2016 Jul 31 | Pokemon GO, Malibu Arts Festival

Nice house up on a hill.

Another one.

Interesting sculpture at Parnell Park.

There's also a mini zoo there.

Pigs and chickens.


Wow, a pheasant.


And more chickens.

Nini's wedding.

Pretty backdrops.

Very nice cake.

Tossing of the groom.

Cutting the cake.

They had a photobooth with fun accessories.



Some nice photographs out in the hall.

Coolest intersection ever, Jupiter and Anaconda.

Sunset on the way into DTLA.

I wonder how many people sit on that bench and get sprayed when the sprinklers turn on.

A huge bug that was flying around.

The candy machines are empty; that's no fun.

A squirrel up in a tree.

Train going by; thankfully it was short.

I wonder why they're trapping insects?

Dinner lecture at Cafe del Rey.

A yacht with a mini helicopter.

Whoops, I pulled a bit too hard on the sheet.

A bird on a trash can.

And even a deer walking through the park.

A UPS truck with a UPS trailer.

Playing Live at the Bike. This was a crazy hand; a four-way all-in preflop with AA, KK, QQ, and 44. The guy with 44 was the last one to act after everyone else had shoved; he eventually called, and he hit a straight to take it all.

He kept asking me if he made a good call, and I said probably not; everyone almost certainly has larger pairs. He said what if someone had AK? I said it was still probably a bad idea. Putting it in an equity analyzer, he's only about 15% to win, so yeah, bad decision, even if he did get lucky.

Ooh, nice, the Malibu Arts Festival used my picture as their cover picture on Facebook.

The logo looks a little fuzzy on the website.

It looks fine up the uploaded images, though.

I emailed SmugMug support and they fixed it.

They took out a car lane and added this bike lane in Santa Monica. Seems like a horrible decision, though. There are only three bikes in this picture but a ton of backed-up cars. They need more car lanes instead.

Neat building design.

Lots of bikes.

Cow statues on the roof.

Funky house.

Hmm... maybe some sort of circuit board design?

I never see Nibs anymore in gas stations. These are new, though.

Google says this is a neighborhood address in London.

A huge line at the Wiltern Theater.

I updated Adobe Photoshop and the shortcut disappeared; annoying.

Ogii got some new 2016 quarter from the bank. They're super-shiny.

One way to get the Gear VR headset to display on a TV.

On a Hummer.

Legacy Park in Malibu.

Some nice statues there.

A little rock ampitheater.

Parking for the Malibu Arts Festival was out in this field.

Some gorgeous water paintings.

They used the one on the left as the main picture for the show. They almost look like photographs.

Pretty landscapes.

Cool surfboard cutouts.

More pretty pictures.

Our booth.

A kid checking out the 360 pictures on the Gear VR.

A view down the photography section.

Gorgeous photographs.

More by the same artist.

The pricing is similar to ours.

Some funky metallic and wooden stuff.

These metal scupltures by Vigall Art are amazing.

Some more.

Very pretty photographs.

More nature ones.

This section had other vendors, like rugs and clothing and jewelry.

Children's art section.

Music and wine.

Big simple pieces.

Food trucks.

Custom-made ice cream sandwhich truck.

A little outdoor mall nearby.

With a nice park area.

We actually sold four prints; nice! However #1, we didn't make too much money on each print because it cost money to have them printed. When you figure in that, we made $90 on the first one, $40 on the second and fourth one, and we actually lost $1 on the third one because it was from a more expensive printer, I therefore didn't mark it up as much as the others, and then Ogii sold it at a discount for cash because she couldn't get the credit card reader to work. So $90+$40+$40-$1 = is $169 income after printing costs. However #2, overall we still lost money for the weekend as it cost $500 to attend the show. Not to mention the cost of the canopy and hanging walls and all of the other little expenses. But still, better than nothing. All of the other artists said they sold very few pieces as well; it's just been a very slow year overall according to everyone we talked to.

Oh yeah, and don't forget sales tax; that eats into the profit a bit as well.

Packing up afterwards; this guy has a cart to carry all of his pictures.

There are many different ways to create weights to hold the canopies down, from milk jugs filled with sand...

... to concrete-filled plastic tubes.

Mostly finished.

It's actually faster to go up and around on the 101 from Malibu than heading straight east on PCH and then 10 due to traffic.

This is annoying; my computer won't recognize my phone to transfer pictures.

In Device Manager it says the device descriptor request failed.

I tried changing USB cables, and it still didn't work. Ogii's phone works fine, though.

So they I tried download a program called Side Sync. However, it kept losing connection.

Maybe it'll transfer this time.


Next I tried another program called Wifi File Explorer. How can our wifi connection be unstable? It's like 150 Mbps and the router is in the same room.

It worked, but I'm a little worried about the "there are some data after the end of the payload data." What does that mean? And it was still slower than using a cable.

A family of patients surround a contact lens check.

Four elements of a photograph.

They all need to work together.

I didn't know Johnny had a show going that long.

He's done well this past week.

Checking out what Air BnB prices are in Santa Monica.

And it turns out this woman has a lot of rentals.

At least six. That makes her more like a real estate agent than some random person renting their room out.

360 camera comparison. More expensive is better.

The sand fire is rather scary still although it's starting to be contained.

A photo someone took of it at night.

The road is closed after the Wildlife Waystation. Wait, what's that? I've never heard of it.

Ooh, neat, lots of exotic animals there. Once they move all the animals back after the fire we'll have to check it out.

A giant no fly zone for drones around the fire.

The first round of a big Street Fighter tournament. This random woman was up against one of the best players in the world. She got destroyed, but at least she had fun.

I think I'd rather take an extra 5 minutes and not make all of those turns. Especially because some might take longer than Google thinks.

Same here; it looks like there's a big slowdown straight ahead Google wants to route around. Sometimes it actually does save time, but sometimes it doesn't.

I'm trying to learn the English opening. The problem with 1-minute games is the other side almost never plays the standard moves. Hmm, what do I do here?

Uh oh, taking with the knight did not seem ideal.

It was very, very bad.

Thankfully I can analyze the game and see what it recommends.

It says take with the pawn instead. I'll have to remember that for next time.

We're both attacking hard; who will win? I should just block with my rook here.

But instead I moved my king. I think he had checkmate in a few moves after taking my rook with his queen, but instead he moved his rook over and I checkmated him.

This is Wired, a technology website, and it's an article about a chef. Even worse, it lists what he's wearing. Who cares? This isn't a fashion magazine.

There's this cool holder to take retina photos with your phone, but when you click "buy" on the website, it doesn't seem like you can purchase it yet.

The Prius is one of the cheapest cars to maintain.

Even up to 150,000 miles.

This is a pain. Someone hacked an optometry database and is opening fraudulent credit cards. Almost every single one of my classmates had one opened.

I'm not even at the lowest average yet.

Reddit bot accounts.

Watching Live at the Bike; A5 of clubs made his flush on the turn but then lost to a full house on the river.

Google Fiber close to LA.

Nintendo stock is up from Pokemon Go.

A map of Pokemon nests.

This golf course has a lot of Squirtles, for example.

Mapping out the nest area at the La Brea Tar Pits.

A ton of fish Pokemon along the Santa Monica waterfront.

A couple of Dragonites, probably the strongest Pokemon right now, guarding gyms.

People running after rare Pokemon.

Most of the Pokemon Go players on twitch spoof their location; they're not actually there, they just put the coordinates into an app and Pokemon thinks they're there. It's cheating, but so far Niantic hasn't banned anyone for it.

Some new warnings. Don't trespass.

Don't enter dangerous areas.

Don't play while driving.

This guy has a ton of high-level Pokemon.

An update made all of the current 3rd-party Pokemon scanning programs unusable.

The Santa Monica Pier lit up the Ferris wheel to look like a Pokeball.

It's still probably the best spot for finding Pokemon in LA.

It's still super-crowded, so I still need to drop my phone network to a slower one to avoid all the signals.

Ooh, a rarer Charmander out at the corner.

So a lot of people headed over there to catch him.

And then a Dratini spawned a bit north of the pier on the beach, so every ran there.

Ooh, a Snorlax from an egg! This is a really good Pokemon.

Thankfully when they come from eggs you get a lot of candy to power them up.

As powered up as I can get him right now.

They made an unannounced change in Pokemon Go and changed how much damage most moves do.

Vaporeon, who used to be extremely overpowered, is now only pretty overpowered.

The best quick moves. Water Gun is what Vaporeon uses, so it's still very strong.

The best charge moves.

Both on one chart.

The problem with most lists is they list the attacks but not the Pokemon that use them. This website lists that, though, for both the quick attacks...

... and the charge attacks.

However, the type of Pokemon is still more important than just damage; here's the new rankings. I'm glad I found a Snorlax! However, they can also use different moves, which gets picked at random. My Snorlax has lick, which is great, but he has body slam instead of hyper beam. Oh well, still really good.

They also have different rankings depending on if they're attacking...

...or defending.

And here's a different list, although I don't know what this is for. It's all rather confusing.

Lots of discussion and code parsing to figure out what attacks are really the best.

In addition to the damage, they also changed all of the nests, which are areas certain Pokemon are more likely to spawn at.

They basically just moved them all by one.

For example, the park near our apartment used to be a #124 Jynx nest, and now it's a Scyther nest.

Which is confirmed by me going and checking it out; Scyther is the grayed-out one and there are four of them. Unfortunately he's not very good.

The biggest problem is that there are no more Dratini nests because that was the last in line and got set to zero. Dratini evolves into Dragonite, which, according to the chart a few pictures above, is the second-strongest character right now. Barnsdall Art Park used to be a Dratini nest and tons of people would play there, but not any more. It's still OK because it's an Eevee nest now, which can evolve into Vaporeon, who is still very overpowered, but not as good as Dragonite.

Goodbye Dratini nests.

A new app for tracking Pokemon.

It can list the nearby ones on your phone's lock screen.

And then shows their location a map.

You can also have it display on your Android watch; cool.

Although it's not in iOS yet.

Aw, that's too bad. Pokestops in hospitals were nice for kids who were there, but it sounds like a lot of hospitals requested to have them removed because random players were walking into the hospitals. Is it better to keep sick kids happy or keep random people out?