2016 Oct 30 | Gamble House, Halloween Live at the Bike, Oldest McDonald's, Wiked Lit

The Gamble House in Pasadena.

From the side.

A gorgeous stained-glass front door.

Vines growing inside the steps.

The driveway was angled so water would run off.

The front door from inside. Normally you can't take pictures inside the house but because there were some modern-art displays inside, they allowed us to. Although everyone took pictures of the house, not the art.

Natural wood everywhere.

A lamp.

The living room.

Tiffany lamp.

Carved relief pictures.

Leather straps to hold pictures instead of nails.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

Huge stove.

Old intercom.

Another lamp.

Inlaid metal.

A secret door.

A bedroom.

More stained glass.

The backyard patio from a second-story balcony.

A pond.

The doors to the balcony. They also used the balconies for sleeping outside.

Metal straps to hold the rafters instead of screws.

The back yard from the garage.

The house from the back.

Pretty flower.

We didn't eat breakfast or lunch in preparation for eating at a Brazilian BBQ.

Cool metal palm tree decorations.

Cutting the meat.

Quite a variety.

Even more.

Keep it coming.

When did a 30% tip become a suggestion?

Pretty wine containers.

Playing Pokemon in this park. There were a few small coyotes walking around. Ogii got scared and ran to the car, but I just climed this exercise ladder. They didn't attack, though, just wandered by.

Lots of packages at the front door.

Three little laptops to watch streaming TV.

When you search for "download Firefox," in Bing, an ad comes up to suggest you use Microsoft Edge instead. Sneaky, but no thanks.

First download: Firefox. Second download: ad blocker.

These mini projectors are cute, but the problem is they're not very bright, so you usually need a really dark room at night.

A giant package of unsalted sunflower seeds.

Some insurances companies are pulling out of Obamacare and premiums are increasing.

However, most people won't actually pay more because of income-based caps.

Clouds in the hills.

All of that packaging and space for four tiny button batteries.

Time to carve pumpkins.

There's a lot of goop in there.

Cleaning it all out.

Lots of seeds, too.

Me separating them out.

Almost done.

And into the oven they go.

The jack-o-lanterns outside our front door.

I bought a new tripod bag (top) that was bigger than my previous ones (bottom two)...

...so I could fit my tripod, monopod, and painter's pole into one bag instead of two.

Thursday night we went back to Los Angeles. Google Navigation is pretty good at finding the fastest route.

We went to the Bicycle Casino...

...to play on Live at the Bike.

Since it was Halloween, people were dressed up.

I was a holy cow.

And Ogii was holy macaroni.

Our table having a good time.

I won a Roku in the game, too.

The front desk at the new hotel there is pretty.

As is the chandalier and couch.

The couch from the front.

You use your room key to power the room, interesting.

Very cleanly-designed bathroom.

Pretty beds.

Just to the east a bit is the world's oldest McDonald's.

Old logo and mascot.

A wider view.

From the other direction.

A story on the beginnings.

A little eating area.

With a small museum.

Old letters and logos.

A shake machine.

Office supplies.

Lots of memorabilia.


Old doors.

Cheap prices.

Next stop, downtown LA. I wonder how much time a quarter gets me at this meter? Only 3 minutes. I think I'll park somewhere else.

This Chinese bank has an abacus built into a table.

Interesting clouds.

A Mexican Day of the Dead setup near city hall.

There are a ton of satellite dishes right there.

Back to the Bicycle for massages.

Relaxation room.

Ogii ready for her massage.

Steam room afterwards.

Then off to Wicked Lit.

They tell scary stories while walking in a masoleum and a cemetary.

That's a big building.

The central meeting area is setup like a summer camp.

With tents.

And a little snack area.

Fun snack.

There are three stories.

The split us into three groups and take us to one story, then we meet in the camp again and head off to the next one.

The next day we watched Sarnai so her parents could go do yoga.

High five!

Three Priuses.

Mine is a Plug-in, this is a C...

... and this is a V.

There aren't nearly as people playing Pokemon Go at Long Beach now.

Although these hardcore players camp out on chairs here all day long. It's kind of sad their kids just have to wander around there, though.

These two were playing together and running after the rare ones.

A rare one was over here, so everybody ran over to get it.

Some TV show being taped there.

Cool clouds above the palm trees.

Looking up one tree.

The lighthouse and some palm trees.

Surfers in Huntington Beach.

Riding a wave.

Funny sign.

A Jeep with a mini Jeep on its dash.

Tsunami evacuation route: basically run away from the water.

Ogii found a neat sea shell.

The back.

There was a spider stuck in this gas station pump display.

A cute statue.

A Fosters restaurant.

Nice trees and hills.

The Wilshire Grand is looking almost done.

Palm trees and clouds.

Palm trees and lights.

Someone must be sleeping in this car in a parking lot.

Fluffy clouds.

Lots of fog in the hills.

Fog blowing off the top.

Around Halloween, Pokemon Go had a special event.

Transfers were worth two candies instead of one, walking distance needed for candy and eggs was quartered, and the normal Pokemon were replaced with ghostly ones.

Ones of the best ways to gain experience is to evolve Pidgeys into Pidgeottos, so it was a good idea to save all of the evolved Pidgeottos and then transfer them during the event for double candy.

288 Pidgey candies, 12 candies per evolution, is 24 evolutions; nice.

Also, because you get four times the distance for walking, I switched my Buddy to Snorlax because he takes a long distance to get candies for.

Got one.

With the candies I was able to boost this Snorlax from 2297...

... to 2470.

Caught a ghost Pokemon I hadn't found yet, nice.

There is HTML coding in the description of this Pokestop.

Lots of eggs are going to hatch at the same time.

This is weird; a fish Pokemon is showing up at this corner when there's no water around. I think it's part of the Halloween event changing spawn points that got miscoded.

I walked around a park that has a bunch of Bulbasaur spawn points so I could finally evolve them to an Ivysaur...

... and then that...

... into a Venusaur.

I used a really high IV Bulbasaur to evolve, but unfortunately it got a horrible moveset, making it nearly useless. All that work for basically nothing.

These are the top gym defenders and the best attackers to take them out. You can just use your strongest Pokemon as attackers, but it's much faster to use ones that counter them, such as water Pokemon to attack fire.

Hatching a 10km egg, which have the chance to give you the best Pokemon in the game.

Unfortunately it's only a Eevee, one of the most common Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Go does eat a ton of battery, though.

That's a neat idea for Halloween food.

You cansee the shadow of the Google van in this picture.

The name says Samsung.

The description says OEM.

But the reviews all say their knock offs.

Here's another one; Samsung OEM.

But again, a knockoff. I don't know why Amazon allows these. This is one item I refuse to buy from Amazon because of this; I buy them directly from Samsung's website.

Looking for a dining table. That's cool, but a little too big and heavy and expensive.

Another neat one, but again, way too much.

This corner one is neat but a little too small.

That one's very cool but too expensive.

A neat addition to Google Maps; it shows a marathon route so you don't try to drive through it.

I moved here, but his time ran to zero and then just stayed there; that's not a good sign.

Yep, I got disconnected. Then once it reconnected it said my time ran out.

That's a rather screwy way to get there.

Lots of turns.

We both were almost out of time.