2016 Nov 06 | Halloween, Big Sur Food and Wine Festival

Looks like the pumpkins are starting to get a bit old.

This one even fell apart.

We put this big spider out in the yard in the morning. It had six legs. When I got home the wind had picked up and blow away four legs.

Gotta get by this guy to get to our door.

I thought about buying full-sized candy, but decided to just get regular stuff this year.

The options.

Here come some trick or treaters.

Some people came with just their own families.

And some came in bigger groups.

We even got a few teenagers.

Found this needle sitting in the parking lot of a nearby church. Probably should throw it away.

Bought a few HDMI cables for the computers, but apparently this takes micro HDMI, which I didn't even knew existed. Guess I'll have to buy another cable.

Watching the World Series of Poker and football.

Our new dining table arrived, but all the reviews say it's pretty wobbly, and the reviews are right. But I just bought a few washers...

And added them to the bottom of the table and it was nice and sturdy.

It changes colors.

Pretty bright in the dark.

A game of chess with Ogii.

The heater wasn't working, so a technician came out to take a look. Apparently they had put in two filters, one at the heater and one at a vent, and that was too much; you only need one. Pretty simple fix.

Lots of workers out in the fields.


A foggy morning.

This new Corvette is sometimes parked by a nearby restaurant. I wonder if it's the owner's?

We bought some new bulbs for the house because the current ones are too yellow. I didn't even think there'd be different colors of bulbs since I'm used to tungston ones which are all the same, but with the LED lights you can pick what color temperature you want.

Although I don't want to go too white; then it feels to antiseptic like a hospital.

A cat walking along the fence in our back yard.

There's a food and wine festival in Big Sur. Even though it's a bit south of us to the east, it's actually faster to go north because that's a highway. There seem to be a few small back roads that go through, although I haven't gone on them yet.

We're here.

Lots of wine glasses.


There were a fair number of people but it wasn't too crowded.

These walnuts with chocolate were really good.


And lots of wine.

Ogii having a taste.

These were pretty good.

More snacks.

More wines.

Fresh honey.

A lot of different wines.

It was a really nice area.

Live music.

Cooked appetizers.

A giant bottle on the right.

Fun bottles.

Cute ones.

More upscale.

This jam was amazing.

More people are starting to show up.

And a few more appetizers on the way out.

Oh man, that's almost two months.

Doesn't Donald Trump own these? It's printing this stuff about Hillary a conflict of interest in some way?

New license plate covers; the shiny blue is really pretty.

Ogii making a big meal.

OK, how do you get seven dimensions? 3D with glasses and then they say motion, wind, interactivity and scoring. Eh, that's pushing it.

Stopping in San Francisco on the way to Oregon. A pretty sculpture at the end of the pier.

Sea lions.

This gift shop looks like Alcatraz.

And this one looks like the Golden Gate bridge.

A giant sculpture.

Shiny paint job.

A model of Alcatraz by the ferries to the island.

An example of how rust can slowly destroy concrete.

What are these?

Ah, they're seats that look like barnacles. Cool.

A symmetrical pier.

Green, red, blue, and white parking sections all within a few feet.

Another pier.

Looking back towards the city from the end.

Little turtle sculptures.

Palm trees and the Transamerica Pyramid.

Palm tree and Bay Bridge.

The Bay Bridge and a bird.

The giant bow and arrow.

A massive pumpkin.

Even though it's fairly cold, plenty of people are still eating outside.

A little art area.

Pretty pictures.

Aw, this old couple was playing Pokemon Go together. They seemed really happy, too. How sweet.

A photography and postcard shop on the pier.

That's a different looking Tesla.

It's a Roadster Sport.

My happy shark emblem fell off the car, so I bought a new one. As far as I can tell, they're only sold directly from this website.

Cool; they were created by a doctor.

Always loved the steep streets in the city.