2016 Aug 28 | Belasco Neon Foam Splash, Magic Castle

One of those backwards trikes.

A cop was swerving to slow down traffic on the highway.

Because a worker was picking up big pieces of metal that were lying on the road ahead.

Red fire retardant dropped by planes.

School is starting back up at USC, which means lots of runners. You have to be careful when driving because sometimes they'll cross when they're not supposed to.

Wow, Teslas have fast acceleration.

Bullying is how you get women.

It seems it works for pretty much all animals.

I've heard this lens is really good.

Although I don't think I'd need the 2.8.

California isn't cheap.

That's annoying.

The top says there's vanilla coke, but the dispenser doesn't have it.

At the Beverly Center. I'm not sure exactly what happened but I think someone scammed someone else.

Random email about job openings.

There's one in Aberdeen, SD.

Ooh, a new Stephen King book.

I can buy it to read on my phone for only $4.99.

I think I'd actually rather buy a real book, though.

Looking at those prices, I'd probably get the paperback.

What? It's not available yet?

Same with the hardcover.

Not until October 31st.

But it looks like you can get the Kindle edition now. I'll wait for the paperback.

It's not nice, but if the goal of the company is to make more money, then she made it more money and she deserves a raise.

Had a good night at poker, and fun as always.

Although I did get my aces cracked by KJ offsuit when we were all-in preflop and he made a flush on the river.

The shrubs in front of the dentist office are cut like teeth.

This sign said $15 for parking. Then they charged us $20. I don't want to argue too much because they might mess up my car.

We went to Belasco Theater for a Neon Foam Splash party.

A view from up top.

A second, much-less-crowded room with different music.

Some guys with light-up masks.

They had a dancer and a hula-hooper on stage.

Lots of people.

Bright lights.


Pretty blue lights.

However, there wasn't any neon foam. Maybe it came out before we got there or maybe it'll come out later? Either way, there was no foam when we were there.

We're going to be closer to here after we move.

Cigna uses VSP as it's vision insurance but wants you to call it Cigna Vision, not VSP.

Sunday evening we went to the Magic Castle.

We took Nini and Miriam and a couple of their friends.

Entering the bookshelves.

A neat YouTube series where they give good photographers crappy cameras to take pictures.

Aw, that's a little out of my range, I think. Very pretty car, though.

A guide on how to dream lucidly.

He's written multiple books on it. How can you have more than one book? Isn't a few paragraphs on a website enough?

You make a lot as a doctor but you pay a lot in opportunity cost while you're in school.

I have a won game and then I do this.

And I see that he's going to do this before he does it, but by then, it's too late, and I've lost. That split second of hoping he makes a different move crushed.

Throwing a low-level Pokemon in a gym for fun.

They most gyms I've ever been in at the same time is five. In LA, it's pretty much impossible to hold gyms. I've even been in some level 10 gyms with pretty strong defenders that get knocked out within 24 hours.

These are my two favorite Pokemon Go gyms in LA.

Because they're at the Coca-Cola bottling plant and always held by the red team.

The giant coke bottle on the outside of the plant.

Tips on how to hold gyms in Pokemon Go.

Some more ideas. In LA, though, even a level 10 gym will get taken down overnight.

Some other ideas on holding gyms.


I'm now at level 25.

And I got some Max potions at that level. Although they're pretty useless since Hyper potions currently fill up any Pokemon I have.

This website lists all of the gyms and Pokestops. Too bad it doesn't say what level the gym is, too.

The picture for LaFayette Park has someone sleeping on the ground behind the sign.

It might be easier to hold the gyms way up in the mountains on the hiking trails.

Although they are pretty popular, so I guess it depends on how many of the hikers also play Pokemon Go.

You can use this Game Tuner program to make your mobile games run smoother.

There are some presets.

And you can also customize the resolution, frame rate, and texture quality.

If you decrease the texture quality, the game looks a little funny, but not too bad. Although decreasing all of the options didn't seem to make the game run much better anyway.

There's also a game launcher program that came with the phone.

It also allows you to edit some settings, but you can't customize them, and for Pokemon Go, you want to keep a high frame rate at 60fps but have a lower resolution, which isn't an option. However, you can record your screen with this program, which can be fun.