2016 Jun 19 | GITD VB

A car worked up to look like the one from Back to the Future.

The US Bank tower was rainbow for the Special Olympics.

Arco accepts Apple Pay, but they only take cash and debit cards, and they charge you if you use the debit card. I wonder if they charge you for Apple Pay, too?

Code monkey.

I normally buy alcohol pads from Rite Aid. Last time I was running low I happened to go to a Walgreens, so I bought some from there instead.

I throw the used pads into the trash from a few feet away. The Walgreens pads are much lighter than the Rite Aid ones, so they kept falling on the floor in front of the trash can instead of going into it. It's amazing how such a small difference can be so annoying.

You don't notice a lot of imperfections in pictures until you blow them up big. This one has a little plane flying through the sky. I guess I'll have to zoom in on all the pictures and look for stuff like this if I want to make them big.

They're still repainting our apartment complex. Working on the front.

Hoses snaking around everywhere.

Attached to painting machines.

These guys are spraying dirt out of a hose. I never thought of doing that.

All of these cops were here for some reason.

It looks like they were pushing the taxi cabs away from sitting along this curb.

Love power.

I was sitting in my car getting ready to drive, and right before I pulled out, this giant truck came and blocked me in. Then more cars came behind him so I had to wait for all of them to do. If I would have been ready a few seconds earlier I would have gotten out before all of that.


Lots of haze now that we're in June.

The ball for glow-in-the-dark volleyball has always been a problem. The glow-in-the-dark ones aren't very bright and the light-up ones are too hard. Well, finally, this year somebody actually made a soft light-up volleyball!

I only bought one from Amazon because I thought it was the same as the previous hard ones, and I didn't realize it was much softer until the morning of volleyball. I wanted another one because we had 30 people RSVP'd, so I went around to a few of the sporting goods stores, but they all only had the old GITD balls.

I was about to check out at Walmart when I went to grab a few batteries. There was nobody in line when I left, but when I came back in 20 seconds, there were four people. That happened fast.

The Sports Chalets are closing and have big sales.

Although they're pretty empty.

Almost everything is gone.

They're even selling the stands.

I don't know if I'd buy a stand just to hang clothes for a yard sale, but it's a nice try.

Wow, 95% off to $1-$2 on ski boots.

Same for snowboard boots.

And scuba tanks, from $100 to $5. Good time to get into scuba.

Snowboards were also super-cheap but they were all gone except for a few really messed up ones.

Underwater photography equipment was only 60% off, though, so not quite as good of a deal.

Pretty clouds.

And some whispy ones.

Cute animals.

A huge line as always at Cha Cha Chicken before glow-in-the-dark volleyball.

Part of our group.

And the other part.

All set up for volleyball.

The light-up ball worked really well.

Some people said it still hurt, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the old one.

And you could see it much better than the glow-in-the-dark ones.

Kendra hitting the ball.



And Kat.

Running reach.


Ogii bumping.


Serving with the Santa Monica pier in the background.

Oops, Ogii got hit in the face here.

The net looks pretty.

Ready to serve.

We tried wrapping some glowsticks around a normal ball, but nobody wanted to use that. About half of the people who RSVP'd didn't show up, so it actually worked out with six people on a team and everybody playing at once. I bought this light-up glove, too.

The group taking a break.


Lots of glowsticks.

I was never sure if this was a real or a fake plant. I had watered it every week but then stopped for a while. A section is turning lighter, though, so I guess it's real; time to start watering it again.

Dinner and a movie on the balcony with the hummingbirds at sunset.

Hummingbird and full moon.

The California Optometric Association now has a free consultation with an attorney for 30 minutes per month. I believe the Texas Optometric Association had that way back when I graduated.

This ad covers the entire screen and I can't figure out how to make it go away; I guess I won't be reading this article.

Lots of people in a pot on Live at the Bike...

... although after a few re-raises it got down to two. QQ came out ahead on the flop but then lost on the river.

I bought this online book on the English opening for chess.

Turns out it wasn't a strategy book but a short story. Glad it only cost me 99 cents.

I took the Prius in for 70,000-mile service and paid $30 for tire rotation, $110 for throttle body cleaning, and $150 for decarbonizing the internal combustion chamber. However, looking online, the only recommended services I see around that mileage are rotating tires and changing the oil. So I went online and checked out what others recommended.

Yep, you can do what they did for $110 yourself.

And also only every 30k miles.

If at all.

Another one that says you don't need it very often.

And a website saying how you can do it yourself in a few minutes.

A funny mid-board checkmate where it looks like there should be plenty of spaces for me to run to.

This was fun. He did a discovered check on my queen. Rather than retreat...

... I decided to take his knight and let him take my queen, because...

... then I could move my knight to check him and get this bishop for free.

Even better, when he moved out of check again, I skewered his king and queen. Fun stuff.

That's a very good flop for AA.

Set over set.

I hit a lucky river here.

I bet on every street, then checked to him on the river to let him bluff. He took the bait and I called; nice when it works out like you plan.