2016 Nov 27 | Thanksgiving in South Dakota

I bought two of these antennae toppers and hung them from the ceiling of the garage. When our cars are pulled in far enough, they just touch the windshields. Easy way to know when to stop.

If you look behind the traffic light, you can see the person riding the horse in town.

Lots of contrails.

These are my least favorite nuts to eat at Christmas. I like them, but it's nearly impossible to get all of the nut meat out; I throw away 90% of it because I can't get it unstuck from the shell.

Our toilets have these weird cylinder flushers. The washer on one went out, so I bought another one and stuck it on. Still pretty easy to fix.

AirBnB for your whole trip?

Ah, they're adding things to do, similar to Groupon and Living Social.

Checking Park 'N Fly prices at SFO.

A little cheaper with a coupon, but not much.

Not even; that coupon is for Atlanta.

That seems rather expensive.

Long-term parking is $25 per day at SFO, not even $20 more than Park N Fly. So much for Park N Fly being cheap.

We thought about spending the night at the airport; seeing people sleeping there, I'm glad we decided to sleep at home and drive there early instead.

Doesn't look very comfortable.

She got a big chair but still looks bad for your neck.

We got to the San Francisco airport very early, before even the security was open, so we could grab some breakfast.

However, security doesn't open until at 4am.

And our flight boards at 4:30am. Not much time to get food.

However, once we got in, nothing was even open until we boarded. Lots of newspapers ready to go once they do open, though.

Pretty sunrise layer.

That little curtain makes first class so exclusive, ooh.


Downtown Denver.

Straight line into downtown.

City and mountains.

About the funniest thing I've seen at an airport: Han Solo and Obi Wan cutout as the pilots. I didn't even see it; Ogii pointed it out to me.

Clouds and fields.

Neat little river.


Greeted by dog tongue.

Going for more in the truck.

At least one of the three of the front-seat passengers is looking for deer.

There are a lot of them; too far away, though.

Pretty clouds over a lake.

Sunset behind an old farm house.

Who needs a dishwasher?

The Planes, Trains, and Automobiles VHS tape has been played so much the ink has worn off. You can still see the indentation, though.

Mom feeding the kittens.

So cute.

The dog loving the snow.

Ogii and Mom dinking around in the snow while Dad waits for them to start hunting.

Ogii is barely taller than the weeds.

Translucent clouds.

Fun-looking weed.

A deer's bed.

Deer way out in the distance.

We saw some far away here, but again, they didn't come close enough.

Good food waiting at home.


We went into town to look at Christmas lights.

Nice and simple.

Dad as the chauffeur.

These laser dots became really popular this year.

All white.

I like the single-color trees.

Although the multi-color strings are nice, too.

The farm.

An angel.



Old-school sled and ice skates.

Playing rummy.

Up early in the cold, very cold, to wait for deer.

I have my facemask on.

Looking with binoculars.


Behind another tree.

And behind a bunch of trees.

Walking for pheasants.

Pheasant tracks.

Mom giving directions.

Mom, the master hunter, with her catch.

The dog ran down a shot pheasant.

Me with my bird.

This one was only injured and ran through the weeds. Good thing we had the dog or we would have never found it when it hunkered down with just a bit of a tail sticking out.

Up to three.

With Ogii.

Ogii out with the kittens.

The kitten getting a close look at the camera.

Great lunch.

Deer must have great vision to see a tiny fence and be able to jump over it.

It got warm today; we had to take off our coats.

Ready to go.

Back at the deer blind for the night.

Sunset over the lake.

Looking for deer through the scope.

Don't see any.

Big clouds.

Switch out the work alarm for a hunting alarm.

More dog tongue.

The dog isn't interested in smiling for the picture.

So many cold-weather clothing pieces.

Ogii stocking up on hand warmers.

Definitely colder out right now.

Yep, not taking our coats off now.

A deer running away.

Ogii making corn.

And cute fruit.

Lunch time.

Lots of birds.

A house between two huge boulders.


Lots of snow.

The security line at the airport is backed up to the escalator.

Cleaning the snow off of the airplanes.

That's our plane on the left; they need to move the other plane out of the way and then clean the snow off of it.

The ground crew out working hard in the cold.

He's getting really close to that jetbridge.

And our flight got cancelled; great. They had plenty of time earlier in the morning to get it ready but didn't, and then they ran out of de-icer. We reserved the second flight out in the morning so the parents wouldn't have to wake up quite so early to take us to the airport, we stayed the night in a motel anyway which nullified that idea, and then the first flight of the morning got out and ours didn't. How frustrating.

That's a big threat.

Giant picture.

But still pretty clear.

Finally de-icing our plane.

But the the next flight outgot cancelled because the pilots had to sleep, so the next one out wasn't until late at night. It was especially annoying because the gate agents weren't very helpful about rescheduling our flights; I had to call United directly to get onto a night flight. They also just left the gate after this, whereas the Delta agents stayed and bought pizza for their customers.

United did keep texting us about flight updates.

This poor guy was about to board but then decided to go to the bathroom. He told one gate agent, but then she left the gate and this other agent gave his seat to a woman on standby. He got back as the other woman was walking down the jetbridge, so they could have still called her back, but they told him there was nothing they could do. He stormed off after hearing that. Unfortunate sitation, and there were a few times they could have prevented or fixed it, but I guess go to the bathroom earlier.

Finally getting on our flight at 8pm after sitting in the airport all day long.

Lots of snow on the path into the plane.

I can't quite make out what this says because of the snow covering the letters.

Cool sculpture at SFO.

And more.

Google Navigation wants us to drive south, U-turn, and then drive back up.

But you can just drive north from here; there's no reason for the southward drive and U-turn.

This motel near SFO has a monitor showing flights.

The registers at Arby's were down, so the cashier had to look to figure out how much our order was and then manually add it up.

Finally got new luggage after years. The one on the right has been good for many years, though. It actually was broken right when I started using it by someone throwing it off a train in Germany. Since then every time I open it little pieces of plastic fall out, even after all of these years.

Signs up outside a grocery store.

Love Tesla.

Back to the pretty green hills around Greenfield.

The Pokemon Go app seems to be giving a ton of 5k eggs lately instead of 2k and 10k.

As my game can attest.

Niantic changed around the power levels of almost all the Pokemon.

These are now the highest-CP Pokemon. Rhydon and Gyarados had the biggest jump.

Which is nice because I have a couple of Gyaradoses that I previously didn't bother leveing up because they weren't that good.

Now they have a ton of combat power, though.

Chansey also had a huge buff, literally off the scale.

However, it does simplify it a bit with only needing a few attackers to take down almost any gym.

They three gyms near our house are all Instinct.

Which helps getting 10 gyms.

Level 31.

There there extra bonuses for the week around Thanksgiving. Couldn't get them because we don't get a signal in South Dakota. At least, I didn't; Ogii did for some weird reason, even though we have the same phone.

They also added in Ditto. He starts as a regular Pokemon until you catch it...

... and then it transforms.

However, most of the ones that turn into him have very low CP, whereas the ones that turn into Ditto usually have higher CP, so you can kind of get an idea of if it'll transform, but not always.