2016 May 22 | Edison, Beverly Hills Art Festival

I always like this bridge in Torrance.

Giving another lecture on vision changes as people age, this time to a mostly-Russian-speaking group.

Pretty Joshua tree with mountains in the background.

This washer still leaks.

And now apparently both of these dryers don't work, either.

The new Burger King hot dog is just a hot dog. Although I don't like all the toppings on it.

And another lecture for another Russian-speaking group.

I switched out the Chinese for Russian with help from Google Translate and Ogii.

Bit smaller group but still good. They ask lots of questions.

The LA Times is good for finding out about upcoming events.

PokerAtlas is an app that has information on poker rooms.

It even shows how many tables they have playing each level and how many are waiting.

That's cool; it even lists who's waiting.

Nice open restaurant area.

I played Live at the Bike.

Annoying hand; I kept betting my three queens and he kept calling with a straight draw and hit it on the river. Only 16% of him getting there but he did.

It's nice because I can rewatch the game at home to see how I did. Usually you want your Voluntarily Put Into Pot to be around 20% and mine was nearly 40%, but I wanted to play more hands to mix it up a bit, so that was the result.

My Pre-Flop Raise was a little low for my VPIP, usually you want them pretty close, but with such a high VPIP it was hard to raise that much.

I lost a little, but it was good. Helped me to figure out a few things I was doing wrong and a few spots I should have played differently. Actually, if I would have played just two hands a bit better I would have won a lot, and they're pretty simple mistakes to fix.

I'm a part of the Ticketmaster class action lawsuit. But you only get $2.25 towards a future purchase, so it's not even worth my time. Plus, I don't like to buy from Ticketmaster any more because of the insane fees. Actually, this lawsuit will probably end up being good for them. Most people won't try to get their money back, and other wouldn't normally go to an event but now might because they're thinking, "Ooh, I'll save $2.50" and then spend $50 on other fees. The legal system is dumb; a punishment turns into free advertising.

Uh oh, my iPod is messed up.

Floola, which I use to put songs on my iPad, isn't working any more. I can still use my iPod, I just can't change anything on it or add songs. Probably some way to fix it, though, if I really feel like adding more.

Sihan, a friend from Sweden, was in LA doing a surgery rotation at UCLA. We went to The Edison for dinner.

Lots of yummy food.

The Absinthe Fairy brought shots.

Old movies and a DJ.


We went to the Beverly Hills Art Show on Saturday evening. These sculptures were cool.

Metal sculptures.

More glass ones.

Neat photographs; super close and slightly out of focus blades of grass.

They're pretty big; 6 feet by 4 feet.

Fantasy paintings.

Various types of sculptures.

Rather expensive.

Metal fishes.

Skinny metal moving pieces.

Flowing human forms.

These were really neat; colored glass in wood.

More metal. The bull was really cool.

Although not cheap.

From lots of springs.

Also not too cheap.

These were really pretty.

Neat metal wind art.

It looks like this guy's work has been on the cover of National Geographic.

Nice award.

Aw, the seals are so cute.

All wood.

Some California cliffscapes.

Limited edition, but of 99, that's not that limited.

Huge paintings.

Live painting.

Gigantic tools.

This was one of my favorite booths.

The rocks were very reflective and pretty.

Ducks in the pond.

Many artists.

First place in photography.

He took cool shots around LA and other locations.

Ah, they're infrared.

Food trucks.

Beer garden.

Metal wire sculptures.

Neat abstract art.

These were really neat too; metal paintings.

If we get rich we'll have to buy some.

Horse pictures.

Wooden furniture.

Metallic creatures.

These were also very cool.

This guy was at the last show, too; nice landscapes. The wooden frames go well with the subjects.

Fairly large prints; 3' x 4.5'.

Also very nice shots.

Second place in photography. Very simple pictures of objects around California.

We saw this metal dragon sculpture.

This was nice; she had examples of different finishes. Although they don't look that different except for how much they reflect light.

This guy was at the last show, too.

There were four blocks of booths.

This was my favorite booth design; the doors were very neat.

I remember this one from last time.


Surreal paintings.

An artist showing the reflectivity of his painting.

Award winners.

Very detailed little sculptures.

His wooden booth goes nicely with his Western subject material.

It's impossible to find parking for most places in Koreatown, so Ogii circled the block while I went in and ordered.

CE meeting on Sunday morning.

Have to rush in right away to get a good seat.

In the past their bags have always been the perfect size to take things to the beach, but this year their bags were smaller.

Nice breakfast.

Even better: freshly-made warm cookies and popcorn.

A view of some of the vendors from above.

Useful information: don't forget to look for hemorrhages in the periphery.

And even with treatment, glaucoma is likely to get worse just from aging.

A little British Pub in Burbank with good food.

A free poker tournament at the Burbank Moose lodge. I got a little too aggressive with AK when I had a straight and flush draw and shoved all-in on the turn against a made flush. I should have just called her bet and seen the river for cheap rather than gamble.

I checkmated him when he had mate in one on me by promoting his pawn to a queen.

Dumb one-minute games. I moved my queen to protect my pawn when I could have just taken his queen for free.

And then he checkmated me on the next move, ugh.

I think of time and material as two parts of the same equation because you can lose either way; he must not have been paying as much attention to the time part.