2016 Sep 11 | Howl at the Moon

In Monterey for the day and ate lunch at this little place.

Cooking the chicken right in front of you.

We went for massages after that. They had this nice pool to swim around in first.

They had this really soothing water bell fountain in the massage room.

The sink had painted koi fish and rocks.

Uh oh, Burger King has some competition.

There was some horse manure on the sidewalk in front of our house. That's actually pretty cool that someone was riding a horse around here; in Los Angeles it would be dog or even human feces.

A little park on the northwest side of town that has a sand volleyball court.

This little plot of land by our house is for sale. I wonder how much and what we could build on it?

We stopped at this restaurant on the way to LA.

All of the tables and chairs are different and older wood; very cool.

Yummy starter plate.

Pizza and crepes.

The hotel we stayed in had tons of DVDs to borrow.

Nice picture on some doors.

I wasn't going to drink at dinner, but they were giving away free raffle tickets with each drink, so might as well have at least one to try to win.

We stayed at the Sheraton in Universal City Walk. This is the sign for room 418, right beside ours.

And this is the sign for our room. Even in the Sheraton people stole the 420 sign.

Ogii with The Rock.

Pretty flowers.

Ogii grabbing King Kong's foot.

Us from up on top.

That's cool, but I'm guessing it's not real comfortable.

The water fountain at City Walk is always fun to watch.

The younger kids don't seem to mind getting wet.

Although the older ones have fun trying to dodge the water.

From above.

Cool water shape.

We went to Howl at the Moon for Charm's birthday.


A nice little park about halfway between Los Angeles and Greenfield.

A track with a soccer field.

Lots of benches.

A basketball court.

Volleyball net.

A game where you see how fast you can hit buttons.

Just to the west of that town are a ton of oil derricks.

Pretty hills.

Some more, with trees.

Long road with few cars.

Paso Robles has a very nice park in downtown with somewhat upscale shops surrounding it.

On the map.

To the south.

To the east.

The north.

More to the north.

A mini library.

There is a school right by our house, so if you are driving when it starts or ends, there are a ton of kids walking.

We went in to get eye exams at the local optometry office.

Ogii checking in.

They take a bunch of walk-ins right after noon.

Ogii trying on glasses.


And black. However, she still sees perfectly and doesn't need glasses.

Smoke from a fire coming over the hills.

Our fridge. I didn't realize the side-by-sides have so little room in the fridge; we have tons of leftovers after cooking and don't freeze very much, so it's not a good proportionality for us, but I'm sure we'll manage.

Our washer and dryer, which we got really cheaply on Craigslist from a rich couple in Monterey.

There are many immigrant workers for the fields in our city, so this place was giving English lessons; very nice.

Ooh, a German restaurant up in Monterey; we'll have to try it out some time.

Pokemon Go is pretty popular.

I saw an ad for this event, but there wasn't any other information on it anywhere, so people were thinking perhaps it was fake. Too bad; it sounded fun.