2016 Oct 10 | Carmel, La Jolla Art and Wine Festival

Scenic Road is on the coastal edge of Carmel -By-The-Sea and has some really amazing houses.

Like this one.

Really wide with cool trees.

A view towards a beach.

These almost look like castles.

One hanging over the ocean.

From the other side.

Flat tree.

Middle Eastern feel.

Another giant one right on the ocean.

Lots of glass.

Cute mailbox.

Big rocks.

Older style.

All glass, like ones at Venice Beach.

A huge beach.

Lots of sand.

These guys hide their garbage bins in cutouts in the bushes.

A beach to the north has this big tree stump.

A few sand volleyball courts.

Pebble Beach golf course to the north.

Lots of beach to the south.

A couple of houses with huge windows.

Gangly tree.

Ogii on the beach.

Watching the waves come in.

Pretty driveway with grass between the stone tire paths.

Nice balcony.

Another castle-like house.


Red wood.

Huge deck.

Another house on the ocean.

This one is really long.

All windows.

Curvy roof.

A little walking path.

Storybook house.

Fun bushes.

Nice landscaping.

A little mall area.

Lots of art galleries downtown.

And more.

And more.

Nice statue.

More stores.

A mall with upscale stores.

Front area.

Central area.

We ate at Lugano Swiss Bistro, which has amazing food and decor.

Driving back home there was construction on the road, so Google Navigation said to take a side route to avoid the backed-up traffic.

Wow, this road is horrible. Huge pot holes in dirt. I think I'd rather wait on the highway.

Passing the construction.

A fire on the way south. We called the fire department but they said they already had received multiple calls and had fire trucks on the way.

Steep driveway.

A truck that had started on fire.

Sun halo.

With sun dogs to the sides.

There are lots of different types of palm trees; the wide bushy ones like this are my favorite.

This one is similar, but slightly wider.

I hate these; so skinny and skimpy on leaves.

House up on a hill.

Weird clouds.

A pumpkin patch.

Lawyer's plate.

When a cop goes slow (i.e., the speed limit), it really jams up traffic.

We went down to San Diego for the La Jolla Art and Wine Festival there. On that Sunday, though, I had to work in Los Angeles. So Saturday we both were at the art festival, then Sunday I drove up to LA, worked, drove back down to San Diego, picked up Ogii, then we both drove back to Greenfield. Lots of driving, and I didn't want to forget Ogii after work and drive all the way back home without her, so I figured I'd better set an alarm.

Our booth.

Another artist's work.

And another.

Getting pictures of the sea lions at the cove there.

Athena plays on Live at the Bike; she tends to wear rather revealing shirts.

Pokemon Go has really started to die off. That was pretty quick.

How long it takes the special moves to come out for different Pokemon. The longer it takes, the easier it is to dodge.

A 100% IV Pokemon, although it's wasted on one like Parasect.

Lots of deliveries from Amazon.

My phone couldn't find my location for a couple of days, so the navigation wouldn't work. I didn't realize how much I use that until it was gone. So much better than paper maps back in the day.

A portable printer like this is a neat way to give people instant photos taken with a digital camera.

It's so annoying that my phone brings up this "listening at high volumes may damage your hearing" when listening to podcasts through bluetooth in the car. Just one more button I have to press.

A classmate's photo; really cool.

People mentioning how certain companies try to be diverse, but only via race; they're all from the same social class.

Also, how Marissa Mayer said you could be a working mother, except most working mothers can't build private nurseries right next to their offices.