2016 Dec 25 | Christmas in Greenfield

Nice, Mom packed us yummy lunches for the flight home.

That's a lot of food jammed into a single Tupperware container.

We had to wait outside in the cold to get our luggage.

These kids had cute rolling backpacks.

The awesome trees at SFO.

Back to Greenfield with some huge tractors on the road.

Filling in near Kettleman City and there's a giant store / restaurant called Bravo Land.

A stagecoach and windmill out front.

The rest of the building.

The restaurant, Wild Jacks.

A shooting gallery.

A nice backyard area.

Tons of antiques.

Another shooting gallery.

The general store.

A cool giant sequoia slice.

Description plaque.

Tags on the rings with dates of events.

A wine tasting room.

This ice cream flavor is called Straight to the Dentist.

There aren't any Walmarts or anything; not even a grocery store. This little gas station has some essentials, though. The Kleenex look like they're bought from Costco and being resold here.

Researching the area, it appears there's a giant toxic waste landfill nearby.

And the water has enough arsenic the residents have water delivered. Maybe I won't drink the tap water.

That's a long login.

Aw, the handle on my very nice backpack on my laptop is starting to tear.

A bit of rain.

I love this sign.

And it's correct; that tree isn't going anywhere.

Sun rays over the hill.

Nice chat after a chess game.

At the Banker's Casino for a poker tournament. The dealer was in a Santa outfit.

I won the tournament with 33 vs A8 all-in preflop. He hit an A on the flop and then I hit a 3 on the river, crazy.

The grocery store is super-busy right before Christmas.

Lots of food.

Making some chocolate-covered strawberries.

And honey ham and potatoes.

Yummy dinner.

Setting up a movie to watch during dinner.

We got a couple of Christmas lights up. Not a lot, but better than nothing.

These neighbors had a ton.


The giant blowups are getting popular.

The spiral trees are neat.

Lots of different stuff.

A ton of lights.

More simple and clean.

These giant bulbs are cool.

More blowups and other items.

A really high star.

Some nice houses with nice lights.

Pretty crown.

Big house with well-done lights.

From the other side.

Ogii was coming back from LA and Highway 5 was actually closed due to snow in the mountains.

Google says she could go around to the east, although she decided to go around to the west and follow the coast on highway 1.

Frost on the plants in the morning.

Stockings above the fireplace.

Time to open Christmas presents.

Fun times.

We both got each other warm clothing.

All of Digg's links were Bob Ross, interesting.

Free breakfast, wifi, and parking; the hotel trifecta.

I wanted to rebuy a hoodie I had bought on eBay a few years ago but eBay's order list doesn't go back that far.

However, in my personal budget Excel file, I found the date I bought it.

And PayPal keeps records seemingly forever, so I could find what the listing was called on there by looking for the date from my Excel budget.

Well that's not good news for our security cameras, which use our already slow wireless internet.

These painting ads are all over Facebook.

Wow that's cheap.

And they're pretty big.

More ads, with a ton more pictures.

The lighting around this one is cool.

I don't know how private artists can compete with this; I can't even pictures at cost for that price.

Michael Shainblum has some gorgeous photographs.

He uses a drone, too. Although almost no landscape photographers make money from actually selling pictures; they make it from selling workshops and online training videos.

Looking for the Vader scene from Rogue One on YouTube.

Although they're getting taken down almost instantly by Disney.

The NFL subreddit lists all of the games going on for the week and also update the scores in real time; really helpful.

There was a GoFundMe that was going to give the Browns a parade if they lost every single game and went 0-16.

Unfortunately they won a game and the parade was cancelled, although at least they gave the money to a food bank.

Twitter is so annoying; they email me about random celebrities and I can't figure out how to turn off these emails.

Pokemon gave Pikachu and its evolutions Santa hats for Christmas.

And there are a few more baby Pokemon that can be hatched from eggs.

They're also selling special boxes of items, although they're not that great of a deal.