2016 May 15 | Transit of Mercury

I bought a new screen protector for my phone because the previous one was coming up at the edges. For the new one you make it wet first. It sticks better but there's some haziness, like mini bubbles, over a large portion of it. Either we put it on poorly, didn't let it sit enough, or it's just really tough to get right, if even possible.

Cloudy sky.

Mercury went in front of the sun on Tuesday morning. With my cell phone, you can't really see anything.

Even zoomed in it's just the sun.

A guy online, aaronguitarguy, claims he got this picture with just his Galaxy S6 phone. I don't know if I buy that.

Especially because this is the best I could do with my DSLR and a 800mm mirror lens. Although you can at least see Mercury in the bottom right quarter of the sun.

The best picture of it I saw, by astroaffairs, who used an actual telescope.

This is annoying. They did a study saying how to check a Goldmann tonometer but the abstract doesn't include the method and you have to pay for the full text. Then again, I'm pretty sure it's just using a little weighted bar you can buy, because you set it for 0, 20, and 60 mmHg. But if there's an easier way, I'd like to know.

This is just annoying. An ad saying this little add-on lens will make your phone camera better.

I'm pretty sure the "x"s and checkmarks are just put on at random or are only for a single particular lens from each brand or something because there's no way that makes sense manufacturer-wide.

Here's the crap so they don't get sued.

Ooh, a pancake making machine.

It's fun watching them drop out.

Fog in the mountains.

I wish the normal option was the cheaper SD one; instead, you have to click into a menu to bring it up because they want you to pay $1 more for the HD version. When it's some 80s drama movie, I don't think it matters.

The washer on the left was taking a really long time to finish.

Although online it says someone already requested service for it, so hopefully it gets fixed.

I got this letter from the state about having to put up one of those dumb prop 65 warnings. Although reading through it, it appears my office is too small to worry about it.

The sign.

We were briefly thinking of going to Yosemite for Memorial Day.

So much for that idea; I want to go when nobody is there, not everybody.

Ogii didn't want this spider in the house. You know that means there will be more bugs, though, right? Pick spiders or bugs.

Still filling in at this office a few hours a week. It appears they're thankful for it.

The triple exhaust pipes mean this is a Ferrari 458, and the convertible means it's a Spider, MSRP of around $250,000.

In to swimming.

I don't think I'm ordering from Samy's again. Most prints shops had pictures done in a few days; I've kept asking them if they're done and nothing. After 3 weeks I went in and asked again, they said still not there. The guy downstairs said to ask the people upstairs, and the people upstairs just said they didn't have them.

I started looking around on my own and there they were, sitting in the corner. I understand you can lose an order, but all they ever asked for was my name; they never tried to track it down or see what stage it was at by order number or anything. I feel sorry for the guy downstairs because he seemed annoyed with the people upstairs, too.

The bottom-left metallic print is a bit different; instead of an opaque white backing, they used a clear one, so it's shiner. Kind of neat, although the colors aren't as bright. Maybe better for something more black and white.

Maybe someone in TV or radio?

They're finally getting around to fixing the pool and it seems they got it done in a single day.

We had our LACOS board meeting at A Food Affair. I'd eaten there before but didn't know there was a private group room in the back.

Neat containers.

Yummy dessert.

The owner even came back to check on us.

Cool bathroom.

Fun little couch area.

More desserts.

All the candies up front.

I didn't win the lottery on Friday the 13th, but I did get to pull out a corneal foreign body.

The Alger Brush makes it so much easier to clean up the rust stains.

It's amazing how something so tiny can be so annoying.

This intersection is always a pain. Cars coming from the freeway on the left often want to get all the way over to the right to turn, but they only have like 50 feet to do it in. Thankfully most people are pretty courteous and leave space to let them do so.

They put new lights in this office, but then it was way too bright. Nothing a ladder can't fix, though.

I just took a bulb out of each set and it was better.


Ogii working on verifying insurance payments for my office.

We were thinking of going to Yosemite for Memorial Day. Maybe it won't be very busy?

That idea was very wrong.

Maybe we could try another park? There's a lot of them.

So much for camping pretty much anywhere, I guess.

I got this cloud cover app, but it's not really accurate at all. There are clouds all above me right now and it say's there's only one little patch.

It's annoying when these health care plans change subcontractors. At least we still take the insurance they're moving it to, but they don't pay us as well.

This PDF file looks fine in the preview in my email...

... but when I open the full thing it's all symbols. That's infuriating.

An app to get a contact lens prescription over the internet. We'll see how this works with the laws.

Cool photography effect.

I like how Buffalo Wild Wings has a UFC pack.

This was pretty sweet. Attack his king, forcing it to retreat...

...and then I get his queen with my queen.

As a bonus, checkmate a move later.

These 1-minute games can get down to the wire. I have checkmate in one move, he has 0.1 second left, but I run out of time so he wins.