2008 Feb 10 | Superbowl

A group of us went to The Stag's Head pub for the Super Bowl. They have an outdoor patio and the weather was nice, so we watched it out there.

Girls came around giving away free stuff from alcohol companies. I was all excited when we got these because I thought they were candy, but it turned out they were necklaces, which wasn't nearly as interesting to me.

Someone had spilled salt or something all over the conveyor belt at Wal-Mart, so I didn't really want to put my items on it.

These things are always in bags of mixed nuts, and I kind of like them, but I had no clue they were called filberts.

So far in Texas I have avoided big crowds when I go grocery shopping, but I got unlucky this time. In California, the lines were always at least this long.

They're doing a lot of construction on one of the roads I take to school, so occasionally everybody has to stop to let a big truck out.

I didn't even think about the fact that I was getting fast food during lunch time because usually I go later than most people. I went through the drive-through and cars had completely blocked the exit. I thought I was going to have to back up through the entire drive-through, which would have been a pain because it was curved and really skinny, but thankfully as I was waiting one of the guys finished his meal and drove away.

After our optics test, which is all math, there were eraser leavings all over all of the tables. It was scheduled for 2 hours, but after an hour and forty-five minutes, when only one or two people had finished, he extended the time.

One of our classmates had a birthday party, so a bunch of us went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate.

I haven't bought full-sized paper towels in years, and I didn't even know they still sold them. When the half-sized ones first came out, I thought they were pretty weird, but every time I use one of the full-sized ones, I realize I really don't use the whole thing anyway and usually end up trying to tear it in half to save the other piece for later.