2016 Jul 10 | 4th of July, VG party, poker, LACOS CE meeting

Heart of rocks.

Missed these spots around my lats with sunscreen yesterday. I guess I'll say I have red freedom wings.

Aw, no fun having an accident on the 4th of July.

At Huntington Beach fairly early. Not 5am like last year, but still before 8am.

A lot of people on the beach.

This guy tried to go out in his kayak but the lifeguard said he had to come back.

There were a fair number of surfers out there.

The waves were pretty big; a lot of the surfers were getting eaten by them.

Nice carve.


Leaning down.

He's really angled.

Another great carve.

Riding the edge.

The waves were really pretty right when they crashed.

Some of our group ran out into the ocean for a bit.

Waiting for a wave.

Back on land.

Buried legs but they left the feet.

The little berm our group had.

These people tried to fit sideways into this space but the cops said they had to move.

After that we headed to RJ's going away party.

Lots of grilled food.

Come and get it.

The group.

People were setting off fireworks all over on the smaller side streets.

There one goes.

And another.

Some fireworks by the Bank of America tower.

And another one. The tower was red, white, and blue.

This gas station is blocked off. I think that's where my credit card number was stolen recently, so I wonder if they're related.

Aw man, you can't have these multi-drink dispensers and then only have regular Coke available.

Super-busy morning but then lots of no shows in the afternoon. These patients need to call each other ahead of time and balance it out a bit more.

We have a CE seminar in a few days and the presenters wanted to all plug in their laptops at the same time and switch back and forth between them. I'm sure that's possible but I'm not sure exactly how. Time for a trip to Fry's. Ended up with a 5-in-1-out HDMI switch, a few VGA to HDMI converters, a few Mac to HDMI converters, and a few HDMI cables. That should cover all the bases.

I feel sorry for the homeless, but they really like to hoard crap and leave it all over the sidewalks. People from the city will come and clean this all up and not even a week later it'll be all over the place again.

Here too.

Video game party Friday night.

Fairly big gorup.

Multiple TVs and a projector going.

The agony of defeat and the joy of success.

Mario Party.

Wires everywhere.


Pokemon GO just came out, so people were playing it there.

Trying to catch Pokemon.

We ended up walking around the neighborhood playing.

There's one here.

Ogii trying to catch one.

These people were playing soccer. A bit better exercise than walking around on your phone, but Pokemon getting nerds to walk around at least some is better than nothing.

Back to the apartment for some videogame volleyball.

This twist tie is just barely long enough for this cable. Couldn't they have spent an extra tenth of a cent and made it a little longer?

Confusing parking in the garage at first when there are two separate doors with different codes.

Nice clouds.

A lamborghini.

Poker during UFC 200.

Table 2.

Table 3.

Pizza time.

One of the women's fights.

Everyone watching Brock versus Hunt.

Another angle.

It's hard to fight when a huge beast of a man keeps laying on you.

And the final fight of the night.

Sick hand, AA versus KK all-in preflop and two kings come on the board.

That'd be a lot of money.

Sunday morning was our CE seminar.

We had a number of different speakers.

It was partially sponsored by the USC Eye Institute.

Along with multiple other vendors.

Ooh, VEP + ERG; advanced stuff.

Everyone talking with the vendors.

Some nice pink bags they were giving out.

Showing off the technology.

And more.

Talking about contacts.

The vendors area from one end.

And from the other.

The computer switching worked very well other than a few seconds lag between switching; we had all the necessary connections.

Back to the speakers.

A few more.

The time for raffles.

More stuff.

And the grand prize, an iPad Mini.

The LACOS board minus a few who couldn't attend.

In this day and age you'd think computers to process pictures to look like anything, but there's still limitations. Kodachrome is a common one where it's (nearly) impossible to make a computer-edited picture look like the film.

Although there are apparently some presets that get close.

That's a great thumbnail. Both looking directly at the viewer, both with excited/interested faces, and woman and a kid, the woman leaning over to get some cleavage, and action about to happen. This guy knows how to YouTube.

Some of the online optometry options that are making it tougher for optometrists.

It took the USPS 5 months to return this package. That's just great.

Johnny White took pictures with a broken camera and is now selling them. Fun idea.

The panels to hang pictures from at art shows are nearly $700.

I wonder if this mosquito net for a tenth of the price would work as well? Probably not.

An optometry classmate, Frances, had this picture taken of her; very cool.

The poor Pokemon GO servers are getting hammered by so many people trying to play.

Also, their warning is a little too cute; it should show a picture of a kid run over by a car because that's what would really happen.

A Pokemon in the office.

Google Maps updates seem to be more annoying lately rather than helpful. First the added all of my contacts in, which is a bunch of crap I don't need, and this is only letting me search for this specific Home Depot, not any Home Depots in the area.

You have to be careful when buying stuff online because there are lots of knockouts. This says that it's sold by Samsung and it has the Samsung logo on it...

... but all of the reviews say it's not a genuine product. You'd think Amazon would prevent that.

Ooh, free queen.

So I take it.

I guess he didn't like that I did that.