2016 Dec 04 | Century Spa, FoodieCon

One of the best part of the holidays: the Advent calendar.

Sun rays in front of the hills.

Cool clouds above the hills.

Sunset while driving to LA.

Is that a real scorpion inside a sucker?

Apparently, if it's on the ingredients list.

Lots of services you can book online.

You can even choose your masseuse. Although I couldn't quite complete the order on my phone; one of the pages didn't load correctly.

We spent the night in Century Day & Night Spa. It was pretty empty on this day.

Checking out the saunas.

Resting in one of the saunas.

Set up for sleep.

The also have this room with larger mattresses.

The coldest sauna.

Frost inside.

A hotter one.


Nice rocks.

A little hotter.

All black rocks.

The hottest sauna.

A little snack shop and restaurant.

A 24-hour golfing range just outside.

A ton of cops driving by.

A new BMW i8 at the car wash.

And another one right across from it, blue this time.

The pickup time for Day After Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve is the same as the regular pickup, so it's not really a change to pickup.

Trump's Art of the Deal at a thrift store.

Priced at $199.99.

Cool lamp.

Pretty lights in a vase.

Love these stone lamps.

We went to the Laemmle Royal theater...

... to watch The Eagle Huntress.

Artwork in the halls.

Tiny theaters with super-comfy chairs.

I got a haircut and the hairdresser put my hair up. They always tend to do this.

Foot detoxes followed by massages.

A new optometry office in Marina del Rey.

Cool sunglasses.

And a similar pair.

Save a post-it; write your grocery list on the box of another item you need to buy.

Is that an electric motorcycle?

Beach at Hermosa.

Surfer's Walk of Fame on the boardwalk.

Lots of plaques.

People and birds hanging out.

A home poker tournament. Crazy hand: AA vs KK vs QQ all-in preflop.

People dressed up in fun outfits.

We wanted to go to Foodiecon but didn't want to pay full price.

But Groupon was sold out.

As was Living Social.

Finally found some discount tickets on Goldstar.

Neat addition to the Google Maps popular times chart: a live estimate.

Why is the second option so much cheaper?

The first one is even an add-on item, which usually decreases the price.

Ah, it's for a subscription.

The screen on the autorefractor at 2020 has a lot of static, but it still works.

Foodiecon was at the Reef.

Lots of food trucks.

And more.


Inside the event.

A photobooth; the giant camera as the actual camera is fun.

An area with games.

Spiked popcorn.

There weren't any demos going on when we were there.

Lots of vendors.

There were lots of samples.

Gotta try one of each.

These guy were giving out bags, too.

Yummy dried fruit chips.

Different types of jerky, including bacon.


Best gumbo in the hood.

A napping booth.



All kinds of Pringles.

Shirts in a box.

This one's cool, but are the people naked?

Yep, full frontal on guys and gals. Can you even wear this shirt in public?

Reminds me of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

The first reply is not exactly a helpful answer.

Same with this first one.

I like the red "Expected to arrive after Christmas."

Time: 0.0 vs 0.0.

A funny checkmate.