2016 Jul 17 | GITD VB, Colorado Street Bridge Party

Outdoor sushi dinner for Lance's birthday.

The gelato cake had partially melted, but that's OK, we have straws.

It tastes the same.


The group.

It doesn't look like an accident, so maybe his car just stopped.

Kaiser has this little shop by it's hospital that sells glasses; more competition.

Simon says.

Neat rays.

I brought California Donuts to the office; they're pretty fun looking.

A nearby park has a lot of soccer players in the evening.

This is a good one.

Water is sitting in the washer. Maybe I could wash my clothes and they'd be fine, but I think I'd rather not risk it.

Still having a fight between management and the laundry company over this top dryer. The laundry company keeps saying the electrical outlet isn't correct and management says its fine. Either way, it keeps not working for a year not.

Ogii apparently does not want ear cleaning this morning.

I bought this little bamboo plant for the office, but it was really tall, so it'd tip if I put it on the floor, and it was a little too wide to fit in the cupholders, so I ended up driving with it in my crotch.

A hammock at Echo Park Lake.

A really cool chair.

Craigslist used to be awesome, but it keeps getting worse and worse. This guy has jammed his postings full of popular search words.

This guy put $75 in the title but then $500 in the actual ad.

It's even a pain as a seller. We put a couple of chairs up for sale and got two responses almost immediately. The first wanted to use a cashier's check...

... which the Craigslist site even tells you is usually a scam. Actually, I should have agreed to this one and then videotaped the movers when they came to see if they were in on the scam.

Another guy also responded right away and a few minutes after I replied to him someone was trying to log into a Microsoft account with my email. How can these people sleep at night; can't they find a job where they actually benefit others?

Nice house.

Big second-story vertical windows normally...

... and through polarized sunglasses.

A couple of guys getting into a McLaren F1 after shopping at Target.

Lots of palm trees.

Time to go, old self-made bathroom shelves. You don't fit the white color scheme and you're a bit water damaged.

I had to take the toilet paper holder off to fit the new store-bought shelves in there, and it's upside down because otherwise the door won't open, but it fit. We also had to pull the top off a bit to switch the door around after flipping it, too.

The inside lights came in on the Prius and I can't figure out how to turn them off. Maybe it's a bad switch or something?

Sing a tune.

Looks like they're about to install these multi-way crosswalks in Santa Monica.

Glow in the dark volleyball. We actually started right after the sun went down before it got too dark.

With the pier in the background.

A team of five women and one guy.

Jump hits.

Running and reaching.

Getting ready.

We got enough people to have two courts going.

Ogii having fun.

A few people taking a break.

From the other side.

Spike and block.

Ogii about to hit the ball.

Everyone watching.

About to serve.

Leaning and reaching.

Win or lose, everyone had fun.

After that we headed to a bar in Culver City for Dmitry's birthday.

A little beer pong action.

Good at volleyball, good at beer pong.

Happy and concentrating.

Saturday morning a McLaren F1 passed me on the highway.

Followed by a Corvette and a Maserati.

Then another McLaren and a BMW i8. It must have been some sort of sports car get-together.

Ah, I figured out the switch between the two dome lights was in the right "on" position; that's why the inside lights have been on the past few days. It's a good thing the car automatically turns off the lights after a few minutes or my battery would have died. It's an even better thing I noticed the switch because I was about to take it in to the dealership to see if there was a short circuit or something. I've even used this switch before, so I have no idea how I could have forgotten about it and also not seen it in the 20 minutes I spent looking for ways to turn the lights off a few days ago.

Neat old car with a neat old boat.

In line for the Colorado Street Bridge party in Pasadena.

A band.

A kids area.

Paramedics and police and fire and rescue.

Some cool cars.

This one is pretty old.

Another racer.

Really cool.

Nice engine.

Another band.


A silent disco, where they hand out headphones to listen to music.

All of the headphones.

On the bridge itself. This group was showing telescopes to kids.

Another band here.

Good food.

We went for barbecue for dinner.

Big house with a huge porch.

Nice building near the bridge.

It got pretty crowded.

Especially lines for food, so I'm glad we got there early before most people.

Lots of drink vendors as well.

The bridge from one end.


This food vendor right at the entrace had no line; much better than the ones on the bridge.

This Smart Car squeezed into a parking space, but I don't know if the guy behind him will be able to get out.

A pretty big lawn for being in a city.

And another.

And another.

They even have parking, too. You don't get stuff like this in downtown LA.

A really pretty house with lots of wood.

Reading a poker book. How to figure out when your opponent is bluffing.

Uh oh, ants.

Ah, we forgot to put the little shims in to hold the hummingbird feeders out into the air; when they touch the railing the ants find them.

Their butts are filled with sugar water.

Got an email saying I get $20 for Amazon Prime Restaurants.

I had to order at least $20.

Although with the tip and tax it was a bit more. Interestingly, the deliverer was from Amazon Prime Now, not from the restaurant itself.