2008 Jan 20 | Cattlehead band, club Bond

This is so annoying. The ground beef only comes in about 1.3 to 1.7 pounds. All recipes call for 1 pound, so what am I supposed to do with the extra .3 to .7 pounds?

I like this new Oreo packaging, except that once you eat all the easy-to-reach ones in the middle you have to really dig around to get the ones in the corners.

The local Toyota/Nissan dealer will give me cash back if I bring my Explorer in to them. It should be illegal to send ads in official-looking envelopes.

Here's what I'm sure is a time-share invite. I'd love to go to these because you can get some pretty expensive freebies to just sit through a presentation and say "no" at the end, but since I'm not married with a job, they won't let me do them.

One of our classmates is in a band named Cattlehead and they played downtown. I think our class made up 95% of the people there since it was a Wednesday.

Apparently the city had closed down their arcade games for some reason.

Last semester the parking lot by the optometry school could occasionally get pretty full, but this semester it's completely packed. At lunch there are usually 5 or 6 cars circling the lot. I wonder where all of the extra people came from.

A party I went to had a game to get people to mix. They gave everybody a piece of paper with a letter on it. You had to make 5+ letter words. Once you got one everybody wrote their names on the back of the tickets, put them in a bucket to be drawn for a prize later, and then got more tickets. This Asian woman and I got a table together and basically owned the entire game; I'm sure we had way over 90% of the total tickets in the raffle bucket. Someone from our table won, but unfortunately it wasn't either of us.

This was the parking lot outside. Good luck getting out early if you came early and parked in one of the normal parking spots, because they'll have to move 20 cars. This is why I tend to park on side streets.

Apparently none of the Dairy Queens in Texas sell the little ice cream cupcakes; they only have the big cakes and Dillybars and things. Those were the main reason I went to Dairy Queen.

This was a weird-looking shirt I saw. It has a big triangular flap in the middle front with buttons all around it. I wonder if it has some use or if it's just decoration.

Arne's is a giant party warehouse. I like how they just put it in a big brick building and slapped a giant sign on the side.

A neat house I drove by.

Saturday night a group of us went to Bond, a lounge downtown. It was actually really good; the music was techno-80s, which was fun, and most people were dancing rather than just sitting around. It's really small, though, so anybody who showed up after about 11pm had a lot of trouble getting in, especially if they were guys with no women in their group.