2016 Jul 03 | TURF minigolf course, Playa VB

Two computers are connected to a printer wirelessly at the office. Yet for some reason this computer occasionally stops connecting while the other one always works fine.

Ah, no, brilliant computer, the printer is most definitely not turned off.

Usually just removing and reinstalling it works, but with Windows 10 it never actually uninstalls it.

Sometimes removing and reinstalling the driver works as well, but again, that's not an option on Windows 10.

After messing around for an hour or so I got it working again. So annoying.

Sometimes being a rewards customer gives you some good discounts and sometimes it saves you $0.30 on $30.

Neat crepuscular rays.

This guy had no-showed enough that this was his last chance before they stop scheduling him. He made it in and as we were chatting he mentioned he has six kids. That doesn't excuse his missing the previous appointments but it does explain it.

Pretty cloud.

There's almost nothing that instantly infuriates me more than a gas station windshield cleaner with a bad blade which leaves streaks all over my windshield and leaves it worse than what I started with.

Aw, goodbye old volleyballs, you're going to the thrift store. The white and silver one was the first "good" one I bought when I started playing years ago and the other two are glow-in-the-dark ones we used the past few years. We have upgraded to better normal and light-up ones, though.

This doctor has a charger for his Tesla at this medical center. Did he pay for the installation and does he pay for the electricity used each month or does the medical center?

The cleaners in this office always raise this chair all the way up. Why? Maybe they're old and they have bad backs? I doubt they're doing it to get a thorough cleaning of the inner post.

A patient was a bit late, but it turns out the elevators were either not working or taking forever, so he walked up 10 flights of stairs.

The heat made my parking pass curl up and it kept falling off the rearview mirror. Nothing a little ironing can't fix.

RSVPs for our LACOS CE seminars. Everyone always freaks out we don't have enough people a few weeks before the event, and every time we end up with about the same numbers.

All the data that went into that little graph.

I've been practicing for 5 years, which means this is the last year I can get free continuing education at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas through the Young Professionals Club. Getting older sucks. :( Not to mention I sit in lectures all day long while Ogii gets to go shopping and lounge around topless pools all day long.

Although it's been a great program, not only for the free CE but also because we won tickets to the iHeartRadio music festival in 2014 through it.

The dispenser on this washer was sticking, so I tried to fix it, but it was too broken. Going to have to request a repair.

The guys painting the building needed to paint our balcony, too. Although they didn't give us advanced warning, so I was rushing to clear everything out of there this morning.

Pretty billboard.

McLaren dealership. I can't quite afford those.

I went into the store with a note saying "dress shirts, not purple, blue, or green" and came out with three shirts of exactly those colors. They really need to make nice dress shirts in other colors.

These are some funky shirts.

Bugatchi brand.

5-way all-in preflop at poker; that's my kind of game.

Equity by street. JJ was ahead the whole way until the river.

I built up a nice little stack, mainly by getting lucky and hitting a few rivers.

Huh, I always thought it was "Kate by the Ocean."

Ants in the office because someone threw a donut away in a garbage can in the corner. Easy to fix with a little spray, though.

TURF is a cool little temporary golf course with each hole having a theme related to Los Angeles in some way.

Single piece of turf cut to fit the underlying land.

Lots of little plants in the corner.

Renewable energy.


Inaccessibility of land ownership. Oh yeah? Look like owned this little piece of land.

Ogii made it in, too; maybe now she'll have a house with a lawn.

Everything is upside down.

The different terrain around the Los Angeles area.

They had a nice little handout.

Explaining each hole.

Asphalt covering aquifers.

It was hard to walk on.

And the ball keeps chasing the depressions caused by your feet. Don't miss and smash your toe.

Some pretty water lilies in Echo Park Lake across the street.

There were a bunch of Asian tourists taking pictures of them with very big cameras.

Crazy outfit out of utensils at the thrift store.

And out of paper on the other side.

We had lunch at Traktir, a Russian restaurant.

The food was pretty good. Ogii really liked the compote drink.

The Germany versus Italy soccer match was on as well, and the entire kitchen and wait staff came out to watch during exciting moments.

Reading about the match on reddit; the guy who made the original thread for it ended up getting too drunk.

The other guys were nice about it,though.

Google Maps shows all of these Walmart X, like photo center and pharmacy, instead of just Walmart. Why?

A cheap pocket radio. Maybe it's cheaper on Amazon?

Nope. Nearly twice as expensive online. Walmart wins.

This mattress wasn't tied down very well and the front was flying up. Not enough to fly off, but it was certainly not good for his gas mileage.

I giant yacht in the Marina.

Some guy had a cute little turtle on the beach.

Me smacking the ball back over my head.

Me jumping at the ball.

Running, one-handed hit.

Jumping smack.

Kicking up lots of sand.

And again.

Ogii hitting it.

Eye on the ball.



Waiting for it to come off the net.

Jump serve.

Good form.

Big hit.


Me with a big jump.

And hitting it back over my head.

Apparently I do that a lot.

Not getting to this one in time.

Did get this one.


That's a pretty crazy crooked route Google Maps wants me to take. Especially because I have to try to get across a few major roads when I have a stop light and the cars on the other road don't have to stop.

Nice patio.

Ooh, from IKEA.

Who believes this stuff?

You know you're good at something when there is a pre-you and post-you on Wikipedia.

I stayed up really late making a bunch of prints for this sale and then they extended it the next day, gah. Oh well, still saved some money, but would have liked a little more sleep, too.