2016 Dec 11 | Descano Gardens Enchanted Forest of Light

Ogii's car is almost to 200,000 miles.

Fun phone charger at the dealership.

Nice sunset.

A rope and a blanket in the back seat; that's kind of scary, but it's just for the Christmas tree.

Free vision screening; just an eye chart. It works, though.

Tons of lights at Walmart.

Tree up.

Light clouds.

This guy is really blocking traffic.

Ah, it's an old woman trying to parallel a really big truck. That'll take a while.

Very country meal for the night.

Only $18 for this hotel in Vegas?

Ah, only on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for the next few weeks.

I don't know why Twitter emails me about Miley Cyrus and other celebrity tweets; I don't care at all and I can't figure out how to stop them.

That's so nice.

Aw, the PokerAtlas app requires a login to use now. That's a pain.

Frost on the leaves in our front yard.

The ramp to the highway is closed. Oh well, stay on the side road for a few miles instead.

Some ants showed up in our shower.

And a few more over here. We'll see if a few ant traps take care of them.

I don't know why they need a crossing guard; the kids understand walk and don't walk signals.

Overcast day.

Kind of rainy.

Listening to Thursday night football on the radio as we drive to LA. It's not on FM, and I have to keep switching to different AM stations as they go out of range.

Ah, it's actually being live-streamd on Twitter.

Very nice.

Stopped for dinner and they had the game on a TV, too.

Sauces handcrafted by a partner's 80-year-old father; that sounds good.

It really filled up when this big party came in; they had to turn some people away.

Nice lights.

The Enchanged Forest of Light at Descano Gardens.


Of many different colors.

Us among the flowers.

Giant pillars that change color when you touch them.

Ogii under stars.

When you pressed this button...

... it made these lights change color.

You could change the angle of lights with this one.

A little bar and snack stand.

A big tree lit up.

Pretty colors over the water.

A bunch of trees with lights in platforms around them.

When you stood on the lights, they changed color.

It was a bit confusing exactly where you were some times; thankfully they had signs.

A more open area.

A chandalier way up high.

Big light tubes along the path.

And in a circle.

This was my favorite piece.

They changed color when you walked on them.

It was fun to run on them and have the light chase you.

Another snack bar.

The Japanese garden had lots of glowing balls.

A stone path.

Rock garden.

Skinnier trees with white lights through them.

A blue tinge.

And green.

Lots of tiny laser beams.

Big trees.

Ogii in the pathway.

These are neat.

A giant house.

The motel room had a very pretty paint job.

In Huntinton Beach for a CE meeting.

I remember this picture from last time.

And also the mint tea with honey.

They're doing construction and you can peek through this window to see it.

More meetings. I was kind of sick and had to step out every 10 minutes to blow my nose.

A bit overcast.

Nobody by the pool.

An extreme angle, but his license plate says "THE I DR."

Another one.

Long line for the valet. This is why you rush out after the last lecturer is over, although people often start leaving while he's giving his closing remarks, which I think is a bit rude.

Big Christmas tree.

We went to see Office Christmas Party. It was almost empty in the theater, and while it wasn't a "good" movie, it was still funny.

It can't be that hard to program this so that if an item changes for less than, say, 10% of it's price, to don't bother me. Although I guess if it changes little by little over time or if you're buy a lot of them, it could matter.

We can either take the very crooked route or the very circular route.

The football game on at Buffalo Wild Wings.

The guy beside me kept getting tense at moments when nothing was going on in the game. Then I figured out he was watching a really close basketball game on the TV next to the big one with football.

For TV dinners, these steamers aren't too bad.

I never realized we had satellite dishes on our roof until today.

Trying to get these computers from FedEx is really hard. They won't leave them outside the house and they deliver in the mid-morning when we're not home.

So we told them to hold them at the local FedEx facility and we'd pick them up. That's over an hour away, but it's on the way to San Francisco, so we'll pick them up in a few days on our way to the airport there.

I tried using the FedEx app so I wouldn't have to call them but it wasn't working. For one thing, they ask you questions about your history that I don't even remember. I've had lots of various roommates over the years; I honestly don't know if one of those people is one of them.

I guess I got it wrong.

A cool little portable printer.

They should have designed this ad differently; it's creepy when the door opens and her face splits apart.

Nice wooden gate.

Real LA license plate.

A big line of houses up on the hill.

A plane flying over the highway on its way to LAX.

I always love seeing the blimp, even if it's parked.

Lenticular clouds over the hills.

The 26th letter is Z.

Lots of trucks on the highway.

Pretty trees.

A surfer.

Lots of Santas on bikes.

A line of palm trees on the hill.

Accident on the highway.

And another one.

Trying to save 5 seconds cost them hours and thousands of dollars.

A new Stephen King book?

Except it's not THE Stephen King; it's Stephen R King.

I though this was a new real Stephen King book, except he didn't write it, just discovered them by other writers.

He's playing too fast and I'm getting pieces for free.

And another one over here.

Oops; I got too greedy and fell into this common trap.

Aw, come on; he's out of time.

Starbucks is an official sponsor of Pokemon Go now.

This Pokestop is just a Diablo II cover. Weird.