2016 May 01 | Photo Independent Art Fair, videogame party, poker

Crepuscular rays.

I didn't know you could have naught words like that on a boat.

Our neighbors just moved out, so they're fixing up the apartment.

This has been sitting here for a few months now. Why haven't they cleaned it up?

I hate this Budweiser truck; taking up an entire lane unloading during rush hour.

I was editing a picture and and didn't notice the tiny black spots scattered around, mostly likely from dust on the sensor, until I maxed out the contrast. Good to move some of the sliders all the way to the edges to look for stuff like that. They're pretty easy to remove in Photoshop.

I guess it makes sense to name the floors after what's on the floor instead of just using a number, but it's still weird.

Cleaning up a bit for the weekend parties and there's a ton of dust on the table we have on the balcony. It's amazing it builds up so fast.

Videogame party on Friday night.

Ogii battling it out.

She's really concentrating.

Mario Kart in the den.

It's a tight fit but it works.

Mario Party on the other N64.

And Worms on the Playstation.

Watching the Hydraulic Press Channel's newest video.

On the Wii.


Everyone having fun.

A first-person shooter on the Wii.

We had a perfect number of people; not too many and not too few.

Playing around with a phone app.

Smile for the camera.

Super Smash Bros.

She's acting like she's using her phone as a controller.

Eight-player Super Smash Bros on the Wii.

It gets pretty chaotic.

That's gotta hurt.

"Rebelde" in the middle of a bunch of English words? It's Spanish, but it looks like the computer that makes the words went crazy for a second.

This place has a lot of past lotto winners.

The Powerball was $314 million, only one away from 313, so I have to play. I always pick 13 for the Powerball; maybe I should pick 14 this time to match the amount? Nope, stick with 13.

Oops, the Powerball was 14; I would have at least got my $2 back if I would have picked that.

I don't think it's possible to be that tanned.

It's a gas station; I don't care if it's closed, unless I need the bathroom or some snacks. Before the 21st century, you actually had to worry about that, but nowadays all of the gas pumps have 24-hour credit-card readers.

We checked out the Photo Independent Art Fair on Saturday night.

There were a fair number of artists there.


These landscapes on metal that shows the metal through the picture are really neat.

We decided to eat somewhere Russian. We ended up going to Traktor, but they were full. Well, they actually had some tables, but they said they were reserved in 30 minutes. We said we could easily eat that fast, they said it'll take 20 minutes to cook, we said we could eat in 10 minutes, but we got the vibe they didn't believe us, so we ended up going to Connie and Ted's instead. Although I guess I must look kind of Russian; Ogii said the host actually spoke to me in Russian when we first arrived.

Yummy seafood, although the bread was the best part.

A Russian bakery next door.

Lots of meat.

And sides and desserts.

Cute bees on a cake.

Is that for carrying glass?

A friend from Houston I played volleyball with there is always traveling around. I think she works in IT. I need to find a job where I can travel the world all of the time and just hang out on beaches all day long.

There's Windows hosting and Linux hosting. I guess if you pick Windows you can't do PHP, Perl, or Python scripting?

Poker on Sunday night.

We had two full tables.

Quad kings.

Quad threes.

Kat won the tournament.

I had three nines with the flush draw that didn't get there; he had three nines with a better kicker by one pip.

The internet at the office is very slow. Even other providers with much more expensive packages are still very slow. How can I be in the downtown business district of the second largest city in the US and not have fast internet?

I love Google Voice transcriptions, but it doesn't seem to recognize the language automatically like Google Translate. It actually will do Spanish translations, but you have to set it up on a per-contact basis; it won't figure it out from random callers. So until that happens, this is what we get.

Aw, Sexy Snake isn't available any more. It was a fun snake game where they had different pictures of guys or gals in the background that changed each level, but it doesn't show up in the app store any more, so I can't even download it onto my phone. There are lots of websites that claim to have the app, but when I download those they don't work; they just want me to install other programs. Plus, it pulled pictures from an online database, so I doubt that is still there. Maybe Sexy Snake is something that was nice to have for a while and is now gone forever.

Balls they print 360 pictures onto, although they're pretty expensive.

Ross at Park La Brea is open until 1am? That seems way too late for a clothing store.

We have a few optometrists go up to Leg Day in Sacramento each year; Berkeley actually took an entire bus of students.

A poker game that gets recorded and streamed on Twitch like Live At The Bike, except this is all women. This looks like a much more fun game to play in, too; they're all laughing and having fun, whereas the games with all guys are usually pretty quiet and boring.

Jason Somerville going over an old game; AA vs KK vs AK, pretty crazy.

The game launcher on my phone keeps adding apps I don't play, like Finding Monsters and Marvel, how annoying.

I tried Lichess but I couldn't get it to work.

A nice conversation after our chess game.


I still haven't figured out how to defend against this.

They open me up with this pawn advance, and even though they lose a rook for a pawn, it lets their queen in.

Which leads to checkmate.

Ooh, his queen and king are lined up on the same file. Now I just have to get a few other pieces out of the way. First my pawn...

... then his bishop.

And got him.

Trapped his queen.

Made a calculation mistake, but we both laughed at it.

My opponent here is OptometryStudents.