2016 Sep 18 | Las Vegas Vision Expo

Cool sculpture.

They're painting a mural on the side of this building.

There are lots of wineries and nice houses around Paso Robles; this one has the nicest entrance, with a curving, tree-lined road the entire way up.

We have to conserve water by only being able to water the lawn certain days and times, but the farmers can use thousands of times more water all day long. That makes no sense.

A big moon above the hills.

Trying to get some work done on my laptop while Ogii drives. Unfortunately, Windows decided that was the time it needed to do a huge update, which took nearly an hour. Why didn't it give me the option to postpone it, if just for a day, so I could be productive on this drive and then update it overnight? Stupid Microsoft.

Downtown LA in the marine layer with palm trees.

The poster of eye disorders says "Photo Simulations Only." Because someone might think there's a way to tap into a person's brain and print out a picture of what they're seeing? Really?

The Gold Strike casino is advertising Pokemon.

Ogii saw these huge painted rock piles out in the desert by the highway, so we got off the highway and went back south on a local road until we got back to them.

They're called the Seven Magic Mountains.

A view from our home in Las Vegas for the next few days, a corner penthouse in a highrise.

Ogii out on the balcony with the strip behind her to the south.

Facing east.

SLS is right below, great for going out and partying.


Cool mirrors.

The condos from below.

McDonald's is getting in on the Pokemon Go action.

Ogii wanted hot water, not hot tea. But they didn't have that as an option, so the cashier gave her a hot tea with a senior discount. Congrats on your first senior discount, Ogii!

Speaking of which, Vegas has tons of Pokestops.

A constant line of them on each side of the strip.

A friend from Houston was in Vegas as well; the Cosmo has a great view of the strip from the south.

Uh oh, flat tire. Although it was a good and location; it happened right before we got to the convention center, so Ogii had it towed to a dealership from there while I was in meetings. It ate into her shopping time a little bit, but otherwise not too bad.

It's important to get to the CE meetings early so you can get the best spot...

... which nowadays is any chair next to an outlet so you can charge your phone.

Some studies on amblyopia.

Which show while you can still improve some vision in teenagers with patching, it's not nearly as effective as when they're a younger child.

Although most of the lectures are stuff I already know, like IOP goes up while sleeping.

I wanted to get my shoes shined but the shoe shine stand by the conference center didn't have anyone there.

I ran out onto the strip to grab some tickets to Ka via Tix 4 Tonight during lunch.

A cute stuffed turtle outside the expo hall.

Ah, they had some shoe shiners here.

Lots of exhibitors, as usual.

Neat book stand.

Funky frames.

There was a big line at the Ray-Ban booth...

...for some sort of driving simulator.

A couple of booths were using the Oculus for 3D shows.

Had to grab a CareCredit duck for Ogii.

Ogi eyewear; Ogii could work there.

Neat hanging lens displays.

Cool glasses.

Some more interesting frames.

A few more CE lectures in the afternoon.

It's 100 in Vegas...

... and 100 in LA.

Ogii with a Michael Jackson impersonator.

We went to STK for dinner.

Nice ceiling lights.

Ogii with her giant steak.

Me with dessert.

Adult juice boxes. Fun idea, but expensive.

A mariachi band.

Ogii in front of Koi.

A view down the strip.

These guys were acting like someone hit the jackpot every time they got money out of the ATM.

Ready for the show.

The tiers on the sides of the theater are really neat.

The actors ran on them right before the show started and flew around on wires.

A huge line of people waiting to get into a nightclub afterwards.

An appropriate license plate for Las Vegas.

And another one.

Nice car.

Cool paint job.

Ogii's all bundled up in the covers.

A view from the kitchen.

You can't go to Vegas and not have a buffet.

Big chunk of meat.

Big piles of meat.

Time for a poker tournament on Sunday morning. It was a small one, though, only two tables, and Ogii and I were beside each other.

We can see all of the sporting events on TV from the table.

Wow, full house over full house. We didn't win anything in this tournament.

A giant Pikachu on the strip.

I ran to Gamestop in the mall right when it opened...

... to buy an external power pack for my phone.

I don't think that's how you spell "plumbing."

That's a good idea.

Time for the Daily Deepstack tournament at the Venetian.

They also had all of the football games on.

Close game.

And a start of another one.

A free charging station, neat. Although you have to leave your phone locked in there while it charges.

At the first break...

...I'm doing well in the tournament with a little above average for chips.

I got a lot more over the next hour.

And now I'm around double the average stack.

It's about halfway through the tournament, and I'm the second-biggest stack at our table. Two new players had recently moved to our table who were previously at the same table as each other, and this guy is one of them. He's the new biggest stack at our table, with a few more chips than me.

At the previous table had had just had hit a lucky river card to take a big portion of the other new player's stack, leaving her very short. He has only been at our table for around an orbit before this hand takes place, and neither he nor I have played a hand since he's been here, so I'm really not sure how he plays. I have around 60 big blinds, he has around 65, the average stack is around 30.

I'm in middle position with AhQh and I raise to 3 BB. A short stack on the button shoves for 10 BB. This guy in the small blind calls, and I call, leaving me with 50 BB and 30 BB in the pot.

Flop is A22 rainbow. He shoves fairly quickly, and I call fairly quickly. I'm hoping he has AJ or a weaker ace or even an overplayed smaller pair, but nope, he had AK and I was out of the tournament. Oh well, it happens, and you have to get lucky to win. Plus, now Ogii and I can go out and have fun.

Which consisted of driving out east of town a bit and hiking up this rock formation.

Ogii with Vegas behind her.

On the other side of the road was another hill.

Which had a cool little arch on top.

Time for dinner, so we went to Holstein's because we read they had good shakes.

They were quite impressive.

Huge burgers, too.

And the Greenbay vs Minnesota football game was on, and even better, it was really close. Great day.

Right before sunrise from the condo.

Stopping for lunch on the way home.

Do you see the name of the restaurant behing Ogii?

It's Oggi's.

Pretty clouds.

Lots of windmills.

Not too much traffic.

Ogii sleeping.

Neat doors.

If nine people leave, this town will have the same population as elevation. Pretty small place.

This stain looks a bit like a crazy person staring at you.

A power saw for pumpkins? Just use a knife.

Very green fields near Greenfield.

Coin was a nice idea, an electronic credit card that holds all of your other credit cards, but now that they all use chips, it won't work any more. Too bad; it would have been a nice way to carry one card instead of six. Although now more and more banks are letting you use your credit card directly through your phone, but still not all of them.

This guy has a ton of high-level Pokemon.

Someone studied the game to figure out how to take down Snorlax, one of the toughest characters.

The summary of his study.

Figuring out how to watch football games. It's annoying they're all on different stations. CBS, Fox, and NBC on Sunday and ESPN on Monday.

This is OK, but it doesn't have CBS for one Sunday afternoon game.

This would be another option for Sundays, but it doesn't have Mondays. It also doesn't have in-market games; I wonder what's considered in-market for Greenfield. Will have to do some more research.