our phones.

Trying out the in-camera panorama mode at our LACOS board meeting. It's a bit distorted because people were moving as I panned.

Here it basically at the face of the woman on the bottom right.

This was taking multiple pictures with the phone and then stitching them with the free Microsoft Image Composite Editor, a great stitching program. It looks much better, although the background is a bit curved.

Doing the same thing with a second set of pictures; this one actually looks good. So I'll do this instead of the in-camera panorama if there are people moving.

Some pencils we got to give to kids at the end of their exams. It has our logo and the pencils change color from black to light blue where they hold them, which is pretty neat.

Shredding truck in the way in the alley in Beverly Hills.

And a delivery van/cart in my parking spot.

I haven't used the one-handed option that much since I usually end up just using two hands, but it's a nice option to have.

I bought the Gear S2 Classic watch so I can check emails, phone calls, texts, and other notifications without having to take my phone out. The emails were just way too much, so I took them off. It's pretty customizable what you can have notify you. It's very easy to read, and here it looks like it has some funny anti-glare coating.

There are a bunch of different watch faces you can download.

One really annoying this is the face isn't always displayed; the watch automatically goes into battery-saving mode after 15 seconds or so. If you turn on "always on," it doesn't display the normal face, just the hands, which makes it tough to tell the time without any hour indications. That means I have to touch the watch every time I want to see the time, which is really annoying.

However, some of the custom faces do display the time, even in battery saving mode. This face is the normal one...

... and this is what it looks like in "always on" mode. Good.

You can also use text to type to reply to messages, although the voice recognition isn't perfect.

You can use a little keyboard to type on it, too. Probably faster to just pull the actual phone out at this point, but it's a nice option.

All fixed.

A neat idea; different settings based on where you are.

One problem I ran into: some of the Google apps, like the calendar, seem to have a problem with Lux, an app I installed to adjust the screen brightness. I have no idea why the calendar app would have a problem with a screen overlay, but it does.

Watching a World Series of Poker circuit event on Live at the Bike. There's Antonio Esfandiari...

... Jamie Gold...

... and Barry, a local who is on Live at the Bike a lot, as the final three players.

Cat love license plate.

This hydraulic press channel where the guy smooshes things with his press is really getting popular. They're short, don't have ads, he's funny, he smashes a bunch of different things, his wife has a great laugh, and his wife also makes little clay animals they smash as a bonus at the end. Reddit even changed the name of their video subreddit to "Hydraulic Press Channel" for April Fool's.

Another videogame party on Friday night.

Eight-player Super Smash Bros.

Laughing on the Playstation.

Multiplayer Tetris.

Lots of different drinks.


Ogii playing Bomberman.

The bombs are getting pretty big.

Mario Party.

Lots of shoes.

For lots of people.

We even set up a second project out on the balcony.

Ogii playing Tetris.

Ooh, I was so close, but I messed up and blocked the hole for the long pieces.

We heard one of the guys who come by and pick up the recycleables outside, so we ran the bag from last night out to him.

Ogii watching Excel videos on her phone and practicing them on her laptop.

All set up for poker.

Additional buy-ins if needed.

I wonder if it's cheating to remind myself to not be a dumbass every 15 minutes or so during poker.

Table 1.

Table 2.

And table 3.

Wrestlemania was on, so we watched that, too.

A crazy board.

On the flop, Ogii had 78 for two pair, I had 45 for a straight, and Rachel had 9T for a higher straight. We all went all-in and Rachel held on to win.

The tournament winners having fun.

Why we have the videogame and poker parties on the same weekend: that way we only have to clean the floor once afterwards rather than twice.

Usually the chess app pairs you with someone fairly close in rank, usually within 50 or 100 points, but this time we were nearly 150 points difference, which means he should basically destroy me every time.

He noticed it, too.