2016 Apr 17 | Burbank Art Festival

It's never good when your car ends up upside down.

I hate this parking lot because the spaces are so small. Of course this was going to happen at some point; somebody rubbed the front-left of their car against the back-right of mine as they were pulling out of a parking spot. Too bad I didn't see them as they did it.

Fun license plate.

Well this is annoying. The new text message icon looks very similar to a new email icon.

So I downloaded a different texting app which makes it red instead. Much easier to differentiate.

I have four different email addresses linked to the phone and today I had new email in all of them.

My home screen. To-do list on the left, calendar on the right, most-used apps on the bottom. Also stick any apps I'm currently playing with in the middle. The BWT is border crossing times and the one on the bottom-right gives me signal strength of phone and wifi so I can track how that is in different areas.

Although the calendar is a little overzealous about Thomas Jefferson's birthday. It must be pulling from multiple calendars.

Right after we bought our new phones and I got the S2 watch Huawei announced a new phone and watch that are very similar in camera quality and other factors. Plus, the watch looks nicer. Oh well.

The watch is kind of annoying because it's pretty fat and it gets stuck in my sleeve.

So I bought a new band for it which is less stiff and it fits much better.

Lots of construction on the highway.

Their repairing the pool at our apartment complex, although they're going very slowly.

Me: "What's that?" Ogii: "Bacon." "It doesn't look like bacon." "It's rich people bacon." "What?" "It's from Whole Foods." "Is it tofu bacon or something?" "No, it's real bacon, pig bacon." "Let me see the package... Square Cut Uncured All Natural Pork Shoulder Bacon Raised Without Antibiotics and Fed a Vegetarian Diet... who cares if the pigs ate a vegetarian diet, we're still eating meat. That makes no sense. Damned hippies."

Got to the office 20 minutes early and there are already three patients waiting. Oh well, get started on them early and have a little break later.

Ooh, another bonus from our new phones: a free year of Netflix. I thought this promotion had ended before we bought our phones but apparently they still gave it to us.

Every year Costco in Marina del Rey has volleyballs on sale, so Sam from one of the volleyball groups asks if anybody wants him to buy any for them. The problem is we're working on Saturdays now so we can't go to volleyball to pick them up from him.

Hardcore Henry, a movie from the perspective of the protaganist, didn't do very well at the box office, but it'd be cool to see in the 4Dx theater where the seats move...

... but Batman v Superman is still in that theater.

Bought new phone car holders because the magnets in the old ones weren't strong enough and the phone would just fall off. I also hate the ones that clamp because you need two hands to put them on and take them off; the magnets are so much easier because you just slap it on. It also came with a square of metal you can stick onto your phone to hold it better, but the magnet on this one is really strong and the phone doesn't move at all.

I brought some trial contact lenses to this office from my office because they didn't have any really high-power ones, and the very next week I needed some for a patient. Glad that worked out.

Foggy afternoon.

There's lots of traffic, but I don't think they really need traffic cops to direct it.

Unless they're giving people tickets for stopping in the lane when they can't get all the way through.

This guy was going all the way across, but since traffic in the far right lane wasn't moving at all, everyone in our lane had to wait for him, too.

What system? The billing system? It's burritos and tacos and stuff; surely you can still make something and I can give you money for it.

That's not a parking space.

Yummy leftover steak from Ogii for lunch.

I think the new detergent bottles are more poorly made. I swear a few years ago I never had detergent running down the sides and now I always do.

Dumb electronic health records system gives this error every once in a while and I have to close the chart and open it back up.

We bought electronic trash cans, but the one on the left has stopped opening automatically.

Since I was kind of in the area, I went to Costco to buy a few volleyballs.

Long lines, but they moved fairly quickly.

Although then the card reader froze up. Considering the drive time plus time in the store, it probably would have been worth it to just pay a little more and buy the balls on Amazon.

My watch updated but now it gives alerts for apps I don't need alerts for. At least I can turn them off easily in the menu.

Someone left a note on my car asking me to park farther back.

I guess that makes sense; the red SUV does have a tight fit if I park farther up.

Nice note back to them.

Shipping some stuff to the parents.

Man that's expensive. I looked on Amazon, and we could have bought and shipped four of the items for the same cost as what we paid for two plus FedEx shipping because Amazon has free shipping. Actually, Amazon would have been cheaper. They're $30 a piece, so $120 for two on Amazon vs $135 for two via FedEx.

Oops, wallet fell out in the car. Better there than elsewhere, though.

Johnson & Johnson had some dumb unilateral pricing policy for contacts that they'd been fighting with the government about that they finally gave up on.

Saturday was some kind of expensive car gathering and I saw four Ferraris racing each other down the highway.

Most drivers in LA are fairly normal and considerate but there are a few jerks. I hit my blinker to get into the carpool lane when this guy was fairly far back and he sped up. I made it in fine but then he honked at me. Then I realized he was in the carpool lane all alone and got a picture of him saluting me.

Then he pulled around to the right and kept at it until driving off.

We got a gift from Greg and Dagii to go to this movie theater but their website doesn't work very well.

So we thought we'd get there early to get a seat, but they were full.

Even their computers in the theater were down.

There are a lot of pretty houses with nice lawns in south Pasadena.

This line of cars was actually taking up a lane of traffic...

... just to eat at In-N-Out.

Traffic blocked off downtown, must be some race or bicycle group.

We went to the Burbank Art Festival on Sunday afternoon.

In addition to big prints, this guy was also selling smaller ones on foamcore.

That's a pretty picture.

Nice price sticker, too.

This one had a ton of pictures.

Even more in the buckets out front.

Some nice paintings.

Mostly black-and-white with a few subjects colored.

Pictures on wood.

Ogii checking out the art.

Abstract metal.

Big wooden frames.

Erotic light art.

He's adjust the Los Angeles Times photo of the year.

Lots of nice pictures.

Big travel photographs.

Not very expensive for the size.

Building blocks for castles.

Very pretty cutting boards.

These were all done by students at an art school.

People painting a couple.

This is a smart place to set up to get volunteers for a science fair.

He was testing whether gamers or non-gamers were better at Bop It. Ogii giving it a try.

At the other end of the festival were drawings. A lot were really amazing.

And there were a lot of them.

Very cool glass.

"Do you want to look for anything for you?" Dumbest question I ever asked. I found 2 shirts for $6 each and was ready to go in 1 minute; she's still shopping 30 minutes later and keeps adding $40 dresses to her stack.

Ooh, that could be dangerous.

Big fire west of Burbank.

Small fire near our apartment. Looks like someone started a fire in a shopping cart.

Saw a patient with a piece of concrete in his eye. It gave me a chance to test out how well my new phone takes pictures through the biomicroscope, too. It does really well.

Just a ring left now. It's pretty hard to dig all of it out with a needle, so thankfully there are Alger brushes that make it super easy.

All nice and clean.

A heads-up display for online poker called Jivaro. One really neat thing about it is that it displays your stack size in big blinds, not just chip amount, because the number of big blinds you have determines how you should play, not the absolute value of your chips.

Multiple camera modes on the new phones.

The phones also have a health tracker app that you can input how much you eat. We actually set our to lose weight and didn't even hit that on a daily basis.

Although we're pretty close to the recommended breakdown.

The only problem is how accurately it measures the calories and such because it has presets that have all the calories already put in.

It's nice, especially if you eat at different restaurants, ...

... but I'm not sure how close the calories are to what you're actually eating, especially if you cook for yourself.

It also counts the number of steps you take.

The worst thing in human history: the basketball scene from catwoman. It is pretty bad.

$175 annually for a dentist right out of school? That's pretty good. Although it seems most make less than that, closer to $100k to $125k.

The stuff that counts as "journalism" today.

I get this spam popup every once in a while. I wonder where it comes from.

This sounds like a scam but there are lots of Living Social and Groupon deals that are really this good.

The Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube is really fun; I hope he makes some money on these t-shirts.

Pinned his queen and king.

I have mate in one but ran out of time right then.

Revealed attack on his queen with check...

... but then he gets my queen on the next move. I get his rook back, though, so I'm still up a lot, just not quite a queen like I was anticipating.