2016 Jun 05 | Memorial Day volleyball, poker

We got back to LA in the early afternoon, so we went to volleyball.

It was a clear day.

Jack serving.

Popping it over.


Big jump serve.


And another.

The shots look cooler facing towards the ocean because there's not all the stuff in the background, just sand and water...

... but it made some of the pictures come out a little light because you're shooting into the sun.

Facing this way the quality of the picture is higher but there's cars and walls and stuff to be distracting.

Running and leaning.


Jack taking a break.

Leaning into the bump.


Sand flying off the ball.

My favorite shot; very clean background.

Having fun.

Jack hitting.

Jack blocking.

The eye on the dragon lights up.

A pretty billboard.

The stopped by but were unable to repair the washer.

And someone left their clothes in this dryer.

There was some dripping in this wall when we used the sink, so they had to come and fix it.

Krispy Kreme donuts at the office. I thought this was Bavarian cream, but it was lemon. Still yummy, but quite a shock when you're expecting the other.

Clouds over the city.

10 AA batteries for $11.

16 AA batteries for 10 cents more. Now I have to walk back to the battery display and return the 10 pack. Why such a difference in price in the same store?

They paved the road on the back of our apartment. However, there are still cars there, so they have to tow them.

They had no parking signs up for almost a week, so there's no excuse to not know about it.

They blocked off the road, too.

Yep, definitely past 6am.

You scared me? You're scared of me? I dunno.

They're also changing these little tree holders. Lots of work around the apartment complex right now.

They filled in a divot in the entrance to our parking garage as well.

One problem is a lot of people still drove on the new road before it was dry, so they left divots from their wheels all over.

Also, they didn't fill all the way to the east side, and you have to drive over there if there is a car coming from the other side, which is too bad.

Arco gas stations still aren't taking cash at the pumps; I wish they'd fix this.

Lots of no shows at the office.

Balloons above some fields north of LA.

The journey.

Green energy.

Lots of mattresses.

I bought a Spyder5 to calibrate the colors on my monitor to make pictures look more like they do when printed.

Everyone says the included software isn't nearly as good as some others you can download, though, so I used those instead. It's a fair amount of setup and editing preferences on the computer, but thankfully the software does it almost all for you; if I had to do it on my own, I don't think I could have figured it all out.

I couldn't quite get the colors exactly into the middle; my monitor doesn't have that level of control, but I could get close.

After everything was done, which took a few hours, it looked almost exactly like it had before. Oh well, at least I know it's correct. Also, it's only correct for printing. Almost all monitors come way to bright and very few people change that, so my pictures will look overly bright for anyone looking at them online.

They matched the color and font pretty closely.

That's a fun plate.

Traffic on the highway was at a standstill here.

It looks like there are two firetrucks with their ladders up to the bridge. People have been waiting so long they're getting out of their cars and wandering around.

Ah, it's someone who's threatening to jump; they have the big inflatable bags underneath. Although this person is holding up a ton of people wanting to go home; at this point just grab them and if they jump they'll be fine.

What? That shouldn't be allowed. The patient should pick one office, not hold up a space at two separate offices.

It got really hot the past few days.

I had a craving for wings but when I walked in it was packed; I guess it's the start of the NBA finals in 20 minutes. Bad timing.

I wonder if he's a real doctor.

A bee on our hummingbird feeders.

This attendant was trying to fix this parking machine. I thought it was funny the errors were being displayed in German.

A pretty shot by someone of the Hollywood sign through palm trees.

Some funny poker t-shirts.

The auto-correct on my phone sometimes misses the obvious choices. "With" is nowhere to be seen.

My phone warns me if I try to turn the volume up too high.

Watching the poker breakdown.

It's nice when they do the math like this showing how many more draws Doyle has than made value hands.

And now when he bets again, that reduces the number of draws that got there to only a few.

From 72 to 16.

Plus a few of the value hands he had before. So mathematically, he's much more likely to be bluffing.

An all-women's game.

One of the problem I have with poker players is they all dress down so much. Most are just in hoodies, both men and women. If they're going to be on TV, they should dress up a bit like Lily Killeto here.

I got $20 off on Vistaprint after an order, but it's only good for a few days. I only order stuff once every four months or so, so it's worthless to me.

I hate ordering non-Prime items on Amazon. The shipping estimate is weeks in the future and is across a few weeks as well.

My employee gave me some salsa. I was kind of confused why she would give me Tostitos salsa, but it was actually homemade; she just put it in this jar.

Smashed nose on this car.

Palm trees through the haze.

Another accident on a bridge.

We went to X-Men: Apocalypse for Boaz's birthday.

Poker at our place on Sunday night.

A couple of guys got knocked out of the tournament and were waiting for a cash table to start, so they played Mario Kart in the meantime.

That's a crazy board.

I won the tournament after getting lucky with 8T against AK.

Ooh, nice. I can take with my knight on d5, which checks him with my queen, while at the same time attacking his queen with my knight, so I get his queen after he moves his king.

The guy made a huge mistake, he moved his piece beside mine instead of taking it, but then he said mouse slip and offered a draw, so I took it because it was a close game before that. Normally on 1-minute games people either resign or play on, but if he asks for some mercy, I'm fine with giving it.

I thought this was a great move; I pin his queen to his king, so he resigned.

However, after I moved, I noticed he could have could have taken my pawn with his rook, putting me in check and making me move away, which lets him take my rook with his queen. Lucky for me he didn't see it, too.

A weird checkmate.

I can't belive there are still people streaming Diablo 2 on Twitch. This guy was moving so slowly though I couldn't keep watching; go kill the bad guys faster!