2016 Dec 21 | Christmas in South Dakota

26 below? Are we sure we want to go there?

I'm sure we could find a flight to Aruba instead.

That's kind of neat; they'll wash your car while it's at the airport parking.

The buses run very often, which is nice.

A bunch of pretty Christmas trees at SFO below a mini Golden Gate Bridge.

The sell Boudin sourdough bread at the airport.

Ogii sleeping on the flight. I hope her face doesn't freeze onto the window.

Lots of snow at the airport. The pickup truck on the left was actually stuck for a bit.

Fun decorations.

It was a bit cold in the airport.

Especially when you're at the very end and the doors are open.

This woman agreed.

Getting onto the plane was pretty cold, too.

They're going to wipe the snow off the windshield at some point, right?

Justin carrying some bags.

Here comes everyone else.

Getting on.

It's cold on the plane, too.

Lots of blankets at home, though.

Cold sunrise.

Between some trees.

We bought lots of these Aunty Acid calendars for everyone.

That's a ton of stockings.

Ogii putting these snow shoes together.


Too much food.

Even more.

Cute chocolate mouse.

I don't think it's 75 out; this might be broken.

Little birds flying back and forth between the tree and their food.

The neighbor came by with his tractor to plow out the driveway.

Playing with trucks.

Getting lots of attention.


One of Ogii's favorites.

A tasty drink.

Everyone opening presents.

Lots of presents under the tree.

Ogii gave the parents one of her paintings.

In return, I got this from the parents.

What happens when you run out of wrapping paper and don't feel like opening another roll.

Christmas movies.

Another amazing meal.

Time for hunting.

The dog is having an easier time than Ogii.

Got one.

Ogii with some birds.

Monica carrying them.

Ogii had to crawl over this snowbank.

Out for a walk.

The dog doesn't seem to mind being covered in snow.

It wouldn't be hunting if you didn't get stuck at least once.

After the hunt.


Ogii's favorite desserts.

A huge heaping of bacon in the morning.

Duct taping our snowpants to our boots.

Don't want the snow getting in.

A pheasant running across the road.

A bunch out in a field.

Walking to some trees.

High clouds today.

Deep snow they had to crawl through again.

A few weeds sticking up above the snow.


It got pretty warm today.

Trudging through.

Ogii saw a rabbit run into this hole.

Me walking back to the truck.

Everyone happy.

There were a lot of vehicles in the ditch on the drive back to the airport.

I felt especially bad for the delivery drivers.

They're trying to go fast for work and just went a little too fast.

That's going to be tough to fix.

Another bad one.

People were driving a little to fast for the conditions.

When the road is covered in slippery snow, you have to slow down. We were going around 30 instead of 60.

A tractor was pulling these guys out.

And one more who spun around on the interstate.