2016 Oct 16 | Art Walk, Long Beach Oktoberfest, Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Stopping by Puma Road winery after work for a tasting.

Nice little room.

Their selections.

There are tons of wineries around.

One problem with smaller towns is not everything shows up on Google Maps, for example, this car wash. I didn't think there was one in Greenfield until I just happened to drive by it.

Our antennae doesn't pick up any stations at all, so I'm trying to find the best way to watch football. Seems like Sling TV on our Roku is the best option for most live games.

He's blowing the leaves away, but he's just blowing them somewhere else, not actually removing them.

One of our garage door openers wasn't working well; time for a new battery.

Ooh, water filters at the thrift store.

And only $4.50 for five of them.

And they're all there; nice.

Check Amazon to make sure I'm getting a deal...

... and yep, they are. Although weird pricing; $7.98 for 2, $4.86 for 3, and $6.75 for 4.

This one says it's even cheaper, but you have to be careful, because this cost isn't Prime and doesn't include shipping; with it, it's about the same.

They have tons of Halloween decorations.

But a lot aren't very cheap; this is $99, hardly thrift-store pricing.

An example of something trying to do two things at once and failing at both. I bought some of these PD-ruler pen lights, but the ruler is hard to read, mainly because the 5mm markings are almost the same size at the 1mm ones, and the pen light isn't very bright. Great idea, bad execution.

Google Maps has these nice category buttons now to find places faster.

A RadioShack; you don't see many of those any more.

Underneat a grocery store checkout; they might want to blow some of that dust off.

Bought this cool-looking 3D lamp.

Except in real life, it's not nearly as nice; it's just a flat piece of plastic.

The scratches all over it don't help, either.

Ogii's windshield wipers don't work very well.

Yeah, they definitely need to be replaced.

Some cool-looking places on AirBnB.

Pretty fog in the morning.

I bought a bow for Ogii for her birthday. A couple of months later it finally arrived. But what's "resealed for wildlife inspection?"

I guess because the bow had snakeskin, it wasn't allowed to be imported into the US without the proper paperwork, which it didn't have, so they confiscated the bow and all we received was the string. Well, happy belated birthday, honey.

I like stopping at this gas station. That's a nice sign.

Taking pictures out of the car window when all of the sudden an area got all blurry. Hey, it's a bug.

Dropping by Hooters to eat dinner and we have great timing because...

... the LA dodgers...

... and the SD chargers are playing. There was lots of cheering in the restaurant.

Opposing team's fan not so happy.

Annoying sound warning for bluetooth when driving. Just one more thing I have to click on, which makes me more likely to crash.

This office had a pot luck for my last day there.

Pretty reflection at the Santa Monica pier.

It's not nearly as popular for Pokemon any more, but there are still some players.

Watching Star Wars on the pier.

Us and the Millenium Falcoln.

During the final lightsaber battle two guys from the audience ran up and acted it out as well.

Fishermen pulling a catch up in a net.

Google Navigation tells you if you made it to your destination earlier or later than predicted. That could be bad; people might try to speed to see how much they can beat it by.

That's a rather large pricing difference for Halloween garage door decorations.

Sun behind some trees.

The blimp near downtown LA.

Love my life.

On a pickup.

Some cool cards.

Very nice one of bridges.

Nice terrace.

A bunch of old cars going somewhere.

Another one.

A bicycle that's completely wrapped up.

Neat water tower.

These guys in front of us at the gas station had a map of states they'd been to. They said they'd get to South Dakota next year.

Checking out the Belmont Shores Art Walk.

Artists were getting started.

Pretty colors.

Very detailed Prince.

Roller coaster.

Shopping bags.

Tons of free books.

Interesting combination.

Kids drawing.

The Ferris wheel at Long Beach.

I've always seen it but never ridden it.

There's a nice view.

Queen Mary to the south.

Mall to the north.

The Long Beach Oktoberfest had huge Jenga...

... and cornhole...

... and giant beer pong with volleyballs and trash barrels.


There were only two tents selling beer, but the lines moved fast.

Us with our beers.

The grass was nice to sit on, but not so great for setting drinks on. We found this little cover to use as a table, though.

In front of the lighthouse.

Pretty flower.

You can take pictures with the birds here.

Very pretty parrots.


It looks like moths got to it.

A glasses bicycle rack in front of a glasses store.

Artistic parking meter shadows.

Another one.

The Queen Mary Dark Harbor haunted house is rather expensive; $74 for a normal ticket. And with the normal ticket, the lines are around a 1- to 2-hour wait for each maze; it's really worth it to get the fast pass tickets, although those are even more expensive.

The good news is that almost all of the haunted houses have discounts online. The best deal we found for this one was actually at Costco, which had two of the fast passes for nearly the same price as one regular pass. Plus, you have even buy them online and print them out; no need to actually go to Costco.

The line of cars to get to the Queen Mary was horrible, though. We waited here so long we actually turned around and went back a mile to park.

We thought about taking the bus, but it was delayed and we didn't know how long it would take.

So we just walked instead.

Good thing; we actually were walking faster than the bus was moving in all of the traffic.

A view from the bridge.

This is weird; the pedestrian path just drops off into bushes and the only path still going is for bikes.

Everyone was walking along this road with no sidewalk.

At the Queen Mary.

It shows up on Pokemon.

I guess people drew all over things in the past?

A little show on the left and the entrance on the right.

A barker above the entrance.

Fire dancers.

Great makeup.

Entrance to the first maze.

The line of people without front-of-the-line tickets. Honestly, I don't know if it'd even be worth going that way.

Walking onto the ship.

At least some of the lines had stages to entertain people while they waited.

Huge propeller.

Lots of props.

Shrunken head.

This was a little machine where you could hit a button to scare people as they went through a maze.

A singer.

More fire dancers.

Another huge room in the ship with a creepy setup.

My favorite part of the place was the exit to this maze.

It was all foggy and monsters would jump out and scare people.

Hanging from the room.

These guys sprinted out.

A couple of attendees even dropped to the floor and crawled out in terror instead, haha.

Big burts of fire.

Cool entrance to a ship maze.

A passenger train. We've looked into taking it to San Francisco or Los Angeles, but it takes at least a few hours longer.

One of the wineries.

Another one with nice trees.

Lots of peppers.

Lots of cows.

More cows.

And more.

A little bridge for a dirt road.

Full moon.

Foggy hills.

The wind blew one of our baby palm trees over.

Chevy freak.

Although he needs a new back window.

Long road.

A little road to the east of Greenfield that goes to the Pinnacles turns into a one-lane road.

Not very wide. I wonder what happens if you meet a car coming from the other direction?

Fog in the hills.

I don't get any cell phone reception here; better not break down.

Never before have two lanes looked so good.

The highest damage per second of each type of Pokemon, which can be useful for attacking gyms.

However, there are only a few Pokemon that are actually useful at this point for filling gyms.

The little Pokemon Go Plus seems to run out of battery moderately quickly.

Two guys playing against each other for a long time in Pokemon Go finally meet in person.

Abandoned ship?

Ah, cool, you can see it under water in the game.

What it actually looks like.

Using Magikarp as my buddy to gain candies to evolve him.

This is the highest IV one I have and now I have over 400 candies, so time to evolve.


Hope the stats come out good.

Nice, hydro pump, the best possible outcome, and a really high IV.

Niantic updated the game so it removes being able to see Pokemon when moving faster than around 25mph. They did it to reduce liability for lawsuits if people crash when playing, but it destroys the game for a huge number of people who play while riding as passengers in cars or even buses. Some cities even advertised that you could play the game while on public transport; not any more. Threats of lawsuits are really killing the game.

Men's height matters a lot to women.

An explanation of how to replace the seal on a flush canister toilet. It looks long, but it's actually really easy.

He won with 0.1 second.

Really pretty drawing.