2016 Jun 12 | Gear VR, Hermosa Beach Fine Arts Festival

We finally got the Gear VR headsets.

Ogii trying it out.

Some of the views around the world are pretty nice.

Different ways to watch movies on them.

You have to put different types of movies in different folders, though.

There's no way to directly watch YouTube videos, though; you have to go through the browser.

It's also not easy to record what you're seeing; you have to buy some recording gear.

Another problem is the Nexus 7's built-in 360 camera stitcher does a pretty bad job and there are lots of pieces that don't fit well, so you really need a 360 camera or better stitching software.

You can also use other programs to get unofficial programs to work on it.

It also gets really hot and uses a lot of battery, so using an external battery pack helps with both of those issues.

Quake VR; cool.

It has a built-in pass-through camera so you can see through the lenses, but there's not much you can do with it. This app changes the colors and textures, but so far it's not a very useful option.

This one at least lets you take pictures of what you're seeing.

People discussing the different 360 cameras. One problem is the images are so close to your face they have to be very high resolution or else they look pixelated.

Nice, but a little too expensive.

There are starting to be a few sections for the 360 pictures on Flickr and other photo sites as well.

Facebook, too.

It's actually a pain to take a screenshot of anything you're doing.

You need some sort of external device.

We've only tried a few games and so far they aren't that great.

Shoe shine for only $3.

Getting a haircut downtown.

The weather got crazily hot for a few days.

My camera wouldn't even turn on.

And my plastic parking pass semi-melted.

They're playing pot-limit omaha at Live at the Bike, where you start with four cards instead of two like in Hold'em. That means the hands tend to be much bigger. Here was a bigger full house against a lower full house where the lower one ended up making four of a kind.

Some grand opening with tons of people waiting outside.

85 Bakery.

The line went down the block.

They were giving out free boxes of stuff.

Maybe this guy was the owner?

The little call box in the front of our apartment has been broken for months now. When we have parties it's not too bad; we can just walk out and let people in when they call us. The big problem is some of the delivery companies can't get in, so we have to go pick up the packages from them.

Wow, almost nobody has bought tickets to the Warcraft movie.

ArtWalk was downtown, but we just went to this one location off in the Arts Building.



A weird shirt; it's extra long and has zippers down the sides at the bottom. What are those for?

These LED music-activated t-shirts are getting cheap now.

The theater was pretty empty when we got there.

I wonder when they added "Barco" to the name?

They're painting the outside of our apartment complex.

This protected view that the new Microsoft Office has is really annoying.

I bought some different alcohol pads for work but they're much lighter than the normal ones I buy, so when I try to throw them into the trash they don't fly far enough and often end up on the floor.

Light clouds.

A guy semi-blocking the side street. This happens a lot here.

I like these visual depictions of cranial nerve palsies much more than just text.

A tall crane.

Artist Amanda Parer created these giant light-up rabbits that are above the downtown Target for a while.

This ophthalmology website has ads for cheap online glasses.

I think a friend won some of these "fake" watches and was asking if I wanted to buy them a while ago; glad I said no.

I'm in downtown Los Angeles and all of the rest of my internet works fine; why won't this app?

This printer didn't put wire on the back of the prints, so Ogii did it.

All set up for the Hermosa Beach Fine Arts Festival.

Pretty sign.

There were lots of vendors we had seen before.

This guy is at a lot of them.


About what we're selling them for.

The organizers said only limited editions, but lots of other people had many other items as well, so we brought a few more cheaper ones for the second day.

Face painting.

And crafts.

A beer and wine area with a DJ.

The first day was overcast with a light sprinkle; the second day was really nice.

Other pretty landscapes.

Fairly inexpensive but still too much for most people to buy.

Neat sailboats.

And cameras.

A view from the southeast corner.


HDR photos.

About the same price as the other artists.

Some really big colorful pieces.

These three palm trees were neat.

Cheaper here than in a gallery.

These mesh walls seemed much better than the metal ones we were using; much faster to set up and take down and easier to move and store.

I found the website by Googling; Ogii found it by looking for the name on one of the other artist's displays.

They're rather expensive, though.

This guy is also selling smaller 8x11 prints for $40 or 3 for $100, which seems to be about the only thing people buy at these shows; I didn't see a single person purchase any larger pieces.

Lots of craft items.

Sticks inside the painting.

Other nice landscapes.

He just uses wire attached to the top of the tent instead of panels; even easier.

A four-way call with the parents, Ogii, and Monica.

Ogii's texts made me lose my won chess game. Oh well.

This seems bad for me; if I move my knight he gets my queen.

Except I can move it with check while forking his king and queen.