2016 Apr 24 | Brentwood Art Festival

Blimp with some palm trees.

And with the moon.

Some muddy buggies; someone had a fun weekend.

And a racing boat.

The blimp below a jet contrail.

Printing pictures at different print shops to see which are the best, cheapest, and fastest. This one is downtown and are cheap, very good, and fast; they can even do overnight for canvas.

They also gave me a card for $10 off the next order.

POV Evolving was the next local print shop I went to. They were on the southwest corner of downtown. This was the address but it was an alley with homeless people living in it.

Their entrance was actually on the other side. Their prints looked very nice, but they took longer and had around double the price of the other printers.

I also ordered a bunch from Bay Photo online, which is one of the major online printers. When I checked on my order, it said it would arrive 4/29, which would be after the show, so I got scared because I had paid for faster shipping. I called them and they said they'd be done much sooner than that, though. Hopefully, because I printed most of my pictures through them because they had a 25% off your first sale discount.

My watch has voice activation, but I never use it. Sometimes it randomly turns on, though, so I'm a little worried it'll search something and start reading it or something in the middle of an exam.

Starting to get some of the prints in the mail. They really wrap up the metal ones.

Fictitious Business Name renewal. Although it seems kind of expensive.

Ah, yep, it's from a company, not the government.

The official one is much cheaper.

I think this is real, though.

I pay it every year, although I have no idea how they figure out how much I owe. It's supposed to be for business fixtures and stuff, which I don't really have. $100 isn't worth fighting over, though.

I guess they took away some of the parking spots at this medical center, so now they have valet parking once it gets full.

The problem is they park all the cars in front of cars that are already there, including mine. So I have to go find a valet guy to move the car in front of me when I want to leave.

All across this floor, too. I'm just going to park on the roof from now on since they don't put valet cars there.

I never knew there was this huge parking lot in the back of this Ross in addition to the smaller one in front.

Some bright shirts and towels.

I really like this color but it's a bit too big.

The one looks like it's mesh; that doesn't really belong in dress shirts.

Germany optical in Korean.

Samy's Camera.

A huge photography store.

Checking out some tripods.

This one is pretty light for the size because it's carbon fiber. That makes it really expensive, though.

Manfrotto is considered really good, but they were kind of heavy.

A bunch more.

And some mini ones.

The nicer ones are still pretty expensive.

You can rent equipment here, which is nice.

A creature made out of GorillaPods.

TV Boy and his initials?

I ordered some plastic business cards from Morning Print for the art show but they were taking a while to process. I didn't know they got made in Korea. Fast shipping to the US once they did get made, but they still won't be here by this weekend. So I went back to Perfect Image Printing, one to print a few more canvases and two to get business cards. However, even for them the plastic business cards would take a few days, and since it's Thursday and they're not open on weekends, they won't be available until after the show. However, they said they would print 100 regular business cards overnight so I could take those. Very nice of them.

The pictures from Bay Photo arrived.

The canvas ones all strapped down.

Same with the metal.

These had the hanging wire attached; some of the other printers didn't include those. Not a big deal because we can do it easily, at least wire on canvas, but a little more work for us.

I printed one on wood to see how it looked; not too bad, although a little dark.

Scattered on the floor.

The pool repair doesn't seem to be coming along at all.

It's close to rush hour and there's a guy on a bicycle in the right lane.

He actually ends up going the same speed as traffic. He goes slower than the cars, then catches up at the stop lights. It's a bit of a pain, though, because all of the cars have to try to squeeze around him again then.

Want one?

Why did they flip the first "N" in "Zahilynne"? It's not like it's another letter they're substituting for one they ran out of; they just put it on upside-down.

Ooh, a Lamborghini Aventador.

They look so cool from the front.

Earth lover.

I went down to Orange County to pick up a chess clock because I couldn't find any stores in LA that sell them. It was a little too quiet and uptight for me in there, though.

All the signs are red.

I'm trying to find these mounting blocks for the aluminum prints and I can't find them anywhere, not even on Amazon. I'm sure they're out there, but I must be calling them the wrong thing or something. Most of the printers that make aluminum prints will include them for you for a few dollars extra, but a few didn't, and the only other option is plastic sawtooth stick-on holders, which look pretty cheap.


Fun yard sale sign.

This guy has a very large number of ladders.

At this gas station, there's bullet-proof glass between you and the teller and the only opening is a little one for money, so anything you buy won't fit through, which means you have to scan your own items.

Waiting in line to set up for the Brentwood Art Festival.

There was only a single row of cars, so you had to wait for whoever was first in line to unload before anyone could move. You were supposed to just dump your stuff, leave, and then come back to set up, but some people were taking forever, like this guy who was carrying all his pictures separately. Ogii had packed all of our stuff into a few large plastic containers, though, so we had it all out in under a minute.

We're right by a Wells Fargo, so if we need more change from people buying so much from us, we can just walk over to the ATM.

A sign for the festival.

A huge list of artists.

Oops, they spelled Ogii's name wrong.

Ogii by her paintings.

Another angle.

Looking out.

Me by my pictures.

My table. Candy, about the artist, name, a laptop with pictures of all my prints, and a chess set with $20 off if someone beats me at a chess game.

We were up pretty late the night before making these price tags which we stuck on foamboard.

We only had three of these mesh walls for both of our booths; I thought were were getting six. Thankfully I saw someone else hanging pictures on both sides of them, though, so that's what we did.

Biggest to smallest.

Canvas on one stand, metal on another.

And we hung a couple of big ones on the back directly from the tent.

And tied a couple to the tent legs.

Some more of the canvas.

Ogii's paintings.

And some more.

And some more.

Me playing chess.

From farther back.

Some kids checking out the chess board.

At this end of the show they had free bags for attendees.

There were lots of other artists there.

Knit items.

Very cool, large paintings. I think these were a few thousand dollars each.

This woman was right across from us with hummingbird photos.

Another photographer across from us.



We saw this guy at the last art festival.

Fantasy paintings.

Purses and such.

Paintings of women.

Abstract paintings.

There were a few food trucks there.

Including pizza.

Metal animals.

Close up.

Art from musical instruments.


In fun containers.

Huge prints; these were around $3000.

Abstract metallic paintings.

It went on for a few blocks.

Light bulbs in different metallic objects.

Other paintings of women.

A woman with paintings similar to Ogii's.

A variety of bird pictures, including hummingbirds.

Alcohol garden.

Huge prints of very simplistic landscapes.

More of them; very cool.

He was selling them for around $1000.

After the show, everyone cleared out pretty quickly. It sounded like none of the artists did that well; most of the photographers and painters didn't sell a single picture, like us. I think I saw only around four people walking with approximately 16"x24" prints they had bought. The woman across from us selling hummingbird pictures sold a fair number of small prints, but she probably made under $10 on each of those, so not even $200. The woman next to us selling quilts for $300 sold only one. Overall, not a lot of buyers. We thought there might be some rich people coming through and buying stuff since it's Brentwood, but that didn't seem to be the case. We ended up losing $3000 on the whole thing; maybe we can sell a few of the prints here and there or take them to another art festival in the future.