2016 Aug 21 | Soledad house searching, charity poker tournament

Driving up to Soledad, there was this giant group of truck stops on the west side of the highway.

And this single lonely one on the east. I felt sorry for him.

A bunch of fire trucks filling up late at night.

Ben Gacayan took us around to look at houses for sale. He was a super-nice guy and very helpful. This one had a little back yard.

Nice wood flooring.

I like the big bathroom countertops.

A nice entrance area. But the house overall was a little old.

Second house, nice living room.

Fairly open kitchen.

Heights of kids over the years.

Nice appliances.

Fairly decent yard. Although also a bit old.

House number three.

Clean carpet.

Open living room, but a bit small.

Ogii testing out the kitchen.

Nice little yard.

Still some beds in the garage.

The neighbors have a really nice door.

Another house.

This one the previous tenants still hadn't moved out. A front room.

Very nice bathrooms.

Big countertops.

Nice bed; I wonder if we could keep it?


Living room.


Another house in a bit nicer area.

Wooden floors.

Wooden kitchen and a neat antique phone.

Huge back yard.

A little gazebo.

The fence has a little gate...

... that opens in the park. Really nice.

The back of the house.

Modern bathroom.

And neat sinks.

Nice closet.

A view of the back yard and park from the second floor.

Even though this house had already been almost finalized, it was the nicest one we saw in pictures, so we still wanted to look at it.

Nice front yard.

Pretty bathroom, although a bit small.


Back yard with a little patio.

These guys had set up basketball hoops facing each other across the road.

Two Porshes filling up at the gas station.

We saw five McLaren F1s, $1 million each, driving down the road. Crazy.

Ah, there's a car show in Monterey. That explains it.

Eating a huge, yummy dinner at V's Diner.

Next we looked at a few houses for rent instead of sale.

This one the family was still moving out of.

Big countertops.

Decent back yard.

This next house, the blue on on the left, was at the edge of the city, which is nice. The neighbor also had a very nice yard with lots of plants.

Living room.

Large bedroom.

Two sinks for the bathroom.


The nicest part: the view is of a field and then hills.

Some chits from work to exchange for keys. Someone had to pound out the letters one by one and they couldn't quite fit my name.

The Samsung Gear 360 went on sale Friday morning so I woke up early to purchase it online.

Reading up on how to edit the resulting images and video.

You also have to buy a micro SD card, so I read about which ones to buy.

One last house for rent to look at. This one was pretty big.

Entrance area.

It'd be nice to have central heating as well.

Decent bathroom.

Master bedroom.

Second bathroom.

Open kitchen, but no island.

Decent backyard near the edge of town with a school right across the road.

Checking out the water heater and heater.

Good garage.

The grass could use some work, though.

All the gas stations are around one of two prices, $2.30 and $3.20.

They put new plants with wood chips in the front of our apartment; it smells really good.

From the front.

Checking out other areas to visit around Monterey.

I wonder where he's coming back from?

Good weather for a football game.

Watching football, UFC, and the Olympics on the TV, my laptop, and Ogii's laptop.

Close match in women's volleyball.

Ouch, right on the nose.

Close football game and an amazing fight between Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz.

After all of the file transfer issues I had with my phone, now Ogii's phone won't charge with my car charger but it still charges using other cables. How annoying.

Sunday night was a charity poker tournament at Cafe Firenze.

We ate there before the tournament. Really good salad.

Bread and wine.

The main dishes.

Nice potpourri in the bathroom.

Onto poker.

The prizes.

The top five places get to pick from these.

Basketball signed by Shaq.

And what we really wanted, a Goodyear Blimp ride.

Prizes for the other winners.

They had raffle prizes throughout the evening; if they drew your card, you won a prize.

Candy inside.

Ogii at her table.

Other tables.

It was pretty packed but still comfortable.

Me playing. Everyone at the table was joking around and having fun.

Poker pants.

There was even a professional player there, Amanda Sizemore.

She had just recently won $60,000.

Thankfully she wasn't at our table, but her boyfriend was.

Tons of splash pot prizes.

Live music.

Aces cracked on the river, which won a prize.

Quads, which also won a prize.

Dessert. Unfortunately we didn't win; we'll have to figure out another way to get a blimp ride.

One problem with moving to Monterey; the drive to Las Vegas is much longer at 7 hours.

Whereas it's under 4 from LA.

Uh oh, Aetna's pulling out of Obamacare.

A new update to Pokemon Go. The developers said they were going to do them about every two weeks, which is pretty good, although they don't annouce what the updates are so people have to figure them out on their own.

In fact, the "faster egg hatch updates" doesn't seem to be real after a little testing.

Same results from this guy.

When you get a Pokemon, they can have different levels. If you hatch one from an egg with this CP value, it has perfect IVs, although that's extremely rare, so not very useful.

A new strategy to level up a gym very quickly.

You use very low-level characters.

And you can only use specific ones.

They also need the correct IV values.

And the correct moves.

Instead of taking minutes per fight, it takes seconds.

So you can level up a gym in just a few minutes.

Others tested it out. The problem is almost nobody has those Pokemon with the correct levels and moves, and they're very hard to find, so it's not that viable for most people.

This is a little slower but still works.

Especially because certain types of Pokemon are strong or weak against certain other types.

This poor guy. He had a mate in one on me but he ran out of time.