2016 May 08 | Margarita Mondays, Pancakes & Booze Art Fair

First of the month, getting my shoes shined.

I was calling a guy and all of the sudden I couldn't hear him. Called him back and still nothing, but it looked like the call was going through fine. Ah, my car going through the wash got close enough to route the sound through its Bluetooth. I wonder if the guy driving the car got freaked out: "Hey, are you there? Can you hear me?"

Nice little tower in Koreatown.

Three UPS trucks.

This guy started to go, but then didn't make it across, and now traffic is moving again so he's blocking the other lanes.

There's a guy working on something on the billboard behind her ear.

A free event called Margarita Mondays in downtown.

A bit of a line but the wait wasn't too bad.

Lots of people.

A DJ setup in the back.

Lots of tequila.

Free pizza.


A painter.

One of the drink makers.

There were five of them and you could vote for the one you liked the most.

This was our favorite.

From the other side of the bar.

Pouring drinks.

Us with drinks.

The lines to get the drinks were rather long, so we split up, each took a line, and grabbed two drinks to speed it up.

A pretty drink.

At the other end of the bar.


A photobooth.

This woman had some great poses.


Holding her.

Arms out.

Looking at her.

People left a lot of furniture out here.

A giant house up on a hill.

Costco has really cheap printing.

Same with canvas; it's about half the price as the professional labs. However, if you look at comparisons of different labs online, Costo has worse quality than other labs.

All of these contact lens solutions are about the same price as elsewhere and they didn't have the mini bottles.

Walmart had mini bottles but many of them were sold out.

I guess adult coloring books are a thing now.

Sundogs; actually, they form an entire arc.

This plane is awfully close to the road.

The sixth street bridge was torn down and is being replaced.

But the old pillars are still up on the east side of the river.

Construction zone.

More pillars if you go another block east.

Lots of palm trees in a group.

Dropping off art for the Pancakes & Booze Art Show.

It's nice that they put everything up for you. You also do all of your own selling; you just have to pay them $15 per item hung.

Boss lady?

Neat clouds.

Transformer car.

There was a town hall meeting for the Reef developing SoLA village, where they want to build a couple of towers just south of downtown Los Angeles. However, a lot of the people who live around there opposite it because they say it'll increase rent prices.

There were a few cops stationed around.

Curren Price, currently a city council member, talked some.

This guy had a ton of files and seemed really organized but never talked.

One of the developers.

Since many of the residents were Mexicans, they had a translator.

A lot of people brought signs to hold up every once in a while.

Tired kids.


Other new developments.

Attendees talking with developers afterwards. The developers said they would be primarily hiring locally, there would be after-schools programs, plenty of public transport with a giant bicycle warehouse, and other items to help the community, but people were still concerned with the prices of the units. I was interested in the mini-retail sites they would have, but they said it would be another five years before they started renting them out if it even got to that stage.

Neat building.

Do you know how hard it is to find a Barq's in LA?

I went to a grocery store and two different convenience stores this morning before finding a grime-covered can in the back corner of a dirty auto repair shop.

I wonder how long that's been sitting there.

I still need to cross against the light and make a beeline for the park. However, I don't think I can call in sick to work. I'm working three different jobs today, and while I could tell the patients in my office this afternoon to come back another day and could have Ogii cover for me at the Pancakes & Booze Art Show tonight, I'm seeing 1-day cataract post-ops in the morning, so if I don't show up someone could go blind. Although the pot's $415 million, so I could buy them an electronic eye when Google brings them out.

One-day post-op after cataract surgery, and the patient went from counting fingers at three feet to 20/30. It's amazing people let their vision get that bad before they get it fixed.

This sign means someone ate all of their food and only then demanded a refund.

I wanted one of those little external phone batteries but they were on sale and therefore all sold out.

I wonder how many license plates there are with variations of "princess."

Hauling a lot of cardboard.

You'd think moderately-intelligent adults could handle rush hour traffic, but nope, they bring out cops to help it along. Like this idiot who pulled out when there wasn't enough space for him across the intersection, so he sat there kind of blocking traffic; the cop had him back up enough for other cars to get through. They really should give him a ticket, too.

Weird head on a chicken thing.

A long line for the Pancakes & Booze Art Show.

Some jewelry venders were up front.

Some more.

A live painting.

The main room.

These are nice metal prints, but they're a bit small.

Some more.

This Pac Coast Hwy sign is pretty.

Some paintings that light up.

Most of mine were by this door.

Very neat woodcuts.

Fun fantasy paintings.

Cool wooden paintings.


The servers.

Pancakes and booze.

Tacos, too.

There were more jewelry vendors outside.

A second back room.

Another living painting.

There are my other two paintings up top. They were above some nice photos of a woman who had come down from San Francisco.

Another live painting.

This zebra animal with red hair was one of my favorites.

Nice faces.


A car created from tiles.


They also let you sell smaller prints from boxes.

A neat business-card holder.

Live music.

Weird little creation.

A band in back.

A view of the main room from the loft.

Body painting.

Another band.

They had lost the price stickers for these two when they moved them out to the other room, so we went and made some more. They were pretty high up, though, so I had to jump to get the stickers up near the pictures. I would have liked to put the other one on the other side, but I couldn't jump that high. Didn't sell a single thing again, but then again, that was true for most artists there. A few artists sold a big piece or two, and maybe a few smaller ones, but that was it. The woman from San Francisco also didn't sell anything, so too bad she came all the way for nothing. Although maybe someone who picked up a business card will buy online later.

A few drops of rain.