2016 Sep 04 | Moving to Greenfield

Patient with a metallic foreign body in their cornea. Time for the alger brush.

Uh oh, the end of the power clip broke off. Thankfully they're not too expensive and I can just buy a new one.

You can buy out the two boutique hotels in Las Vegas and have them all to yourself. That'd be pretty cool.

Trying to decide which U-Haul truck to rent. In theory a 15' one should work since we don't even have a 2-bedroom apartment, more like 1.5, but we do have a ton of crap jammed in there. I think we'll go with a 20' truck.

Looking for internet options at our new home. Charter Spectum would be the best option; very fast cable internet.

And Greenfield is listed as having it available.

But when we type in our exact address, it says it's not. That's too bad.

They also didn't know when it would be available but that we could walk into the local office and ask. Well, that doesn't really work for us, considering we're 5 hours away, and they said they don't have a phone there.

Yelp said Mitrelink is pretty good.

Although when I called them they never called back.

Instead of getting your business name painted on the side of your truck, you could just tape some cardboard on there and write it on with a Sharpie.

All the dishes are packed, so we have to make do with what's still out.

Last breakfast on the patio.

The new Windows update is so slow.

Last day at this office and a drug rep brought pizza, nice.

And the staff members brought a cake, how nice.

This is a weird table; better take a picture of how these posts go in or I'm sure I'll forget later.

Yeah, that's weird.

We've been so busy lately that I haven't bought groceries once the entire month and we've been eating out a lot.

We ate through the tortilla chips really fast.

Now we even packed up the tupperware containers so we're down to eating cereal out of plastic cups.

Picking up the U-Haul.

They didn't have any 20' trucks available in all of LA, but they said they'd give us a trailer. Uh, that is not what we requested. Maybe we can fit a couple of small boxes in there but that's it.

So I had to drive all the way across town to another U-Haul location where they did have some trailers.

Finally got back home over an hour later.

With the help of some guys from Home Depot we got everything into the truck...

... and the trailer with barely any room to spare. Good thing we got the trailer.

Lots of keys and clickers to hand in.

It was a really pretty apartment, with the wood floors and frosted glass doors.

The front was cool, too.

Now for the long drive north.

A shopping outlet on the way had these motorized horse scooter things, fun.

I don't know that I'd consider that a dispenser. Don't dispensers individually separate items and offer you one at a time? This is just a straw box.

Our new home. Still just renting because we don't want to get stuck in a 30-year lease and then decide we don't like the area, but we're paying the same price for a 4-bedroom house in Greenfield as we did for a 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles.

And old picture from Google Maps shows the grass was really green; I guess the guys before us just let it die, although there is a watering system under the front lawn. Now the question is do we put new grass down or do some type of drought-resistant landscaping.

Front room.

Living room.


Master bedroom with a sliding door that opens to the back yard.

Big closet.

With lots of space inside and shelves on each end.

Master bathroom with two sinks.

Second bathroom. I love having lots of counter space.

One bedroom.

The smaller bedrooms also have pretty large closets.

The front bedroom.

It's very clean, although there are a few random stains on the carpets.

Decent back yard, although the grass is all dead.

A little park just across the street.

We're right beside this ditch thing so we don't have to worry about neighbors on this side unless they go through a lot of work of filling it in.

And behind us is a school, so no neighbors there, either.

Breakfast at the local McDonald's.

Ooh, they have my favorite Coke dispenser.

Hauling in the glass table tops. Good thing I played Ranbow Road on Mario Kart; it's great practice for driving the dolly along the path.

Looking for a washer and dryer.

And a fridge.

Maybe next time we move; we're still not that rich.

The drive to Monterey through these trees is really pretty.

A big house on a hill.

A small house.

And another big one.

A pretty house back behind some trees.

I don't think the fridge is going to fit in the door.

First we tried taking off the house door, but it still didn't fit.

Then we tried removing the fridge doors.

Except the water and ice dispenser hose runs up through this door and you have to take that off, too. There are a lot of small screws that are a pain to get to.

And even then we couldn't take it all the way off because the water hose and electric wiring couldn't be disconnected, so we had to open the door all the way and strap it the back of the fridge. It finally fit after that, though.

The town has 17,000 people. King City to the south has 13,000 and Soledad to the north has 25,000, and each city is about 20 minutes away. Salinas is the next large city to the north, 45 minutes away with 150,000 people, and has more of the large chain stores. I like how all the houses are perfectly contained inside the squares except the one house to the northeast that sticks out into the field.

The internet just over our phones isn't great but it's useable.

Aw, these guys wanted to interview me for my optmetry office. Sorry, a few months too late.

I'm massively up on material but I ran out of time. When you play 1-minute games, to sometimes need to just sacrifice a bunch of your pieces to take out theres really quickly just so they can't win on time like that and can at best draw.

You have to be careful on social media; this guy is saying he drives Uber, gave these guys a lift, and then they gave him an extra ticket to the baseball game they were going to, but other people discovered he's basically a PR guy for Uber.

A guy who plays a lot of Pokemon Go also played a lot of other games.

Another one who's good against Magikarp.

Ooh, a black outline of a Pokemon. That means it's one I haven't found there.

There it is.

Got it!

One way to track them down: drop a circle when they come in and go out of the sightings indicator and they'll be wherever the green interlaps with no red.

The Bubblestrat is still the fastest way to level a gym and they've found more Pokemon to use for it.

The second-fastest method using Magikarp as a defender.

You want Pokemons with really fast attacks for it to work.

Both are good.

A graphic for the Pokemon that work for the Bubblestrat.

And a text explanation.