2016 Sep 25 | PoGo at Long Beach, Tar Fest

That's a warning I've never seen before. The manual says it's low tire pressure.

Sure enough, one of the tires is a bit low. Filled it up and we'll see if it stays.

Clouds above the hills.

Lots of trucks.

Lots of cows.

We've used AirBnB a few times to stay in people's houses instead of motels. Most are pretty nice.

This guy even had a mini fridge with water and fruit.

And lots of closet space.

The highway names in Los Angeles are way too long.

Lots of Native American road names.

Trying to fit a patient with keratoconus. Lots of options.

I don't do it very much, so I started with what the guide said and went up and down from there, checking the fit of each one.

Playing Pokemon Go in Long Beach. This is the most popular spot for Pokemon in the LA area along with the Santa Monica pier.

These people are camped out in chairs; serious players.

Vendors selling lots of items.

The Queen Mary.

The bridge lights up at night.

A bit farther away with some palm trees.

Pokemon Go's in-game tracker is pretty much worthless, so people have been using scanners, fake accounts spread across an area, to find rarer Pokemon. This one scans around Walnut. Ooh, it says there's a Dragonite!

I drove there and sure enough, one was there.

Caught it!

Other people who had driven there to catch the same Pokemon.

And this website shows all of the Pokemon in an area.

Aw, the workers at this office gave me a card on my last day.

A neat furniture store in DTLA.

Very modern stuff.

Neat metal artwork.

A black and white one.

Fun chairs.

And a really cool table.

Lots of plastic sculptures.

Awesome bed.

A bit out of our price range, though.

A bank vault with more art.

Longer chair.

Using plants to deal with not having grass in a drought.

Skeleton parts for Halloween.

At the La Brea Tar Pits for Tarfest.

A little booth with Pokemon.


Lots of people listening.

Big balloons and a beer garden.


Food trucks.

Our dinner.

Eating and listening to the music.

A view from above.

The sun is setting.

Looking back up the hill.

The lights lit up at night.

A view from farther back.

I wonder why this is blocked off.

A little event across the street.

Although you had to pay to get in.

This is a truck with a billboard on it.

Back in Long Beach; there's this neat sign.

That has two different pictures depending on which side you're looking from.

From straight ahead.

There was also a car show there.

Fun gypsy truck.

Bikes on the back.

That's weird; why is there a motorcycle on this walking path?

Ah, he's pacing runners.

Here come a lot more.

Fun little tent.

Ogii found a baby sock; apparently that's good luck in Mongolia.

Free meter parking, nice.

Eating breakfast.

They've won a lot of awards.

Onto the San Antonio winery for wine tasting with LACOS.

Lots of barrels.


Our host.

Showing us how to evaluate wine.

Getting a tour.

Big barrels.

Huge tanks; they have wooden and metal ones.


Packaging room.

Just got a Pokemon Go Plus in the mail. It's supposed to let you catch Pokemon without using your phone, although the app still has to run on your phone; it's just easier to click the button on the Plus than use your phone's screen.

This medical office has some nice landscape pictures.

Out in our back yard.

OK, I'm done with this game; Ogii crushed me.

The highway names in Los Angeles are way too long.

Hoverboards are real now.

Android lets you view two apps at once, but Pokemon Go doesn't allow it. There are apparently ways around that, though.

Although perhaps not on my phone yet.

A tip on better ways to take down opponent's gyms in Pokemon Go.

There are nests in Pokemon Go that spawn mostly one type of Pokemon. However, the developers change them up every once in a while. Mostly to worse Pokemon in most nests, unfortunately.

This is the normal view of the game.

But if you have an app that allows forced landscape mode, you can see much wider.