2016 Dec 16 | burglary, Cirque du Soleil Luzia, Rogue One, Flea St

Came home and there was a lot of stuff on the floor of the bedroom. That's weird; maybe Ogii was looking for something and had to leave for work too quickly to pick it up?

But wait, the sliding door is open; that's not good.

And the side gate door as well.

Looks like we've been burglared.

They took mainly electronics, like my laptop.

My old laptop.

The Rokus and netbooks.

Some of our Christmas presents for each other.

Lots of vodka.

Called the police and they showed up.

They looked around a bit, took a statement, and gave us a sheet to write down all of our stolen items on.

The one lucky thing to come out of it; they had grabbed my new laptop but left it outside for some reason.

Although they got our lockbox with passports, birth certificates, and hard drives with all of our old documents, including lots of other personal information, like tax returns.

They had opened this little window to the bathroom but I don't think they could have fit through here.

It looks like one of them also acted as a lookout through the front blinds.

We chatted with the neighbors and one of them happened to catch the burlars on his security cameras, so that should make it pretty easy to find them, especially because multiple neighbors said they could identify the suspects.

We also have a fair number of serial numbers of the stolen electronics, so if they show up on Craiglist or somewhere, we can prove they are ours.

Like the drone above and this watch.

We had security cameras but I hadn't put them up yet. Guess it's time, but shouldn't have procrastinated.

Instead of putting up the security cameras, though, we just set them around inside the house because we had to put up some Christmas lights before leaving for South Dakota.

It was pouring rain on the drive to San Francisco.

What's going on here? Is it flooded down there? I'm going to wait up at the entrance to the exit to see what happens with traffic before I go down there and get stuck.

Not flooding, but someone who slid off the highway and into the very deep ditch.

After all the mess with not getting the laptops, we went to the nearest FedEx pickup location, where we had asked them to keep our laptops. As it turned out, they had actually sent them back to Dell. Well, it would have been nice to know that before we we drove out of the way on the way to San Francisco and took some smaller roads, which were not fun to drive on in the rain.

Lots of rain and cars.

Thankfully it wasn't bad enough to be hydroplaning.

San Francisco.

Luzia, the new Cirque du Soleil show.

You could pre-order food and pick it up; I wonder how you do that.

It was a fun show with some neat water interaction.

Practicing our Cirque moves in the hotel.

I think this looks like a woman running to the left; Ogii thinks it's a woman looking to the right.

A computer you can only use to check in for flights; I wonder how the designed the program to not allow you to do anything else.

Our new luggage fits perfectly in the back of the Prius with our backpacks.

Big palm tree.

Ogii has never used a lot where you put cash in the slot like this.

Some event going on in San Jose.

Big tree.

A bunch of trees decorated by different organizations.

There were some pretty ones.

Some patriotic ones.

Some fun ones.

Ogii with the trees.

Flying penguins.

There are only 13 theaters in the US showing Rogue One in 70mm IMAX, and The Tech museum in San Jose is one of them.

They had a discovery-center type museum.

We thought about going to the museum exhibits, but the entrance fee was a bit expensive.

Pretty tiles for the bathrooms.

Those would be cool to see in IMAX.

Handprints of people who donated to the museum.

Some fun collector popcorn and drink containers.

We were almost the first ones in line. We might have actually been the first, but we wandered around the building a bit before going over to the waiting area.

We're now third in line; the first guy in line was holding space for two of his friends.

A few more people showing up.

They gave the guy who was first in line a gift bag; that's nice.

The projector is huge.

And we're in.

It was actually an Omnimax, so it was wrapped around us. Very cool to watch a movie like this in.

Looking up from the bottom.

A little boba tea place on the way back to the car.

Ogii had warm boba tea; I didn't even know that was a thing.

The police car had a stuffed reindeer on front.

This is a really weird inersection; it goes from one way to multiway and is split by a light rail in the middle.

Some statues of men on horses.

Pretty sunset.

Stopping to eat dinner at my favorite restaurant ever, Flea St.

Everything is so fresh and you can taste all of the little ingredients.


And dessert to dessert.