2016 Nov 20 | Monterey Fisherman's Wharf, Montery Symposium

Ogii's trash can on the right, which automatically opens when there's movement above it, and my trash can on the right, which is bigger for when I cook.

I also bought a really big cutting board, 18"x24"; I hate having food fall off the edges of smaller ones.

A cheap drone to practice with.

We ordered these plates but it looks like a few broke.


At least we still got most of them, and we just requested a few replacements from the seller.

Interesting; they were drop shipped from Target.

We paid just over $60 for them...

... but they're a bit under $50 direct from Target. I guess it might pay to look around when buying from third-party seller on Amazon.

Switching more house lights. I don't like this yellow look.

A few minutes on the ladder...

... and it's nice and white.

Aw, Ogii left me some notes when she was gone.

The blue USB sockets are much faster. Unfortunately I didn't think and used the other one.

So slow.

I had a CE meeting in Monterey over the weekend. Most of the booths give out pens and crap, but this one had USB drives and Bluetooth speakers; those are nice.

Up early for breakfast on the top floor of the Marriott.

It has a nice view of the harbor.

Nice aloe container.

Time for some CE.

One problem was it was in two separate hotels, so it was a bit confusing where your next lecture was.

They had signs on the ground to direct you, though.


I haven't had Cracker Jack in forever.

There was a really long lunch break, so I walked along the Monterey shoreline. First up is the boardwalk.

That might be fun.

One of the boats.

Pretty stained glass window.

They have many little restaurants.

Clam choweder in bread bowls but, unlike San Francisco, no chili.

Candy store.

With boba.

Fun way to donate change.

These guys were very aggressive. Anybody who walked by would get asked for a free sample, and if they even slowed down, they would try really hard to get you into the restaurant.

They offered this group of tourists free appetizers.

I didn't like their pushiness, so I ate at this older looking place across from them. The waitress said the city of Monterey was going to greatly increase their and some other older businesses' leases on the wharf. They'd been here for 66 years but they weren't sure if they were going to stay.

Lots of boats.

There was dancing, which sounds fun, but it was too cold at night.

There's a little path that runs south from the wharf to the aquarium.

A big tree and a statue.


More pretty trees.

The wharf.

Ooh, there are seals.

And otters.

The seals sunning themselves on rocks.

Others swimming around.

Distances to other cities.

San Carlos beach.

Lots of marine life under the water.

What's that?

Ah, scuba divers.

There was a group out.

A mini park with a water fountain.

A hotel with a dolphin fountain.

Nice open area.

Lots of little shops on Cannery Row.


Neat stained glass.

Some larger stores.

An outlet mall by the aquarium.

Decent sized but not many stores I want to go to.

At least a Van Heusen.

That's cheap, but I don't need that particular pair of shorts.

Back north at the marina. "Where are you?" "At the office."

A house boat.

Some volleyball courts.

On the other side of the wharf were surfers.

It also wasn't as nice; lots of rocks and seaweed on the beach.

Along with homeless tents.

And a person in an interesting outfit walking.

A gallery.

Photographer license plate.

Second day of lectures, second breakfast.

Pretty sunrise this time.

Over the wharf.

The strawberry left a heart imprint on the orange.

CE cards and a lunch voucher.

Pretty ceiling lights.

Cool glasses.

These slit lamp holders for your cell phone are getting popular.


The lectures got so crowded they put chairs along the walls. Actually, there were probably enough seats, but people don't like to sit in the front or squeeze into the middle of a row.

Ogii was bringing Five Guys for dinner, and I love their Coca-Cola Freestyle multi-dispenser, especially the Vanilla Coke from it. She didn't get drinks, though, so I drove around a bit until I saw one of the dispensers in this Burger King.

Gotta have it.

Pretty sign.

And where am I supposed to sleep?

Last day of the conference.

Funky chairs.

This lecturer was funny.

Recycling in Monterey; not exactly an upscale operation.

You just threw the cardboard in here.

The Ross was packed.

Buffalo Wild Wings, open early for football. Although 9am isn't all that early.

Lots of TVs.


Big clouds.

At least somewhat diverse weather across the year.

They have the entire zip code.

Wow that's expensive.

I think I'd buy these and chop them in half instead.

Mike Sexton is still winning at poker, good for him.

Lots of 10km eggs about to hatch in Pokemon.

The new update made eggs color-coded: 2km are green, 5km are yellow, and 10km are purple. Hopefully this is something good.

And a crappy Electabuzz.

Another 10km egg...

... and another Electabuzz.

A third.

Finally something good; a Snorlax. It also has good attacks.

Powered it up with candy.

Another big egg.

This is just mean.

One more.

Jynx can be useful, but only if she has blizzard as an attack. This one doesn't, so it's worthless.

Level 30.

Lots of electric guys around here.

I only need two more Pokemon to catch all the ones you can catch in the US: Porygon and Muk. Thankfully you can evolve Grimer into Muk, but I need candy. Since the last update lets you walk around with a Pokemon selected as your buddy to build up candy, I can eventually evolve a Muk, but it's going to take a lot of walking.

Tons of Pokemon around here.

My Pokemon Go Plus battery died, but thankfully it uses a very common, cheap battery.

Ooh, a level 9 gym. If I level it up a bit to a 10, I can put my Pokemon it a max-level gym.

Uh oh, lightning, clouds, and fire. That means someone else is either attacking the gym to bring it down or prestiging it to level it up.

The guy was actually leveling it up. You can wait until it levels up and then quickly put your Pokemon into the gym, but you're stealing all of the other person's work to level it up, so it's pretty unethical and other players really hate it. I'm a nice guy, so I didn't snipe the spot.