2016 Oct 23| Digital Nature at Arboretum, Royce's Arcade Warehouse, PoGo Santa Clarita

A lot of Mexicans working hard out in the fields.

They pick up the workers in these old repurposed school buses that haul porta potties behind them.

There's a drought and we can't water our lawns except early morning and late night on certain days of the week, but the farmers use 100 times that amount on irrigation.

Horses here.

A tractor.

Although sometimes you have to go around them on the roads.

And another one.

Nice slogan for a bail bonds place: "We sell freedom."

Cheap public parking garage in downtown Salinas.

There's a little casino there.

Small area, but fairly pretty.

We played in the daily tournament there and I won it.

My with all the chips.

This reminds me of LA: an accident.

Although there are a fair number of cars at these intersections before and after work and some have four-way stops and others don't, so it can be a bit confusing.

The TVs are right there, and we can even stream from our phones to the TVs, but it's too much work to turn the TVs on, so we'll just watch it on the phone.

There's a Food and Wine Festival in Big Sur coming up, but the nicer tour tickets are rather expensive at $200 a person.

I think we can manage the $50 to just walk around and taste wines, though.

Dragonite is the Pokemon with the highest possible level, so he'll often be at the top of the gyms. If they're weaker gyms they'll tend to have lots of other characters in them, but if they're filled with only high-level players, it's almost all Dragonites, Snorlaxes, and Laprases.

Not many people talk back when I say "gg" for "good game" in chess, but occasionally someone will.

These have been by far my favorite dress shirts over the past few years, but unfortunately they're just too worn out along the collars and cuffs to wear any more. What's really sad is I can't find any good shirts like these anywhere; from cheaper stores like Ross or Marshall's to even expensive stores, it's all pretty much low-quality crap.

I like these newer Wells Fargo ATMs because you can pick which bills you get; any combo of $1s, $5s, $20s, $50s, and $100s.

Although those are inside this bank. The ones outside are still the old ones. That's dumb; they should switch them. If I'm going inside, I can just go to a teller for other bills.

Ogii watching her TV show on her phone.

We went to the Arboretum at Pasadena for a Digital Nature event. They have peacocks wandering around the grounds.

Big lawns.

Let's follow that.

Ogii sitting under a big tree.

And another one.

From the other side.

An art exhibit with different types of paper among trees.

Each exhibit had information on it.

Very neat.


Cool tree.

Round cacti.

A poem as sound and graphics.


A little walkway.

An area with some tables for eating, although they had way too few tables for how many people were there.

Live band.

The band from the back.

This is cool; make your own S'mores.

They put sterno cans in the rocks.

Uh oh, Ogii's burning her marshmallow.

Mini tacos.

Also some food trucks.

This reminds me of a totem pole.

Floral graphics.

Digtal art in a gazebo.


A huge screen with things evolving.

Kissing in front of a screen.

Some huge screens over here.

People were dancing in front of them.

You could wave to make the particles move...

...if you stood in this area.

Ogii trying it out.

It used a Microsoft Kinect to work.

Looking for sturdy, waterproof pants for a trip to the Oregon coast.

These look really good, although XXL is a bit too big for me.

It says they're comparable to $140, but you never know; sometimes Ross makes that number up.

So always good to check Amazon. It says some are $43...

... but that must be for a weird size and color because most are actually $140.

I'll grab a few of them then. I think they're for snowboarding.

That's annoying; Google put the addresses of some of my contacts on Google Maps. Way too distracting.

Turning that off right now.

The teaser poster for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is pretty cool.

They keep making the skull more complex with more accessories. Lately they've even been changing the skull color.

Funny poem about Pokemon.

A reminder that IVs are important to keep in mind.

These gyms in Long Beach have very high-level Pokemon in them.

If I put one of my highest-level Pokemon in it, it's still only at the very bottom.

In fact, I only have a single Pokemon higher than the second-lowest character in that gym.

A bug where the Pokemon looks tiny.

Ogii is happy...

... because she's watching her TV show while eating.

The Ross we went to yesterday only had one of the Neff Gnargo pants in my size, so we went to another Ross and found a few more. Nice!

These shoes are super-flat. They're good for strengthening your calf muscles, but I want something that's super-light to run in, not that's actually more difficult to run in.

Ooh, a yard sale! Let's go check it out.

The guy selling stuff was really funny and constantly joking with people.

Before the internet, you had to have books like this for all of the chemicals.

We went to Royce's Arcade on Saturday.

They have lots of older arcade games, all on free play.

Neat wall art.

This Q-Bert game was attached to a projector so everyone could watch you play.

More games over here.

Gotta love the four-player TMNT game. They had the four-players Simspons as well.

Rush N Attack, great music.

I used to love Frogger. I got the high score.

Ogii playing DDR.

The NBA Jam game has a ad to stay in school.

Pinball machines.

Revolution X, this one used to eat quarters super quickly.

Ogii playing pinball.

Air hockey, she ended up with both paddles and I'm using just my hands; super defense vs super offense, who will win?

A huge Donkey Kong.

Next we went to Santa Clarita for a Pokemon Go event.

Us with Pikachu.

I made an overlay of the Pokestops with Google Maps in Photoshop to figure out the optimal walking route.

An in-game view from the top.

They had some tables set up.

With various raffle items.

Ogii playing on a giant Plinko board.

Uh oh, that one went flying off.

They were having a gym fight at the library.

Some of the other players.

A drummer statue.

The William S Hart house on top of a hill.

Some buffalo up there.


Inside the house.

Corner with beautiful views.

Dining room.

Living room.

Large open area.

Sun deck.

A little column.

This doctor is only here four hours a day, three days a week.

Big rocket.

It feels like the town is dying, but this sign says they're building a seven-screen theater.

The local theater.

An art show.

One of the local artists.

Ogii with the Pokemon Go Plus.

Good steak and yummy chocolate chip cookie.

A passenger train runs through the city.

A DJ back at the booths.

More raffle prizes.

Beach parking is normally like $5 here, but today it was $30. Ah, there's an air show.

Too bad we have to work today; it'd be fun to watch.

Reviewing a game in the Chess.com app. Yep, losing a queen for free will often go from winning to losing.

I have an easy win here. Just need to push my pawn down to get a queen.

However, I'm so busy moving my pawn I'm totally ignoring what he's doing. I should have just taken his pawn with my pawn.

And here I should just take his pawn with my king, but I was so focused on getting my queen I just moved away by instinct.

Whoops, that was the wrong move.

Plumbers could be making good money.

Pork king.

One of my favorite views of downtown LA: from highway 132 near highway 2.

Stay back; the trailer tails employ at 35mph. That would be interesting to have fly open into your car when you're driving down the highway, although you'd have to be really close to the truck.

An Audi, an Audi, and a Maseratti.

On a red car.

That's a weird looking three. Maybe it was an eight they chopped up.

Rich people just hire people to decorate their mansions and lawns for them.

Tons of firewood.

That has to be a copyright infringement; I wonder if they paid for the rights to use it.

A little piece of turf behind their car to stand on while drying off and knocking sand off after being at the beach; smart.

It's never good when your vehicle is facing the wrong way on the highway.

The new Wilshire Grand is almost done. Although you can easily tell the main part is still shorter than the Bank of America Tower; it cheats to be taller using its antennae.

The new Pokemon Go loading screen for Halloween is neat.

We were looking at staying at the Bicycle Casino's new hotel, but it's rather expensive; $229 a night.

Although only $175 on Expedia.

They also have a spa, but again, massages are pretty expensive.

And again, cheaper through other means; a third of the price on Groupon.

Hotels says $181 for the room.

Although then they tack on some other charges.

The main site would do that as well, though. Sometimes the bookings sites and the main site are relatively close in price; here it's $50 cheaper to book via a third party.

I have Chase Ultimate Rewards, which gives an extra discount on booking flights.

However, you have to go through their site for the discount, and they can't always find a flight.

Ah, maybe that's why. No regular seats are available on this flight; only ones you have to pay extra for.

No, I do not want to pay more money for slightly-better seats.

Google is getting better and better at putting the results you want up before any links. The only problem with the UFC 205 results is it doesn't say who is fighting who.

Gotta go to an actual website for that.

Major video games are getting so expensive to make now. The Last of Us has six hours of cutscenes; that's three time the length of most movies.

We that's annoying. My phone says its remotely connected to my watch, but my watch is miles away; that doesn't do me any good.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have tons of bots working for their campaigns on major websites like reddit.