2008 Dec 03 | advanced movie screening, driving

I got some free tickets to an advanced screening of this movie, so some of my classmates and friends went to it. It was pretty funny.

Yeah, I'm sure the IRS uses "no-reply@gmail.com" as its address. One problem with GMail is that it doesn't show the actual email address unless you click on "show details," so it actually takes another step to determine if an email is a scam or not.

I don't know who designed the wrapper around these cinnamon rolls, but if you tear it naturally, you split apart the only two pieces of information you need, the temperature and time to bake. I think the designer was actually a great cook who despised people that used pre-made food like this and did it on purpose so that they would burn the rolls.

This is an intersection right before the school, and it can be a real pain in the mornings. There is a red light to the left which backs up traffic coming from the right and the road I'm on, and when the light turns green, traffic from the right often catches up to the cars that are still backed up, so it can be almost impossible to even get one car through.

One way around it is to drive straight through the line of cars into the right-turn-only lane, go right, make a U-turn, then turn right. However, if you're behind somebody or if somebody else is just sitting in the middle, both of which are the case here, that doesn't work. They should consider putting a light here that is only on for a few hours in the morning due to the number of cars that come from this road, because the rest of the day it's fine.

The school gave everyone a ton of free junk on the first day, including pens, rulers, etc. Most of them are actually useful, though, and the one thing that practically everybody uses is a lunch container/bag. I already had one from working in the summer, though, and a decent meal fits perfectly in mine. Well, almost perfectly. Two containers plus a fruit actually push the edges of the container out a bit, and considering how neurotic I am about straight lines, it took me a while to get used to it. It still annoys me a little, though.

People here love to creep at red lights. They'll stop, then move forward a few inches, stop, move forward a bit more, etc. I have no idea why people do it; it seems much easier to just step on the brake and keep your foot there. Maybe they're trying to to be moving when the light changes so they can get going a little more quickly, but invariable they get the timing wrong and the light changes as they are stopped. The light had just turned green here; the guy in the middle had actually moved beyond the crosswalk almost a full vehicle length while the light was red.

Oh, this guy really pissed me off. He put his blinker on to merge into the turn lane about half a block ago. Even though there were absolutely no cars in that lane at all, he waited until he got right behind the stopped cars to get halfway into the lane. Since it was a turn-only lane, though, they still had a red light even though the traffic going straight had a green, so everybody behind me in this lane had to stop. The only thing I can think if is that he wasn't sure if he should turn or not and decided at the last second to actually do it, but I would never do this if I were in that situation; I'd go half a block ahead and make a U-turn before I'd inconvenience everyone behind me.

I love Fig Newtons, but they're expensive, so I only buy them when they're on sale, and they dry out really quickly, so you have to eat the entire bag of them in one sitting.

This was rather scary. The truck driver was coming from the other direction on the other side of the divided road when he when angled through the turning break and kept driving straight, which meant he was headed right for us in our lane. Then he stopped and backed into this driveway. It was pretty scary for a few seconds, though.

Here's that pothole they didn't fill correctly the first time, and now they have cones all over the place.

A few days later they had some guys out to fill it again, so hopefully this time they will actually fill it correctly.

It's amazing how much little things can change your overall happiness level. I couldn't find these erasers and ended up buying some cheaper ones. However, they were really stiff and left about half the writing on the paper no matter how much I tried to erase it, and since I erase a lot, it was constantly annoying me. I saw these in a store and bought them, and it was like waterskiing on a huge, glass-surfaced lake, all smooth and nice. I actually enjoy erasing now because it works so well. Kind of crazy, but true.

Another annoying driver. This guy pulled out right in front of about four of us in line and then drove 25mph on a road with a 30mph limit that most people go 40mph on. The guy in front of me actually passed him even though it's a no-passing area and the guy behind me was swerving all over the road trying to get around. If the guy hauling the dryer would have waited 10 seconds, he wouldn't have made four people hate his guts that morning.

What a pain; someone in China somehow got my credit card number and tried to buy wrestling tickets with it. Thankfully the fraud protection on all of my credit cards is really good; Capital One called me right away to stop the transaction and cancel the card. It's a pain, though, because I memorize my credit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes. In the remote chance that I lose my wallet and need to get food, shelter, or gas, most places are set up so they can punch the info into the credit card machine rather than having to swipe the card, just like they are doing a phone order. Now I have to memorize another set of numbers.