2016 Jun 26 | Newport Beach Art Exhibition, Koi, Ocean Park VB, PLO

Ogii took two of our photos to the Newport Beach Art Exhibition.

There were lots of paintings and pictures.

Our two on the left middle.

Some other pretty sunset ones.

And some more.

People checking them out.


Really nice landscapes.

Awards time.

These were really neat.

A winner.

Glad one of these won.

First place in photography.

The also had people's choice in addition to the judges.

Cool shot.

Very simple.

Neat painting.

We sold the gridwalls because they were too heavy to haul around; we'll do something lighter next time.

Drove by these girls selling lemonade and stopped. Ordered one lemonade and two cookies. Just then a woman drove up and also ordered a lemonade, but the girls said they just ran out, so I cancelled my lemonade so they could give it to the woman. I hope she really wanted it and wasn't just being nice, because while I had originally stopped just to help the girls out, by the time I had ordered I really wanted that lemonade.

The entrance to this McDonald's is crazy. There are three separate areas people come from, so the merge is a huge mess.

Dumb Microsoft Office crap.

There are some fires up in the hills.

It makes the sky a bit hazy.

Smoke in multiple areas.

God's heart?

Messi absolutely destroyed us when the US played Argentina.

Fat American.

Hot Argentinians.

Fun game to watch.

Bought some of these sticky strips to hang paintings; hopefully they work well.

I'm horrible with keeping plants alive, and I read online it's better to use bottled water than tap water. However, I don't really want to buy bottled water for plants. Thankfully, every once in a while a patient will leave a water bottle behind that we find at the end of the day, so I can use that for the plants at the office.

Google has customer service, but only if you're a paying customer.

Neat old hotel.

We went to Koi to eat dinner. Pretty entrance.

Nice semi-outside eating area.

A private room for meetings.

The four of us.


Fun dessert.

Ogii with the little edible disc.

I bought some glasses from online from Zenni to see how well they made them.

They came with this pretty lens cloth.

The lenses aren't too thick considering the prescription, although I ordered high index 1.67 lenses to keep them thinner.

It was nice they actually emailed me asking of the prescription was correct because of the large difference between the lenses, although they're not legally required to verify the prescription.

They made them pretty close, although just a touch too weak. You could also have personalized writing on the inside of the temple, which is kind of neat.

They ended up being $80 total; at most offices they would be over $300 easily.

Dagii and Greg got us a gift card to iPic Theaters, so we went there to watch Independence Day 2.

Very upscale.

Huge reclining seats.

With blankets and pillows.

And free popcorn.

They also serve food directly to you.

In the parking garage we found this corner with some cool office supplies.

Old blueprints.

Film containers.

More blueprints.

It got super hot a little north of LA.

Sunday we went to Santa Monica to play volleyball.

Jumping hit.

Me hitting. Although Ogii was focused on the background a bit.

Jump serve.

Me running and hitting it back over my head.

Good timing by Ogii.




Eyes on the ball.

This bicycler was blocking the turn lane.

They're discussing bots being used to buy tickets online, but they say even if you ban bots they could still pay people in Asia almost nothing to do the same thing.

Pretty view of downtown through palm trees for this ad. I wonder where exactly that is.

The number one answer for something rich and poor people use differently: rental properties.

A little door in the washer to add anything you forgot.

A lot of superstition is rooted in some truth.

Pretty much all of the women on Twitch wear very low-cut tops. It's sexist, but it works for them.

It's the same for YouTube preview pictures.

There are lots of sexualized women in a ton of them.

Even when they have almost nothing to do with the main game.

Three-way all-in in the final hand of the World Series of Poker 6-handed Hold'Em tournament, and the guy with QQ didn't even have to worry about someone getting lucky against him after he flopped quads.

One more US soccer game. This time Tim Howard came back as goalie to make a save.

And another one.

Unfortunately this one went in.

The other goalie making a great save.

This ball hit the crossbar and bounced out.

As did this one for the other team.

Tim Howard with a diving save.

I've been trying to learn Pot Limit Omaha for poker now as well.

There are lots of hands in Hold'em that are good that are horrible in Omaha.

Like the low end of a straight. Sometimes it's good in Hold'em, but it almost never is in Omaha.

You really want double suited hands.

And even more than in Hold'em, a draw can have more equity than a made hand.

You can also have tons of out to straight draws, way more than in Hold'em.

Rundowns, where all the cards are sequential, are very powerful.

And position is much more important.

You also pretty much only want to be drawing to the nuts. The seconds nuts is often a great way to lose a ton of money.

Reviewing hand strength. Having three of the same card in your hole cards is absolutely horrible.

As are small pairs.

Three cards in a row, but even having a single bad card makes the hand very weak.

All suited, which normally is horrible, but at least one is an ace, which is very good.

Not amazing, but being double suited really helps.

Although better to have slightly bigger cards, especially with pairs.

A big pair and at least one set of suited cards, but with a single bad card.

Better when all the cards are fairly connected.

The offsuit 6 is bad, but the suited ace and a queen makes up for it.

Three really big cards and at least the small one is suited, although it's likely not to the nuts.

Double suited, fairly big cards.

The same.

A suited ace and a big pair is really good.

A pair of aces is unlikely to be the best hand farther into the hand, but it's still great for the beginning, especially when it's double suited.

Even if one bad card, aces with one being suited are really strong preflop.

This hand I made quads, not bad.

Ick, all the same suit.

Same thing.

People will hit all kinds of weird hands in Omaha, though.

Ooh, a great starting hand: double suited pairs.

Because it makes full houses much easier.

Kind of crap, especially with all of the raises.

The guy with 2747 was really tilting; he was mad he had lost an earlier hand.

And the biggest pair takes it.

Double suited aces, nice.

Everyone just checked this the entire way.

I have top pair with a decent kicker, but against that much strength, a raise and a re-raise, it's pretty worthless.

Ooh, I would have had a straight flush draw if I would have stayed in.

I made the nut flush on the turn but he made a full house on the river.

Why you don't play with the second nuts.

You always have to be careful about straights in this game.

Same thing, although I got very lucky to hit my straight.

My flush didn't come in.

Here I would have had a straight flush.

Quad jacks, but not until the river, and I folded long before then.

We both had AAAKK full houses.

This is tough; I have an overpair but any 5 beats me.

Back to Hold'em. Quad kings with an ace kicker.

My set doesn't hold up; he hits his flush.

Nice flop.

Quad kings again. I hope he has a really good flush.

That is quite a good flop.

Two pair versus two pair on the flop.

Flopped quads.

The other guys had TT and JJ, quite nice, but still losing to any K.

The chess trainer always like these smother mates, but nobody is ever set up in a real game to have them happen.