2016 Apr 10 | 1-year anniversary in Rosarito, Mexico

All we really need for our trip to Rosarito: passports, swim suits, and water.

Pretty clouds on the way down.

Downtown San Diego and palm trees.

Stopping in San Diego for dinner. There are a lot of people at this restaurant.

Very pretty wine bar. Although the picture also shows a big problem of this area: there's no parking to be found at all.

We decided to eat at this restaurant.

Wine and a variety platter.

Many types of meat.

It was actually a lot of food.

Crossing the border.

T-Mobile knew we crossed the border.

Although we didn't have a data connection. Thankfully it was just a straight drive to Rosarito on a single road.

And all the stuff we wanted to go to was within a few blocks of our hotel.

When we checked in to the hotel, we were asked if we wanted the fourth floor with a direct view of the ocean or the eighth floor with a crooked view. We picked fourth and we got our anniversary date, 411.

You can see into the bathroom from the bedroom.

Nice big living room.

Me on the couch.

I couldn't figure out what this wood was doing here. I thought maybe it was a trap door to the room below us, but Ogii said it was to keep your feet warm so you don't step onto the cold tile from the bed.

The elevator was pretty small.

We were planning on sleeping in, but we woke up before sunrise.

The main hotel with the rooms.

A view to the south.

And to the north.

There were a bunch of shops right by the hotel. This one was an art studio named Ugi. We could move down there and Ogii could open up with the artist and call it Ugi and Ogii.

Cute ceramic animals.

A neat chess set.

Ogii in front of the hotel entrance.

The foyer of the hotel.

Looking the other way.

Nice stained glass.

A model of the hotel. You can also buy condos there. I like the private pool on the roof for the penthouse.

This guy from North Dakota moved down there and has a Facebook page of events in the cities.

The only other people up this early were a few workers.

Nice beach.

Pretty grass.

Face cutout.

Big snack room with a pool table.

One of the pools.

Hot tub.


Ping pong and foosball tables.

Early morning exercises.

Nice stone room.

The other side.

Floating flowers.

No drones near the pool.

Some pools as seen from our balcony.

Off to the spa.

Very pretty room.

It used to be a separate house with bedrooms.



Walking down the main road after lunch. The restaurant by the hotel had amazing Mexican food, although the salsa was super spicy. This area is actually called the tourist zone.

Fun sculpture.

This area all looked like the old west.

Pharmacies and dentists were scattered around.

They actually had a Dairy Queen.

Ogii waiting for her camel.

Getting on.


We both got on it.

The camel looks like he's posing for the camera, too.

We got off by the camel kneeling down. It wasn't too scary.

And ride is over.

There was also this carriage pulled by horses but we just looked at it.

Ooh, a casino with poker.

Except the casino area was locked.

And not set up. They said it was closed for a few months.

Lots of candy and other spicy food being sold on the street.

Spicy tomato juice drink; that's disgusting.

They're not fans of Donald Trump down here.

Cute seashell animals.

Nice shot glasses.

You could rent horses and four wheelers and ride on the beach.

The sun going down.

We walked along the beach and these horses came flying by.

Some of the bars on the beach.

Another one.

We decided to eat dinner at Club Bombay because they were showing the Pacquiao fight.

Big screen and lots of chairs.

Except it started raining, so everyone ran inside. They tried to get this TV to work but it wouldn't, so we just watched it through the door on the outside screen.

They had a few problems with the rain messing up the satellite signal, but we got to watch most of the fight. It was pretty good.

Some of our temporary friends hiding from the rain while watching the fight, too.

We walked over to Pappas & Beer next door.

It was absolutely huge inside. They had a mechanical bull...

... and lots of dance space. Although since it was raining everyone was hiding under the roofs.

We had read Iggy's was fun but it looked closed.

Another club.

When I woke up the next morning I found that Ogii had used my sink and got water all around it instead of staying on her side. What's the use of having two sinks if she uses them both?

They had a nice buffet on Sunday morning.

Big roast beef.

Lots of sides.

Yummy desserts.

One last shot of us on the balcony.

We wanted to get back a bit earlier in the day because by Sunday afternoon the wait to get across the border gets really long.

Although we did get a fast pass from the hotel. It's for tourists to take a shorter line at the border.

They even had directions with pictures to go along with it.

Not sure why all these rocks are on the road.

We turned here to get onto the road to the border crossing.

Although then it was a bit confusing exactly which of these lanes to take. We took the far right one first, which just took us back into Tijuana. So we came to this same spot and tried again.

Ogii with the border.

Tons of traffic on the normal route.

All the traffic was going to the right here and the left was blocked by cones, so we went to the right. Whoops, we were supposed to stop at those cones and then the border patrol would move them for us.

So back into Tijuana and around again. Hopefully third time's the charm.

Oh, sure, now everybody else is waiting to go through the cones instead of the other way.

We got to drive by almost all of the backed-up traffic.

People walking through the waiting cars selling them all kinds of different stuff.

The main lanes were on the left and our fast lane was on the right; between them were more shops.

It's a tight fit getting that motorcycle through the lane with a cart selling food there, too.

That's a nice sign to see; almost there.

The blue pickup in the middle drove between those dividers.

This border patrol agent biked up to him and talked to him, then went back to block the space between the dividers. You can't really get away from the cops with all of the other vehicles in the way.

Almost there.

And we're back in the US.

Time to switch the speedometer back into mph.

Pretty clouds.

Pretty church.

Pretty flowers.

Pretty houses.

Pretty woman eating yogurt.

Playing a game on our new chess set.

Ogii's new Black Hills gold watch. You're supposed to get paper traditionally and a clock contemporarily, but I figured a watch is close enough to a clock.